Minutes of the 58th Annual General Meeting, 27 February 2008

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The following members signed in


Les Ward, Chris Moylan, Mike Howe, Nick Harrison, Phil Caley, Caroline Webb, John Denmark, Jen Bailey, Sue Denmark, Tim Worral, Chris Bell, Mick Dugdale, Andy Margrave, Terry Robinson, Darren Hartley, Carole Penn, Mike Penn, Adam Dunderdale, Dave Earle, Cherry Earle, Tom Rainford, John Bailey, Barrie Crook, Pam Ruthven, Ian Marsden, Alan Lovett, Angela Lovett, Tom Knowles, Steve Wrigley, Jennie Tolley, Mike Sissons, Bob Killen, Martin Dale, Dave Wood, Dave Westby, Tony Hulme, Kevin Hindle, Andy Hird, Nick Hepburn, Derrick Smith, Liz Hird, Clive Bell, Kevan Ebbrell.


Apologies for absence


David Ward, George James, Rosie Lovett, Dave Ball, Diane Lord, Andy Dunhill, Christine Barbier, ChrisThistlethwaite, Geoff Bellingham, Don Nichol, George Parker.


Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2007 AGM


There where no matters arising and the Minutes were accepted. Proposer: Mike Penn, Seconder: Caroline Webb.


Chairman’s Address/Report

 Unfortunately this year was marred by the death of Jack Jowett, the clubs founder member, for which we are all deeply saddened.

Again there has been mixed success in the various meets with some, particularly the international meets and the food meets being very popular. The working week ends had a better attendance this year, food being supplied 

Our attempts at introducing juniors to the club has bumbled along. One of our two ‘juniors’ is now 18 and the other will be in April.

Plans for the new porch at Stair are now at the looking for contractors stage. Going all electric and the kitchen upgrade at Little Langdale has now been successfully completed.The introduction of ‘What’s on’ seems to have been a success, keeping us all informed as to what’s on. Chairman’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Dave Earle, Seconder: Chris Bell. Secretary’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Caroline Webb, Seconder: Chris Bell. 

Treasurer’s Report & Balance Sheet was accepted, Proposer: John Denmark, Seconder: Jennie Tolley.

Liz announced that she was stepping down as Treasurer, the club thanks her for the work she has done on our behalf.


Booking Secretary’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Mike Howe, Seconder: Jennie Tolley.


Membership Secretary’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Darren Hartley, Seconder: Les Ward.


Stair Custodian’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Sue Denmark, Seconder: Mike Sissons.


Little Langdale Custodian’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Martin Dale, Seconder: Caroline Webb.


Social Secretary’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Dave Earle, Seconder: Mike Sissons,

Mike announced that he was stepping down as Social Secretary, the club thanks him for the work he has done on our behalf.


Newsletter Editor’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Steve Wrigley, Seconder: Chris Bell.


Motions which require a vote – None submitted prior to the meeting.


The following Officers were elected

 Position                          Applicant                  Proposer            Seconder

Chairman                          Clive Bell                  Dave Earle          Martin Dale     

Vice Chairman                Darren Hartley          Caroline Webb    Nick Harrison

Secretary                         Kevan Ebbrell           Sue Denmark      Jennie Tolley

Treasurer                         Mike Howe               Les Ward            Barrie Crook

Booking Secretary          Chris Thistlethwaite  Chris Bell            Mike Sissons

Membership Secretary    Martin Dale               Darren Hartley    Nick Hepburn

Stair Custodian(s)           Andy Dunhill             Martin Dale        Mike Howe

                                        Christine Barbier               “                         “     

Little Langdale Ctdn       Chris Bell                   Andy Hird          Les Ward

Social Secretary              Position Vacant

Newsletter Editor            Tony Mitchell            John Denmark    Mike Penn

Webmaster                      Dave Ball                   Martin Dale        Dave Earle

Auditor                            Dave Earle                 Mike Penn          Mike Sissons


The following Committee Members were elected

 Applicant                 Proposer           Seconder

Adam Dunderdale    Dave Earle         Caroline Webb

Sue Denmark           Andy Hird          Darren Hartley

Jennie Tolley           Sue Denmark      Angela Lovett

Andy Hird                Martin Dale        Nick Harrison

It was pleasing that there were eight applicants for the four places a paper vote determined the results. Thanks to those who didn’t get elected for there interest and making it a competition (Sec).


