Committee Meeting Minutes 27th November 2007

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 27th of November 2007Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Darren Hartley, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Liz Hird, Tony Mitchell, Mike Sissons, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Sue Denmark, Les Ward, Andy Dunhill, Mike Penn, John Wiseman, Chris Thistlethwaite.

 Matters Arising.

There were no matter arising

 Secretary Report. 

Kev reported that he had sent an invitation to Chester Mountaineering Club for two of their members to attend the annual dinner at no cost to themselves and that the invitation had been accepted.

Caroline Webb had informed Kev that the boxes containing the club records etc stored at her house also contained quantities of Car Sticker Badges and Metal Pin Badges. Kev requested that consideration be given to distributing the badges to members. After some discussion it was resolved that the badges along with the few remaining Sweat Shirts should be made available for members at the next social on the 12th of December. The car stickers to be free to members, the metal badges sold at £1 each and the sweat shirts given away if they could not be sold.


Booking Secretary Report.

Chris was not present so Clive reported on Chris’s behalf that Chester Mountaineering Club had been in contact requesting agreement on hut swaps for 2008. The general view was that this was best sorted out when the 2008 Syllabus was being considered and that from our point of view three meets would suffice, preferably in June, July and October.

Chris had also made it known that he was not prepared to create an invoice for the firm (Impact) who had not paid hut fees and that he had contacted then demanding that they pay in the same manner as any other organisation who rent the huts.


Treasurer Report.

Liz reported that there had been a much better response from members this year in paying subscriptions by the due date and that there was only a small number outstanding. Liz provided an up to date membership list for Martin along with the remaining Membership Cards.

Liz also announced that she intended to stand down from the post as Treasurer at the next AGM


Membership Secretary Report.

Martin reported that there had been a small number of membership enquiries via the clubs web site to which he had replied but without response from the enquirers.

Martin was of the opinion that if the web site had an easier (more obvious) link to the Membership Application Form it may result in more applications. Kev agreed to speak to Dave Ball about modifying the web site.

The “Meet the FMC” event was unlikely to occur this year as Martin had little time to devote to its organisation, however Clive had contacted Tony Mitchell (rather than Dave Ball) regarding the creation of a poster.


 Langdale Hut Custodian Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

Ø      The November Working Meet achieved all its aims i.e. removal of the old kitchen work tops, gas fire and gas hobs, installation of new worktops, electric hob and gas fire and general clean up etc.

Ø      Land Registry is still ongoing ?.

Ø      The Gas bottles need removing

Ø      The recovering of the staircase was still outstanding.

Ø      The new Water Heater awaited fitting (plumbing/wiring)

Ø      The owners of No 1 had reported that someone who had been renting it had experienced a problem parking their vehicle outside of the property. Chris had spoken to the owners and said that the complaint was unsubstantiated.

Kev reported that the Council refuse collectors had left notices on Thursday the 22nd of November regarding incorrect items being found in the Recycling Boxes. As this is likely to be an ongoing problem Chris said he would produce some new notices about Recycling materials etc.

 Stair Hut Custodian Report.

Andy was not present and had nothing to report.

Chris Bell advised that a builder recommended through Sue Denmark had been sent the plans for the new porch and that he had been to the hut to make a provisional assessment of the job, on that basis he had provided a verbal estimate of between £11000 & £13000. The builder had requested a hut key to enable him to make a more detailed assessment to which Chris had agreed to provide such.

 News Letter Editor Report.

Tony reported that the long awaited News Letter had been printed and that he would require some help in preparing them for postage due to his injuries.

A discussion took place on the number of “News Letter” issues per annum and the fact that “What’s On” was issued on a more regular basis, Tony said that he would be in a much improved situation regarding work and his ability to produce the news letter next year. The general view was that with the regular issue of “What’s On” two issues of the newsletter per annum would suffice.

 What’s On Editor Report.

John was not present but raised the following matter by email prior to the meeting: –

Ø      John posed the question – The year is up for the experiment “What’s On” does the committee want it to continue. In answer the committee believe that “What’s On” is an excellent publication providing valuable information to members on a regular basis and wish it to continue. The committee also thank John for his hard work in producing the publication.

 Social Secretary Report.

Mike was not present at the meeting however the committee dealt with the following matters:-

Ø      The Evening Pub meets for 2008 were agreed as follows:- January 23rd Trawl Boat, St Annes with Avril & John. March 26th County Hotel, Lytham with Clive. April 23rd Bay Horse, Thornton with John Wiseman.

Ø      The last evening social with Malcolm Eldridge was very well attended. To ensure that the next evening social on December 12th (Alistair Lee) has a good turn out some extra publicity is required. Therefore Martin will create a poster and get it displayed in local outdoor shops and Kev will send out an email reminding members of the event.

Ø      Mark Harding has sent out the details and booking forms for the Annual Dinner.

 Any Other Business. 

Ø      John Wiseman had advised that he would not be able to attend the Llanberris meet on 9/10 February 2008. Unfortunately there were no volunteers to take on the meet.

Ø      It transpired that the Bunk House for the Cairngorm Meet was booked for 9/10 Feb and that the meet was in the syllabus for 16/17. Chris Bell will try to get the booking moved to the 16/17th; if it proves impossible a communication on the matter will be made.

Ø      Clive reported that he had spoken to Dorothy Jowett about the clubs desire to install a bench at Little Langdale in Jacks memory to which she had given her consent.

Ø      Clive reported that he had received an email from Margaret Scott (Jack Jowett’s daughter) giving thanks for the picture of Jack that Liz had sent her. She also wanted to know if the club wanted more of Jack’s journals and a picture of him for the hut at Little Langdale, to which the answer is yes.

Ø      At the last Evening Pub social a couple of Intro; members made comments regarding interpretation of the criteria that had to be met to qualify for full membership. Clive put it to the committee that maybe it was too strict especially with regard to attending four weekend meets. The general view was that it should be left to the committee’s discretion, however Clive will give consideration to putting a proposal to the AGM on the matter.

Ø      Martin suggested that we consider weekend day meets to supplement full weekend meets so as to make it easier for people with little time at weekends to get involved with club activities. On a similar theme Tony suggested consideration be given to midweek meets for those who struggle to make weekend meets but have time in the week.

Ø      Clive passed on comments made at the last Evening Pub social by a couple of new members on the lack of information about booking on meets and other aspects of the club. The general view was that if someone was unsure of what to do or wanted information that was not already available then they only had to ask committee or other knowledgeable members.

Ø      Clive requested all committee members to identify and maybe persuade suitable candidates to stand for election for the following posts at the next AGM:- Social Secretary (to replace Mike Penn), Treasurer (to replace Liz Hird) and two Committee members (to replace Les Ward and Mike Sissons).

Ø      Clive pointed out that nominations were required before the annual dinner for Mug of the year from Liz and Lush of the year from David Ward.  

 Next Meeting.  Monday 21st of January 2008, 20.00 hours at the Conservative                          Club, Kirkham. 

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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