Minutes of committee meeting held Tuesday 28 November 2006

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Members Present:  Mike Penn, Martin Dale,
Clive Bell, Tony Mitchell, Mike Sissons, Les Ward, Sue Denmark, Chris Bell,
John Wiseman, Liz Hird. 

Apologies for
Darren Hartley, Chris Thistlethwaite.


Arising from previous Meeting: 

Secretary’s Report: 
Nothing to report. 

Nothing to report. 

Treasurer:  115 Members have
now paid their annual membership subscriptions. 
Dave Sharples says that he has not received the dinner
documentation.  The club now has nearly
£9K in its current account.  The hut
insurance from the BMC is the same price as for the last two years.  The treasurer currently holds financial
documentation going back a long time.  It
was suggested as a gardening exercise, that all financial papers should be held
for a minimum of six years.  That AGM /
main accounts should be held permanently. 

 Have received a request for introductory
membership from Robin Andrews.  After a
short discussion this was accepted. 

Langdale:  The hut custodian will
inspect the broken toilet lock and the basin that are not working this coming
weekend.  He has spoken to Keith about
the kitchen electrics, and also about a shower that keeps tripping a fuse.  On the canoeing weekend there was a parking
problem caused by, and exacerbated by the occupants of No 3.  Chris Bell to ring Stella Collard to acquaint
her of the facts; Secretary to write a letter to the owners of No 1.  A suitable notice; ‘Private Parking No 2’ to
be organised by Tony Mitchell. 

Stair:  The window struts in the
gents dormitory have been fixed. 

Newsletter:  The deadline for newsletter
copy is next week Friday (Dec 8th). 
Hopefully to be printed and out before Xmas. 


The two socials held so far have been well attended, as have the evening
drinks meets.  The AGM is on the 28th
February at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood. 

Any other
The plans for the porch extension at Stair are ready to be submitted for
planning permission.  It was suggested
that the club utilise the services of a local planning consultant.  John Wiseman has photographed a copy of the
club journal 1956 – 1958, which was lent to him by Margaret Scott.  This is now available to members.  John Wiseman also volunteered to put out a
club flyer every couple of months featuring forthcoming attractions; where
possible it will be sent out with the newsletter.  Martin Dale requested that the club send a
donation to help with the rebolting of slate routes in North
Wales.  It was decided to
make of donation of £100.   

Juniors – Sue
Denmark mentioned that Martin Dale and Darren Hartley were going to find out
from amongst the climbers, who was prepared to take juniors occasionally to the
climbing wall.  Sue Denmark and Mike Penn
have already applied to be CRB cleared, but more club members; especially the
rock climbers who are prepared to help out occasionally, need to be CRB

The Secretary is
off to New Zealand
on the 23rd January; so can all committee reports for the AGM please
be sent to me by the end of the 1st week in January.  A list of sticky backed, printed names and
addresses is required by the Secretary. 
Tony Mitchell to provide. 

The extension to
be Coledale Inn is now well under way, and it was suggested that we could move
the club dinner there.  After a short
discussion, it was decided to leave things as is for the moment. 

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 17th January 2007 at 2000 hours at
the Kirkham Con Club. 

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