Future Club Policy


  1. The Chairman stated that we would continue to pressure members to get their subscriptions in on time as there had been a great improvement last year, However, Martin Dale advised that he was aware of a small number of habitual late payers.

  1. The Chairman advised that he had been asked if the annual Balance Sheet could be provided along with the Treasurers Report in the pre AGM circular. Liz Hird replied that it just wasn’t practicable given the way that our financial year runs and the time scales involved.

  1. The Chairman advised members that the committee would shortly be compiling the 08/09 Syllabus and Evening Walk/Climb meets. He requested that if any member wants to contribute by arranging or leading a meet/event they should ideally contact him with the details during the next couple of weeks.

  1. The Chairman advised that he had been approached by several new members asking if there could be some compromise on the criteria for full membership were it is required for four meets (or two working) to have been attended, stating that they worked weekends and found it difficult to comply. Following a lengthy discussion it was resolved that the club rules gave the committee discretion on these matters.

  1. The Chairman put it to the meeting that there was merit in the club procuring some climbing harnesses and helmets suitable for children so that club members could borrow them and so encourage their youngsters to take up climbing safely. Following a lengthy debate on the pros and cons of this idea it was resolved that the matter and especially the safekeeping and maintenance be considered by the committee.

  1. Jennie Tolley asked if consideration could be given to the provision of new bunks to replace the old metal ones at Little Langdale. It was resolved that the committee would look into this.

  1. The Chairman asked the meetings view on including mid-week meets in the Syllabus as there was a growing number of members who had free time during the week. The consensus was that the chairman should include a couple of mid-week meets in the 08/09 Syllabus as a trial.

  1. Sue Denmark brought to the members attention that through her and others research and active involvement it has been determined that whilst we can comply with many aspects of the Child Protection requirements we cannot comply with the requirement relating to climbing. The requirement is that adults taking juniors climbing who are not there own kith & kin have to be BMC CRB approved, at present we do not have anyone in that category. After wide ranging and lengthy debate nothing was resolved other than the obvious fact that if we are serious about promoting climbing we need experienced climbers who are BMC CRB approved and are prepared to take juniors climbing. Andy Hird stated that he would be prepared to seek BMC CRB approval and went on to state he would make this a priority.

  1. Several members, most notably Caroline Webb, had requested a discussion on the subject of a pitched roof for the Stair hut, a subject very dear to the hut custodians heart. Arguments for and against a pitched roof were mostly well made and of those who spoke on the matter probably equal in number for and against. Most of the for/against discussion revolved around cost, benefits, time scale and the consequences of the extension work that will take place this year. Chris Bell advised that the extent to which the porch extension and supporting work will affect the roof is not as yet fully known and has asked the proposed contractor to quote for a new flat roof that would come with a 20-year guarantee. It was also pointed out by Andy Hird that the costs for a pitched roof that were being banded about were based on some very rough estimates based on designs that he had created some five years ago and that more accurate costing was required on which to base any serious discussion on the matter. As it was quite clear that nothing would be decided on the night it was resolved that the committee explore the possibilities and come up with more accurate costing based on a number of options e.g. basic roof and stairs etc.

  1. Following on from the Stair roof and associated finance discussion the Chairman ask what the consensus was on raising the hut charges for outside organisation bookings. Liz Hird pointed out that there was a longstanding agreement that the committee would review fees for outside organisations every three years and that the next review was due this year. The consensus was that fees should be raised and the matter is left with the committee to resolve.  

Any Other Business


  1. Les Ward enquired what was proposed in the way of a memorial to Jack Jowett. In response the Chairman advised that Mrs Jowett was going to provide a photograph of Jack and that this would be suitably mounted and displayed in the hut at Little Langdale, also that the committee had discussed and minuted the provision of a bench to be situated at the front of the hut.

  1. Dave Earle suggested that the content of the stolen Newsletter along with Tony’s computer might be retrievable from the printer who may still have a copy. The Chairman said he would pass this on to the Newsletter Editor.

  1. Dave Westby advised the meeting that he had produced some posters to encourage new members to the club and that they were on display at West View. 
 The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 22.05     

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.


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