Committee Meeting Minutes 25th June 2007

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 25th of June 2007Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Mike Penn, John Wiseman, Tony Mitchell, Chris Bell, Darren Hartley, Martin Dale, Chris Thistlethwaite, Kevan Ebbrell.


Apologies. Caroline Webb, Andy Dunhill, Liz Hird, Sue Denmark

 Matters Arising. 

Caroline Webb is no longer able to perform the role of Secretary due to her new job. With the Committees agreement Kevan Ebbrell will stand in as Secretary until the AGM.


Secretary Report.  Nothing to report (see Matters Arising).


Booking Secretary.


Chris had recently sent all committee members a copy of the spreadsheet containing up to date Hut bookings so that everyone was aware of the situation whilst he was away on holiday for six weeks. Chris also asked for comments/ideas on improving the booking system as the spread sheet duplicated the paper system and he found it excessively time consuming particularly for outside organisation bookings.

A general discussion took place, but with no consensus on how to improve matters. Tony Mitchell said he would make enquiries about a new electronic room booking system recently introduced by Wyre Borough Council and its suitability for our use.


Whilst Chris is on holiday all Hut bookings during that period will be referred to Martin Dale. This will be brought to the attention of all members in the forthcoming What’s On and News Letter.


Treasurer Report. Nothing to report.


Membership Secretary Report.


Martin presented an application for introductory membership from Nick Dalzell. The committee accepted the application.


A brief review of current introductory members known activities was carried out to gain a view of those likely to have met the criteria for full membership. A fair number had clearly not met the criteria to date.

 Langdale Hut Custodian Report. 

Chris advised that the quote to recover the staircase was still outstanding and that Liz was ordering the new chairs.


The forthcoming working weekend would be used to carry out a review of the electrics with a view to replacing the Gas Fire and Gas Hobs in the kitchen. The review would also include the Distribution Boards and installation of sockets in the dormitories. On the subject of electrics, Clive Bell informed Chris that he had sorted out the troublesome light in the kitchen and one of the dormitories.


Tony advised that the Car Park sign would soon be available.


Chris brought to the attention of the committee that there had been requests to install fixed Hairdryers in the hut. After due consideration the committee decided this was unnecessary as there would soon be sockets in the dormitories that would enable ladies to use their own hairdryers.

 Stair Hut Custodian Report.  

Nothing to report from the custodian but Chris Bell advised that Andy Hird was finalising the new extension drawings. On completion this will enable the Tender and Builder selection process.

 News Letter Editor Report. 

Tony advised that a recent injury to his hand had delayed publication of the News Letter but it should be with the printers next week and distributed early July. The edition will be in colour.

 What’s On Editor Report.  

John advised that the next edition was being compiled and he read out an article that he proposed to include regarding timely payment of subscriptions and BMC Insurance. With some slight amendment the committee agreed to the article being included.

 Social Secretary Report.  

Mike reported that he had booked a room for winter socials at the River Wyre Hotel for the 10th of October, 14th of November and 12th of December.


Mike requested advice on who to approach as Guest Speakers. Following a review of Speaker lists provided by the BMC and Dave Earle the following names were suggested :- Boyd Harris, Mick Fowler, Hamish Brown, Alistair Lee.

Mike to progress.

 Any Other Business.   

Darren requested that Les Ward be asked to re-join the committee, this was agreed and Clive will contact Les.

 Next Meeting.  Monday 20th of August 2007, 20.00 hours at the Conservative                          Club, Kirkham.  


Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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