Committee Meeting Minutes 20th August 2007

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 20th of August 2007Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Tony Mitchell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Liz Hird, Sue Denmark, Les Ward, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Andy Dunhill, Mike Penn, John Wiseman, Darren Hartley, Chris Thistlethwaite.


Matters Arising. The Chairman welcomed the return of Les Ward to the committee. He also commented on the sad news that Jack Jowett, a founder member of the F.M.C. and the person instrumental in acquiring Little Langdale had died on Sunday 8th of July. Thanks to John Wiseman for sending details to those on email.

 Secretary Report. 

A number of communications had been received since the last meeting namely: –

Ø      A request was received from Bowland & Pennine Mountain Rescue for assistance in raising funds to train and equip new team members. The information was sent to all members on email, also see A.O.B.

Ø      A request from Blackpool Libraries for information to be included in their Society Listing. The information was provided by return of their form.

Ø      Information had been received from South Ribble Council Museum & Exhibition Centre Re- an exhibition on Everest/Sherpas. The details were sent to all members on email, John will include in the next “What’s On”.


Booking Secretary Report.

Martin (standing in for Chris) reported that there had been a few enquiries from outside organisations, other than that nothing to report.


Treasurer Report.

Liz reported the following matters: –

Ø      A copy of a photograph featuring Jack Jowett had been sent to his daughter Margaret.

Ø      Membership Renewal Forms would be sent out with the next edition of “What’s On”.

Ø      Work was progressing on the design for the new Membership Cards. Several mock-ups were shown to the committee. A local supplier was being sought.

Ø      A request for a large bin for Little Langdale was still being pursued with the Council.

Ø      There are still problems with the electricity suppliers for the huts as they are reluctant to send anyone to read the meters. Liz has been sending her own readings and requested that if anyone cared to take a reading would they please contact her with it.


Membership Secretary Report.

Martin presented applications for introductory membership for three applicants: – Charlotte Dean, Geoff Brindle & Chris Peed, in addition there was an application for full membership from Ian Marsden. The committee accepted all the applications.


Martin informed the committee that he had received lots of email enquiries about membership, but little had come of them to date.

A letter was read out from John Donelan who is going to live in Australia, thanking everyone and stating that he will remain a member of the club.

 Langdale Hut Custodian Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

Ø      The July working meet was well attended (for a change).

Ø      The Electrician had provided a quote of £1300 for the work package and Chris had given him the go ahead to carry on, he also requesting a safety check.

Ø      The kitchen worktops have been measured up for the refit to accommodate electric hobs.

Ø      The recovering of the staircase was still outstanding.

Ø      Some new chairs were now in place and the window bench has been recovered.

Ø      New curtains were in place (provided by Liz).

Ø      The revised plans for the Land Registry were shown to the committee.

Ø      The provision of a Car Park sign was still outstanding, Tony Mitchell to action.

 Stair Hut Custodian Report.

Andy was not present but reported by email prior to the meeting as follows: –

Ø      During a recent visit he had done some general cleaning, cut the grass at the front of the hut and roadside verge together with cutting back the lower tree branches.

Ø      He has identified a number of larger trees with some dead branches that need cutting back. A job for the next working meet.

Ø      Even after the new porch is built he considers that there will still be a storage problem, especially for bikes. He proposes buying and erecting a shed for storing cleaning items and bikes. The shed would be sited between the new porch and the wood. The committee approved the proposal.

Chris Bell advised that a quote for the new porch had been received but at £12000 was considered too high. Further quotes were being sought.

 News Letter Editor Report.

Tony advised that a recent injury to his hand and a change of job had further delayed publication of the “News Letter” but it was with the printers and would soon be ready. When ready he requested some help with the folding/envelopes/stamps etc.

A discussion took place regarding an obituary to Jack Jowett and how it would be best for it to appear in the “News Letter” rather than “What’s On”. Tony agreed to source an obituary from a suitable member and include it in the “News Letter”, this may cause further delay in publication.

 What’s On Editor Report.

John was not present but reported by email prior to the meeting as follows: –

Ø      Mike Penn had provided details of Winter Socials.

Ø      Would the committee consider a series of evening drinking meets as last year and advise accordingly (See A.O.B).

Ø      He hoped to publish “What’s On” August Bank Holiday weekend and if anyone had anything for inclusion to let him know.

  Social Secretary Report.

Mike was not present but reported by email prior to the meeting as follows: –

Ø      Winter Socials arranged and details sent to John Wiseman for “What’s On” as follows: –

2007 – October 10th Boyd Harris, November 14th Malcolm Eldridge, December 12th Alistair Lee.

2008 – January 9th Member Slides, February 13th David Crabtree, March 12th Members Photo Competition.

 Any Other Business. 

Ø      The committee resolved that a donation of £100 be made to the Bowland & Pennine Mountain Rescue training fund appeal, Liz to action.

Ø      Sue asked if someone would replace her as meet leader for the Intro/Junior meet at Stair on 15/16th Sept as she had another engagement. Martin volunteered.

Ø      Sue stated that she thought that Junior Membership was dead in the water, citing that there were not enough members with CRB approval leading to us not being able to offer enough opportunities to tempt prospective junior members. The committee agreed that the matter should be referred to the next A.G.M.

Ø      As part of the attempt to get new members and get juniors interested, Martin was proposing to run a ‘Meet the F.M.C.’ at Blackpool Climbing Wall in the near future.

Ø      The committee discussed Evening Drinking meets as requested by John Wiseman and came up with the following: – Provisionally October 24th Thatched House, Poulton, Claire Addey (Clive to confirm this with Claire). November 28th Wyre Lounge, Fleetwood, Martin Dale. December 19th Black Horse, Preston, Chris Bell. 2008 meets to be discussed at the next meeting.

Ø      The committee resolved that the 2008 A.G.M. be held on February 27th at the River Wyre Hotel. Kev to make the booking (Post meeting note- Venue booked 22/08/07).

Ø      Clive informed the committee that he had received a letter of thanks regarding attendance at Jack Jowett’s funeral (held on July 17th) from his wife Dorothy.

Ø      The matter of a suitable memorial to Jack Jowett was discussed. The preference being a bench outside Little Langdale. Clive to discuss this with Dorothy Jowett.

Ø      Clive informed the committee that a request had been received from an Air Training Corps official via John Wiseman. The request was that the parents of an ATC Cadet who had recently died be allowed to plant a tree in his memory in the grounds at Stair. Apparently the young lad had spent many happy times at Stair with the ATC. The committee agreed to the request on the proviso that only a tree be planted, no plaques, flowers etc.

Ø      Following a request from a number of members a discussion took place on the desirability of providing an up to date list of members/addresses etc. Tony stated that he would endeavour to include an up to date list with the next edition of the “News Letter”. 

 Next Meeting.  Tuesday 16th of October 2007, 20.00 hours at the Conservative                          Club, Kirkham.

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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