Minutes of Committeee Meeting 12 April 2006

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Members Present: Mike Penn, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Clive Bell, Tony Mitchell, Mike Sissons, Les Ward, Sue Denmark

In Attendance: Jeanie Tolley.


Apologies for Absence: Chris Bell, Chris Thistlethwaite.

Matters Arising from previous Meeting: The secretary has checked with Mark Harding and the annual dinner will be on Saturday 2nd December 2006.


Secretary’s Report: I regret to have to announce the deaths of Chrissie Ikin and Bob Travis. I was on Monday telephoned by the BMC, and informed that since we have not paid our subs that we are no longer insured. (I understand that they have now been paid). I have received a preliminary letter from Michael Jack MP regarding the problems of under 18 year old members.

Booking Secretary: Nothing to report.

Treasurer: Nothing to report.

Membership Secretary: Have received a request for introductory membership from Tony Hulme, this was accepted.

Langdale: Sue Denmark and Jennie Tolley have identified possible cookers on the internet, hopefully with a side opening door. Situation is ongoing, as is situation with changing huts from gas / electric to all electric. If we do go all electric then electrical circuits in kitchens may need upgrading [hut custodians to note].

Stair: Nothing to report.

Newsletter: Newsletter is just out and being distributed.

Social Secretary: Nothing to report..

Any other Business: It was proposed that following the death of Chrissie Ikin, that the club should donate £100 to the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team; Proposed by Les Ward, Seconded by Darren Hartley, Passed.

It was proposed by Jeannie Tolley that as a memorial to Mick Tolley that there should be a Porch / Boot Store at Stair. In view of general committee approval, it was proposed that a working party should be set up to make plans and examine ‘ways and means’. Proposed by Darren Hartley, Seconded by Martin Dale, Passed. It was further proposed that there should be a memorial board to record the names of all those club members who have departed to that great belay in the sky. Proposed by Les Ward, Seconded by Tony Mitchell; Passed.

It is thought by many prospective members that we are solely a ‘hard’ mountaineering club. This is not the truth, but that is the public perception, and it is something that we need to change with our information / website / etc.

Sue Denmark circulated a paper on youth membership, and a wide ranging discussion ensued. It was pointed out that we needed to get members CRB cleared. Sue Denmark volunteered to write a piece for the newsletter / website in order to find out who was prepared to be CRB cleared and to help out on youth meets. The current joining form does not ask for age / date of birth. Membership Secretary to edit and action. Questions were asked regarding the intro year for children of existing members when they became 18. It was decided as a stop gap measure that 16 and 17 year olds should be allowed on evening meets and also onto selected weekend meets when accompanied by a parent. Proposed by Les Ward, Seconded by Sue Denmark; Passed.

Next Meeting: Monday 12th June 2006 at 2000 hours at the Kirkham Con Club.

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