Committee Meeting minutes 2nd May 2007

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Minutes of FMC Committee Meeting  held at 2nd May 2007 at Wyre Lounge, Fleetwood  Present:-
Clive Bell, Kevan Ebrell, Mike Penn, Martin Dale, John Wiseman, Tony
Mitchell, Sue Denmark, Liz Hird, Chris Bell, Darren Hartley. Apologies:- Caroline Webb, Chris Thistlethwaite, Andy Dunhill  Matters Arising:-  Nil.

Secretary’s Report:-Nothing to report  

Booking Secretary:  Nothing to report 

Treasurer’s Report:-We have recently gone a bit overdrawn, but luckily we have not been charged by the bank. Currently we have about £3000 in the current account. A discussion then followed on the merits of plastic membership cards. 

Membership Secretary’s Report:-We have received requests for introductory membership from Karen Baker and Jennifer Bailey; these were approved. A request for full membership was from Tony Hulme; this was accepted. A discussion then followed on the problem caused by those members who were habitual late payers of their subscriptions. It was suggested that late payers should get one warning letter, and after a specific date, that they then also need to pay a £5 extra fee in order to rejoin the club. In addition to the extra work for the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary, these late payers also cause problems with regard to numbers to be included for BMC insurance. It was decided to contact BMC to discover if there is an easier way round this problem; Secretary to implement.  

Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report:-Work with the Land Registry is ongoing. Am in contact with various contractors to replace the covering and the nosings on the stairs. Replacement of storage heater in lounge, and parking sign for car park are also ongoing. The Treasurer has been looking at getting new chairs for the cottage; cost around £950. This was accepted after a vote. The Treasurer is to write to the council re the bins. 

Stair Hut Custodian’s Report:-  The working weekend went well, and the outside of the cottage has been painted. We have obtained planning permission for the porch, but are still awaiting upon acceptance from Building Control. Full report below added post meeting:

“This was another productive weekend. The weather was good on Saturday which allowed us to do the main outstanding task of repainting the outside. 

The cottage had looked a bit shabby outside as it had not been painted for some years & the re-rendering we did at the last working weekend looked a bit untidy. We cleaned the walls & started to paint. Fortunately there were 8/9 of us to paint so it wasn’t too tedious a task & we finished it by late afternoon. Part of the black facia board was also painted & this needs to be finished. Much of the boarding on the south elevation & part of the east & west elevations is however rotten. This needs attention but is not a simple job & may well be linked with re-roofing so I re-iterate my desire to plan in the medium term to put a pitched roof on it. 

There was slight one hiccup – I had bought sufficient paint for the wall area to be covered but calculated on the basis of a smooth wall. Pebble Dash takes 3 times as much paint so a quick visit to the excellent newly opened DIY shop in Keswick saved the day 

Inside most of the kitchen was cleaned. The electrical appliances were retested & are fine. We bought 2 new kettles, 2 colanders & generally re-stocked things. All the pillow cases & other such items were washed at the laundrette in Keswick. Low energy bulbs were fitted in the dormitories. 

We provided a veggie meal on Saturday evening for everyone together with some wine. 

Thanks to those who helped: Kevin Ebrell. Tony Mitchell, Dave Hughes, Chris Thistlethwaite, Chris Campbell, Caroline Webb & Martin Dale & Christine on Sunday 

Overall it was a very successful weekend.

Andy & Christine” 

Newsletter Editor’s Report:-The next newsletter will be going to the printers on the 4th June. Copy to editor by Mid May. 

Social Secretary’s Report:-Will book River Wyre room for the 2nd Wednesday from October through to March inclusive. Will check with the BMC and Dave Earle (photo club) for speakers list. 

Any other Business:-There was a discussion on obtaining a key to the top car park for Ben Nevis. Next seasons winter meets are booked. A discussion on where to hold the committee meetings followed. 

Next Meeting:   Monday 25th June 2007 at 20:00 hours at the Kirkham Conservative Club. Mike Penn to implement.

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