Minutes of Committeee Meeting held 18 January 2006

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Members Present: Chris Bell, Mike Penn, Martin Dale, Darren

Hartley, Liz Hird, Clive Bell, Tony Mitchell, Chris Thistlethwaite,

Mike Sissons, Les Ward.

Apologies for Absence: Sue Denmark.

Matters Arising from previous Meeting: Nether Wasdale will not
accept group bookings anymore. Liz Hird has new membership E mail

Secretary’s Report: Have written to the
retiring committee members. Have sold £26: 50p of T shirts,
etc, and have given £21: 50p to the treasurer; £5
outstanding from DB. I have received an E mail from John Hickman
expressing worries about the involvement of under 18 year olds in the
club. We are not currently following BMC guidelines for young
members, and informed parental consent should always be obtained in
writing before any meet involving a young person. Parents and young
persons should also be aware that mountaineering does have a risk of
injury or death. The BMC does have a template consent form, and
Darren Hartley is currently getting one from the BMC. The BMC also
actively encourages young people to keep a logbook of their
activities. It was suggested that the guidelines should be put into
the newsletter; Darren to action. Darren to also talk to the parents
of Adam Dunderdale, and also to John Hickman re committee response.
The committee dinner to be organised at the Cartford Arms for
Wednesday 15th March, 7pm for 7:30pm; secretary to action.

Booking Secretary: Nothing to report.

Treasurer: Nothing to report.

Membership Secretary: Nothing to report.

Langdale: Sue Denmark and Jennie Tolley have been looking into
purchasing new cookers for the cottages, price £900 approx; the
committee agreed in principle.

Stair: A successful working weekend. Fire escapes were fitted
from both dormitories, and the kitchen was cleaned and repainted.

Newsletter: Nothing to report, but need copy.

Social Secretary: The next social will be Wednesday 8th March.
There will be 3 or 4 slide presentations by members.

Any other Business: A discussion on the organisation of next
year’s syllabus then ensued. There was uncertainty with regard to
the next dinner date; Secretary to check with Mark Harding.
Following the death of Mike Tolley it was proposed to give £100
to the Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team. Proposer Tony Mitchell,
Seconder Mike Sissons. This motion was carried. It was decided to
leave discussion about a memorial to Mike Tolley until the next

Next Meeting: Wednesday 12th April 2006 at 2000 hours at the
Kirkham Con Club.


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