Minutes of Committeee Meeting 21 August

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Members Present: Liz Hird, John
Wiseman, Mike Penn, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Clive Bell, Tony
Mitchell, Les Ward, Sue Denmark

Apologies for Absence:  Chris Bell

Matters Arising from previous Meeting:  Nil

Secretary's Report:  Have received a begging letter from the Bowland Pennine MR Team; it was decided since we sent them a donation last year to let this one pass.  Have received a letter from the BMC re Huts seminar.  No interest was expressed in going to this.

Booking Secretary:  Nothing to report.  Can the hut midweek availability be put onto the website?

Treasurer:  Have just paid £4500 for Langdale roof, and £800 approx for new cookers.

Membership Secretary:  Have received a request for introductory membership from Ms Joni Hartley and Ms Christine Stacy, both applications have been previously accepted.  Sue Denmark has talked to Nick Coulton at the BMC, and in order to proceed we need to appoint a Child Protection Officer and to formally adopt the BMC Child Protection Policy.  Sue Denmark volunteered to be the club Child Protection Officer.  It was suggested that for juniors (16 – 18 years), that there should only be one annual fee.  – This however does need to be passed at an AGM.

Langdale:  Roof completed and paid for.  Recent working weekend was a success.  The new cookers (both cottages) have been delivered.  The proposal for a wood burning stove was rejected, as was the proposal to change the cottage for one in Tilberthwaite.

Stair:  Last weekend was a successful working weekend.  Work leading to an application for planning permission for the new porch is ingoing.

Newsletter:  Next newsletter is imminent.

Social Secretary:  Have booked the River Wyre for socials on 11 Oct, 8 Nov and 13 Dec.  John Wiseman is getting a list of suitable speakers from Dave Earle.  A discussion on mid week pub meets followed.

Any other Business:  The CIC hut has been booked for this winter, but so far we have not received any confirmation of this.  Jack Jowett's daughter is asking for a copy of one of the photos at Langdale; Liz Hird to action.  The committee formally approved the BMC Child  Protection Policy, and appointed Mrs Sue Denmark to be the FMC Child Protection Officer.  Mike Penn cannot lead the Intro meet on 2 – 3 September.  It was therefore decided to merge this meet with the Mountain Biking Meet on 16 – 17 September.  Actions- Mike Penn to e mail Dave Ball to put changes onto website.  Tony Mitchell to put into current newsletter.  Martin Dale to contact intro members.  Mike Penn to leave message on his answerphone detailing change.

Next Meeting:   Monday 9th October 2006 at 2000 hours at the Kirkham Con Club.  

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