Minutes of Committeee Meeting 12 June 2006

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Members Present: Martin Dale,
Darren Hartley, Clive Bell, Tony Mitchell, Mike Sissons, Les Ward,
Andy Hird, John Wiseman, Chris Bell. 

In Attendance: Jeanie Tolley.

Apologies for Absence:
Chris Thistlethwaite, Sue Denmark, Mike Penn.

Matters Arising from
previous Meeting
: The committee discussed an E mail from Sue
Denmark re Juniors. It was agreed as being a positive way forward.
Andy Hird being willing to be CRB cleared.

Secretary's Report: Read
out letter from Minister of Sport re Juniors.

Booking Secretary:
Little Langdale hut is full for the 50th anniversary

Treasurer: There
is £3500 in the current account. The new cookers will cost

Membership Secretary:
Have received requests for introductory membership from Ian Marsden,
Mathew Liam Gaston, Scott Pendry, Philip Kendrick and James Morrison.
All were accepted.

Langdale: The
roof work will commence the last week in June, and will last up to
four weeks. Andy Hird to check with our insurers for cover whilst
work is in progress. No one is to use the hut during the week whilst
work is in progress; though is O.K at weekends. There was a
discussion on the cooker position.

Stair: New steps
are to be provided to the lower bunks. The cooker situation is the
same as for Little Langdale. The front door is in need of

Newsletter: The
next newsletter will be out in late July. It was asked that the
Northumberland meet be publicised.

Social Secretary:
John Wiseman will co-ordinate the winter programme. Possible pub
meets were mentioned. Possible speakers were discussed.

Any other Business:
There was a discussion of the Langdale celebrations.

Next Meeting: Monday 21st
August 2006 at 2000 hours at the Kirkham Con Club.

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