Minutes of Committeee Meeting 9 October

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Members Present:   Mike Penn, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Clive Bell,
Tony Mitchell,  Sue Denmark, John Wiseman, Liz Hird, Chris Bell.

Apologies for Absence:   Les Ward, Chris Thistlethwaite.

Matters Arising from previous Meeting:  The two youth members have been contacted and told not to pay subscriptions for this year.

Secretary’s Report:  Dave Kwik has resigned his membership on geographical grounds.  I have written him a polite letter of response.  Have sold £12 of T shirts.

Booking Secretary:  Nothing to report.

Treasurer:  Have paid in £3K to bank.  The membership subs are now starting to come in.

Membership Secretary:  Have received requests for introductory membership from Iggi Moore, David Hughes and Christine Moylan.  These were approved.  There was an application for full membership from Rosie Lovatt, this was approved.

Langdale:  A lock on one of the toilets is broken, and one basin tap is not working.  One of the fridges needs replacing.  Hut custodian is to get quote for uprating kitchen electrics, and also quote to replace the nosing on the stairs.

Stair:  A window opening mechanism in the gents dorm needs changing.  Custodian reports that hut usage is down this year.

Newsletter:  Newsletter is just out.  The new postal charges have proved to be a problem with regard to weight, size, etc.  A short discussion on club flyers then took place.  The next newsletter is expected before Xmas.

Social Secretary:
  There have been complaints about socials starting late on previous years.  It was suggested that an updated members list should be sent to the membership.  The club members E mail address list needs updating; Martin Dale to action.  Arranged socials are as follows, December – Photo Competition.  January – Dave Birkett; February – Members slides; March – Maritime Alps.

Any other Business:  It was suggested that forthcoming meets should be publicized in the newsletter.  Sue Denmark offered to propose AGM motion that juniors only pay one £20.  Stewart Sykes Windmill Group is hiring Stair for the weekend 11 – 12 November.  Mike Penn suggested that the two junior members might like to attend.  Secretary to check with Stewart Sykes.  It was suggested by Sue Denmark that four weekends should be designated as Junior meets. Thanks were expressed to the ‘Denmarks’ for the orienteering meet and the meal that followed it.  Chairman to check with Mark Harding on dinner situation.

Next Meeting:   Tuesday 28th November 2006 at 2000 hours at the Kirkham Con Club. 

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