Minutes of Meeting held after Committee Meal on 15th March 2006

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The problem is that we have 16 year olds that want to join the club, yet the Youth Protection Board (YPB) insists on treating them like children until they are 18. John Hickman has raised necessary concerns, and Darren Hartley has chased it up with Nick Coulton at the BMC.

Sue Denmark pointed out that it was possible, though difficult to run ‘youth meets’, and in fact the Orienteering Club had been doing just this for some time. She further pointed out that some meets are not suitable for juniors, but some meets could be run specifically for juniors, in which case they would need to be publicised in the syllabus as such.

It was generally thought that we need to get back in touch with Nick Coulton to examine the limits of having an under 18 year old on a meet, but with a parent theoretically in charge. It was also thought that greater clarity concerning the various regulations re under 18 year olds was needed from Nick Coulton. Darren Hartley volunteered to action both of these tasks.

In the meantime, it was decided that the joining of any more under 18s should be put on hold.

It was further thought that the secretary should write to the local MPs explaining the situation and requesting their help.

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