Minutes of the 56th Annual General Meeting, 22 February 2006

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Minutes of the AGM held 1930 22 Feb 2006 The Raikes Hote, Blackpool.

The Following Signed In:

Mike Penn, Carole Penn, Dave Earle, Jennie Tolley, Alan & Angela Lovett, Darren Hartley, Derrick Smith, Clive Bell, Les Ward, Geoff Bellingham, Steve Wrigley, Mike Sissons, Don Nichol, John & Susan Denmark, Chris Bell, Stuart Sykes, Alan Bell, Tony Mitchell, Tom Rainford, Caroline Webb, Cherry Earle, Ian Evans, David Walker, Phil Caley, Martin Dale, Dave Ball.

Apologies for Absence:

John & June Wiseman, Pam Ruthven, Pat Bennett, Liz Rawcliffe, Frank Lord, John & Jenny Parker, George James, Dave Ward, John & Delphine Stockton, Kevan Ebbrell, Maria Solera Wrigley.

Matters Arising from Minutes of 2005 AGM:

The rules were changed and updated at the last AGM. The minutes of the last AGM were accepted.

Proposer: Dave Earle Seconder: Carole Penn

Chairman's Address:

The club has had another successful year, with activities taking place on 4 of the world's 5 continents. The working weekends were not well attended. There are forthcoming trips to the USA and the Dolomites. On a sad note we mark the passing of Mike Tolley. He did much for the club and will be sadly missed.

Secretary's Report

Report accepted.

Proposer: Seconder:

Treasurer's Report:

Report accepted. With congratulations to Liz for doing a splendid job.

Proposer: Seconder:

Booking Secretary's Report:

Report accepted.

Proposer: Seconder:

Membership Secretary's Report:

Report accepted.

Proposer: Seconder:

Stair Hut Custodian's Report:

Report accepted. The missing pillows have been replaced.

Proposer: Seconder:

Little Langdale Hut Custodian's Report:

Report accepted.

Proposer: Seconder:

Social Secretary's Report:

Report accepted. There was a good turnout for the talk by the Wasdale MR team.

Proposer: Seconder:

Newsletter Editor's Report:

Report accepted. The newsletters have in general been very good.

Proposer: Seconder:

A motion to accept the reports was proposed by Tony Mitchell and seconded by Chris Bell. This was accepted.

Motions which Required a Vote:

There was only one motion received. That there should be a short discussion on unexpected financial commitments.

Proposed by:- Mike Penn Seconded by:- Dave Earle

This was accepted. Chris Bell explained the situation with regard to the roof at Little Langdale, and that it makes sense to do the whole job in one go, with work expected to start in May. Costs around £4500 to £5000. Mike Penn stated that the fire escape for the ladies dormitory at Stair was at the cottage, and would be bolted together and erected on the next working weekend. Martin Dale said a few words on the laptop computer and the digital projector that the club had recently acquired. A short discussion followed on possibilities for a memorial to the memory of Mike Tolley, with the meeting being asked for ideas. The chairman had been in touch with ‘The Friends of the Lake District', and there were possibilities of building a memorial bridge in conjunction with them. The meeting decided to empower the committee to carry out further investigations. It was suggested that the committee should keep in touch with the wider membership on this issue through the newsletter, with all ideas to the chairman.

Election of Officers:

Applicant Proposer Seconder

Chairman Clive Bell Martin Dale Chris Bell

Vice Chairman Darren Hartley Les Ward Tony Mitchell

Secretary Mike Penn Darren Hartley Sue Denmark

Treasurer Liz Hird John Denmark Angela Lovatt

Membership Secretary Martin Dale Steve Wrigley Jennie Tolley

Booking Secretary Chris Thistlethwaite Mike Penn Chris Bell

Newsletter Editor Tony Mitchell Darren Hartley Chris Bell

Stair Hut Custodian Andy Dunhill Martin Dale Mike Sissons

“ Christine Barbier “ “

Lte Langdale Hut Ctdn Chris Bell Sue Denmark Les Ward

Social Secretary No canditate came forward

Webmaster Dave Ball Martin Dale Tony Mitchell

Joanna Goorney Steve Wrigley Jeff Bellingham

Note: Since there were two candidates for the post of webmaster, a vote was taken, and Dave Ball was declared the winner.

Auditor Dave Earle Tom Rainford Caroline Webb

Committee Members:

Applicant Proposer Seconder

John Wiseman Tony Mitchell Dave Earle

Les Ward Chris Bell Martin Dale

Sue Denmark Jennie Tolley Martin Dale

Mike Sissons Dave Ball Darren Hartley

Future Club Policy:

Alan Bell reported on the situation for the 50 th anniversary celebrations for the Little Langdale purchase. The suggested time is in June; there are problems in Little Langdale with both space and parking. A 2 nd option being looked at is the social club in Coniston. Option 3 is at the rugby club in Ambleside. Prices and the exact location are vague at this moment, and Alan hopes to have firm options by the end of February.

Dave Earle raised a question as to ways in which we can encourage young people to join the club. One 16 year old has already joined, and his 15 year old friend is keen to join. FMC members are already encouraging young people through the Duke of Edingburgh scheme and the Windmill Group. However, the atmosphere of the club does need to change in order to help young people.

It was suggested by Mike Penn given the costs of sending out AGM / Newsletters / Dinner Applications, etc that the club should start moving towards sending these out by E mail to those who requested it. Various technical objections were raised and examined. An updated club address list is in the process of being circulated by Martin Dale.

Sue Denmark and Jennie Tolley are looking at cost and types of cookers / ovens to replace existing equipment at the huts. Cost estimated at around £1500.

Les Ward suggested that as a way of increasing the membership that we should increase the physical boundaries from which we recruit. A question was asked about replacing the roof at Stair. A porch was suggested for Stair as a way of storing boots, bicycles, etc. This would also enable the drying room to be extended. Mentions were made of the USA and Dolomites trips later this year. It was suggested that overseas trips should be put on the syllabus with details of where, when and who to contact.

It was proposed to give £138 to the cavers. Proposed by:- Dave Earle, Seconded by:- Jennie Tolley. This was agreed.

The meeting closed at 2200 hours.

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