Committee Meeting Minutes 16th October 2007

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Present. Clive Bell, Darren
Hartley, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Liz Hird, Sue Denmark, Les Ward,
Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Andy Dunhill, Mike
Penn, John Wiseman, Tony Mitchell, Chris Thistlethwaite.

Matters Arising.

As a result of a conversation between
Sue and Mike Penn over the AOB item concerning Junior Membership in
the meeting minutes of 20th of August, Sue now wished the
committee to reverse its decision and not put the matter before the
next AGM. Following discussion on the matter the committee agreed to
Sue’s request therefore the matter will not be raised by the
committee at the AGM.

Secretary Report.

Nothing to report.

Booking Secretary Report.

Clive reported on Chris’s behalf that
there was an issue with a firm (name not available) who had not paid
hut fees because they had not received an invoice from the club. The
general view was that Chris should create an invoice and send it to
them if that was the only reason for their non-payment.

Treasurer Report.

Liz reported the following matters: –

  • 103 members had renewed their
    subscriptions to date.

  • The new plastic membership cards
    have been ordered (250 @ 55p each).

  • The electricity supplier Powergen
    had refunded to the club £1381.80 against the Stair account
    and £20.04 against the Little Langdale account. Liz informed
    the committee that there was still an issue over the mysterious
    third meter at Stair that Powergen claim to be there but no member
    has set eyes on.

  • The guest speaker at the recent
    evening social Boyd Harris was owed his fee as there was no one
    there on the night to sign the cheque. After some discussion it was
    agreed that the £25 fee he requested was too little and that
    it would be increased to £75.

Membership Secretary Report.

Martin reported that since the last
meeting it had been quiet regarding applications for Introductory
Membership and that out of four application forms for full membership
that he had sent out only two had been returned.

The committee accepted applications for
full membership from Liam Gaston and Phil Kendrick.

Further to Martins suggestion to hold a
“Meet the FMC” at Blackpool Climbing Wall to encourage new
applicants he also added that we need some form of literature to be
available e.g. Posters, Flyers etc. After much discussion on
availability of suitable posters Clive agreed to contact Dave Ball to
ask him to create something.

Langdale Hut Custodian Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

  • The electrical work was almost
    complete a new consumer unit was fitted and new sockets have been
    installed in the lounge, kitchen and dormitories.

  • The recovering of the staircase
    was still outstanding.

  • The Land Registry is still

  • The November Working Meet will
    concentrate on sorting out the gas e.g. the fire and fireplace and
    possibly the gas hobs, worktops and electric hobs should Chris be
    able to source them in time.

  • A member had suggested that it was
    about time that new bunks were acquired as the current ones were
    very old. This was generally thought to be a good idea but that
    there were more important matters to attend to first.

Liz reported that further to the
attempt to get the Council to provide a large bin it now transpired
that they were embarking on a Recycling scheme and had already
provided two wheelie bins. Liz has also contacted Allerdale Council
asking them about their intentions regarding recycling at Stair, but
has not received a response.

Stair Hut Custodian Report.

Andy was not present but reported by
email prior to the meeting as follows: –

The recent Working Meet was well

  • Work was carried out on a number
    of trees with branches that were giving concern, branches that could
    safely be removed were done so. Andy wishes to get the services of a
    Tree Surgeon to assess and deal with some of the trees.

Liz said that she would contact
Powergen and ask them to look at the tree threatening the power

  • The watercourse was cleaned out
    and the outside table cum bench repainted.

  • A problem with the Storage Heater
    was remedied and a problem with the water heating was remedied by
    replacing the heating element. However the repair to the heating
    element resulted in a leak in the cistern that required further
    repair work.

  • All the rooms in the hut were
    cleaned including the kitchen appliances, toilets, showers, bunks

  • For the future Andy still has
    plans to go all electric at the hut.

  • Andy believes that the club should
    start preparing for a new roof and that it should be pitched. This
    would enable the creation of a number of separate dorms sleeping 4
    or 6 persons rather than increasing the number of sleeping spaces.

Chris Bell advised that we were
struggling to get a builder for extension (at the right price). Sue
said she would ask some friends who lived in Keswick if they new of
anyone who might be interested.

News Letter Editor Report.

Tony was not present but had sent word
that with luck the News Letter would be in the post by the weekend of
the 20/21st of Oct.

What’s On Editor Report.

John was not present but reported by
email prior to the meeting as follows: –

  • Attendance at the evening social
    on the 10th of Oct was very poor which was a shame
    because the guest speaker Boyd Harris was very good.

  • John requested that if anyone
    wanted anything to go in the next What’s On they should inform him
    a.s.a.p. as he intends to go to print on Oct 22nd.

Social Secretary Report.

Other than the
comments in What’s On re Boyd Harris there was nothing to report.

Any Other Business.

  • Liz reported that Drew would not
    be able to do the Kayaking Meet on 10/11th of Nov
    therefore no kayaks, but Stair would still be available. Drew will
    put out an email to this effect.

  • Martin was concerned that nothing
    had been sent out about the Annual Dinner to be held at the Coldale.
    Clive said he would contact Mark Harding on the matter. It was also
    pointed out that Mark would require an up to date address list of
    current members and address labels.

  • Clive informed the committee that
    he had received information from Cotswold that they would be holding
    a special discount day at Preston on Wednesday the 24th
    of Oct. Members will need to quote our discount code F2094 to get
    20% discount on the day (normal discount is 15%). Clive said he
    would send out the information by email.

  • Les passed on a request from John
    Wiseman who wants any anecdotes about Jack Jowett.

  • Martin reported that no one had
    taken up the invitation to attend Chester Mountaineering Club’s
    invitation to their annual dinner that was held on the 13th
    of October. Martin had informed their Indoor Meets Secretary Gill
    Burbidge and thanked them for the invitation.

  • Martin thanked the committee for
    the Cotswold gift vouchers given to him by the committee members for
    his 50th birthday.

Next Meeting. Tuesday
th of November 2007, 20.00 hours at the


Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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