Committee Meeting Minutes 1st of September 2008

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 1st of September 2008Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Andy Hird, Jennie Tolley,

Sue Denmark, Mike Howe, John Wiseman, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Andy Dunhill, Darren Hartley, Chris Thistlethwaite, Tony Mitchell, Adam Dunderdale.

  Matters arising from and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 23/06/08 were accepted. There was one matter arising:-

Ø      Sue again acknowledged that she had still to act on the matter of members with enhanced CRB’s and writing to the BMC.

 Secretary’s Report. 

Kev reported the following:-

Ø      The matters of the Registry of Little Langdale and the change in Trustees of Stair were taking a very long time to complete. Edward Statham of Inghams, the clubs solicitor had been contacted for a progress report by Kev and Chris Bell. In response Chris had been advised that the Registration should be completed within the next couple of weeks but Kev had not had a satisfactory response to the matter of Trustees.

Ø      The BMC were holding Hut and Legal workshops at Hawkshead on Saturday the 18th of October. Andy Hird said he would do his best to attend.

Ø      Kev advised that he had submitted an application to the BMC for one of four £300 grants that they were offering to clubs to promote membership and activities etc. Unfortunately the application was not successful.


Booking Secretary’s Report.

There was no report from Chris.


Treasurer’s Report.

Mike reported the following:-

Ø      The clubs Bank Accounts currently stood at £23000.

Ø      Mike requested that the committee consider a proposal to the AGM to increase members hut fees. Mike will put together a number of options for the committee for consideration at the next meeting.

Ø      New membership cards were being procured for 2008/9.

Andy Hird advised that Liz had now submitted a formal complaint to Ofgen about Eon and their handling of matters relating to Stair. As a result of recent meter readings being submitted by the club, Eon have advised that they will be refunding £1000 to the club. However, matters were far from resolved and the there was still an issue over the meters in the hut.


Membership Secretary’s Report.

Martin presented a membership application for a new Introductory Member, Peter Stridgeon, the applicant was accepted. Applications for Full Memberships were submitted for Geoff Brindle, Jennifer Bailey and Chris Peed. All three were accepted.

 Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

Ø      The unsatisfactory work on the staircase has still to be rectified. The contractor has advised that he had tried to do the work recently but the hut was in use. The work will hopefully be done within the next month.

Ø      Chris has reminded the Estate Agents acting for the sale of No1 that their car parking is restricted to the front of the property and that there is no right to the use of the clubs car park. The agents have acknowledged the fact.

Ø      The car park wall had suffered damage recently, possibly by the Council bin collection vehicle (although there is no proof). Members had attempted a repair but a more permanent job was required.

Ø      It was noted that the sign promised by Tony for the car park had still not materialised. Sue said she would ask husband John to make one.

Ø      The refurbishment of the shared Septic Tank had not yet started.

Clive advised that we hoped to have procured a suitable bench in memory of Jack in the next couple of weeks.

 Stair Hut Custodian’s Report.

Andy was not at the meeting and reported the following matters by email.

Ø      Unbloc Cumbria have submitted revised quotes for the refurbishing of the Septic Tank of £1890 + VAT and £2370 + VAT for the installation of a Grease Trap. The consensus view is that Unbloc be instructed to proceed with the refurbishment of the tank but not the trap, as the cost seems very high. The procurement and installation of the trap to be looked into by the club.

Ø      Recent visits by club members had resulted in reports of the hut being in a very dirty condition. This could not be attributed to the contractors, as they had not been on site for several weeks. (Post Meeting Note: – The hut was again found to be in a dirty, smelly and damp condition during the mid week meet on 2nd of Sept).

Chris Bell reported that Helvellyn Construction had been given the go ahead to construct the porch extension as the costs did not differ from the original figure quoted. A site meeting between Chris, Andy H and the Contractor had been held, the work on the extension had commenced in July and that the foundations had been completed and passed by the Building Inspector. Unfortunately work had then ceased as the next phase was dependent on the mains electricity cable and consumer units being relocated by United Utilities. UU had failed to carry out the work on the agreed date 19th of August, a new date had been agreed in September but work will remain at a standstill until then.

Chris requested that his suggestion that the floor is constructed and left in a condition suitable for laying down a Vinyl covering at a later date be accepted, the committee agreed. 

Andy Hird volunteered to sort out a suitable safe for depositing hut fees.

 News Letter Editor Report.

Tony was not present. The News Letter was not published in July as promised nor has it been to date (01/09/08).

Clive reported that he had contacted Tony and suggested to him that if he was having problems then he should bring the News Letter material or the News Letter itself if it had been printed to this committee meeting so that the committee could complete the task. Tony agreed to the suggestion but did not attend the meeting due to work commitments but had phoned Mike Howe to say that he would drop the News Letter off at his home. Clive also suggested to Tony during their conversation that as he was obviously having problems he stand down and let someone else take on the task of producing the News Letter. Tony agreed to the suggestion and as a result John Wiseman volunteered to produce the next News Letter in early January and Mike Howe volunteered to produce the one after in April. John will send out an email requesting material for the next NL A new News Letter Editor would be sought at the next AGM.

 What’s On Editor’s Report.

John reported that the September/October edition of What’s On had been published in August. The next edition would be out before November and would include Pub Meet Dates and any additional Day Meets etc.

The following Pub Meets all on Wednesdays were agreed: – 22nd October, Thatched House, Poulton with Martin. 26th November, Black Horse, Preston with Chris Bell. 17th December, County, Lytham with Clive Bell.

Note – Martin to send out email advising the Pub Meet in October. Social Secretary’s Report.

Sue (who wants it clearly understood that she is not the Social Secretary) reported that she had been successful in contacting a number of potential guest speakers and had booking several of them as follows: – Henry Iddon for October, Kevin Thaw for November, Bill Birkett, Gareth Parry and John Allison. In addition Dave Woods and others will put on a show and Dave Earle will judge the photo competition (and there will be prizes this time)(Dates to be agreed).

The committee thanked Sue for her efforts and gave her discretion on the fees to be paid to the guest speakers.  Any Other Business. 

Ø      A brief discussion took place regarding a plaque for the Stair Porch extension. Jennie said that she was looking into it.

Ø      Chris Bell suggested that Braemar be the venue for the next Cairngorm Meet and that he would look for suitable accommodation in the area.

Ø      Clive reported that he had received an email from Dave Westby requesting that the club donate £500 and individual members also be invited to donate monies towards a Bolting Fund. Given that the club is committed to a substantial amount of expense on the clubs huts the committee refused the request.

Ø      Clive has not received any communication from the Editor of the Climbing Magazine following the draft article that he had sent.

Ø      Martin reminded the committee that he still required posters for the Meet The FMC event. Sue said that she would contact Adam who had volunteered to produce a suitable poster.


Next Meeting.  Monday 3rd of November 2008, 20.00 hours at the Conservative                          Club, Kirkham. 

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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