COMMUNICATIONS within the Fylde Mountaineering Club

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Recently there has been e-mails sent
concerning meets and socials that are about to happen and, as the
printed material posted to members has been lacking, some members
were less well informed This is inevitable given that we produce a
substantial magazine but only every three to four months. This may
have effectively (to use an analogy from the days of steam trains)
created three classes of members

First class members have e-mail and
look at it and know what is in the offing.

Second class members have e-mail but don’t look at
it often, delete it unread as “suspicious” or change their e-mail
address without telling the membership secretary. They may or may not
know what is going on.

Third class members have no e-mail
and only find out what is going on after it has happened.

(Ugly rumours suggest the emergence of a “super “
class who are so under worked that they can look at the website while
their employer is paying for their time.)

I have an idea for

That is to publish a newsletter or
“flyer” regularly but containing only information about
forthcoming events, Club business, or other ephemeral matters. As
such an A4 sheet or two folded into an A5 envelope will attract only
second-class postage.

This idea was partly influenced in a
chat with Tony who was “tapping up” a source for printing the
magazine in colour on quality paper. In this case quality articles
and photos would fill it and news of forthcoming meets etc. would be
a waste of quality space as they would be of no relevance after the
event, whereas members could well want to keep the quality articles
and photos

If the committee think the idea is sound there are
a number of practical issues.

1. How often? I think monthly
may be to frequent but we could try it and review it after a few

Or every
2 months to start with.

roughly every two months but variable to accommodate the issuing of
such things as the syllabus, summer

programme and dinner bookings. So long as the next press date is
there in the flyer.

2. How to distribute it? How about:- A mix of
e-mail attachment for those with an address and post for those
without it. With certain issues being all post eg. Dinner
information, syllabus and subs renewal ??

3. Who should do it? Twelve out
of thirteen committee members will say THE EDITOR. Consider the
workload implications and another “volunteer” may be needed.

If this is thought to be a good
idea I will volunteer to get it up and running say until the AGM –
after which either someone else is found or I can continue with
another person taking on Social Sec. Or better still two young, keen
members and I can sink back into my sofa, as someone of my age
should, and watch the young people overtake.



Ps. This may prolong the next
committee meeting so how about two beer breaks Mr. Chairman

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