Committee Meeting Minutes 3rd November 2008

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 3rd of November 2008Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Andy Hird, Jennie Tolley,

Mike Howe, John Wiseman, Darren Hartley, Adam Dunderdale, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Andy Dunhill, Sue Denmark, Chris Thistlethwaite, Tony Mitchell.

  Matters arising from and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 01/09/08 were accepted. There were no matters arising.

 Secretary’s Report. 

Kev reported the following:-

Ø      As reported at the last meeting the matters of the Registry of Little Langdale and the change in Trustees of Stair were taking a very long time to complete. The signed Trustee Deed and Land Registry TR1 documents have been returned by hand to Edward Statham of Inghams Solicitors on the 16th of October and to date there has not been any communication that the matter has been completed. The length of time this is taking is ridiculous given that this process started with a formal letter to the solicitor on the 25th of May. Chris Bell has again been in contact with the solicitor regarding the Registration of Little Langdale and was told that it should be completed within the next week or so. This matter has been ongoing for seven months so far. The committee resolved that upon completion of current business with Inghams we would consider finding another solicitor to handle our affairs.

Ø      Andy Dunhill had recently attended a BMC Hut Seminar at which the importance of the role of Trustee was highlighted and the need for them to be covered by adequate insurance in case of claims associated with the property for which they are a trustee. As our insurance provides cover for club members only, the matter of Peter Ray, a trustee of Little Langdale was discussed due to the fact that Peter is no longer a member of the club and has not been for some considerable time. Given that Peter was not indemnified by the club or its insurers the committee resolved that the Secretary speak to Peter and give him two options i.e. Resign as trustee or rejoin the club as a normal subscription paying member.


Booking Secretary’s Report.

There was no report from Chris.


Treasurer’s Report.

Mike reported the following:-

Ø      The clubs Bank Accounts currently stood at £23791.

Ø      An interim payment of £5875 to Helvellyn Construction for work on the Stair extension had been. In addition a payment of £175 towards the cost of the Plans and £621 towards the cost of electrical work had been made.

Ø      A request for £151 from Allerdale Council for refuse removal has been received. It transpires that we pay £151 per quarter as it is considered by the Council to be commercial refuse.

Ø      The annual Hut insurance premium was due, it being £620 (covers both Huts).

Ø      A question had been asked regarding Rate (Council Tax) reductions on our properties. Mike had investigated this and found that we are only allowed a Rate reduction on one property and that as Stair had the higher rateable value the reduction was claimed on this property.

Ø      Mike proposed and the committee agreed with a vote of thanks to Liz Hird who had put a great deal of effort into resolving our dispute with Eon regarding the supply of electricity to Stair. It was hoped that the matter was now concluded but Mike warned that Eon had probably refunded more monies than we were actually entitled to and that we would in all probability end up paying some of it back through our future electricity bills.

Ø      Membership Cards had been sent out to all those who had paid their subscription. It was noted that approx 30 members had not paid their subscription by the end of October and that many of them were repeat offenders. See A.O.B. for more on this matter. 


Membership Secretary’s Report.

Martin presented membership applications for three full members Charlotte Dean, Michael Dugdale and Nicholas Dalzell. All three were accepted.

 Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

Ø      The unsatisfactory work on the staircase has still to be rectified. The contractor has asked if he can have access during the second week of November. Chis advised the contractor that if the work isn’t satisfactorily completed by the weekend of 15/16th of November we will require a refund.

Ø      The car park sign still hasn’t materialised (S&J D please note).

Ø      The commencement of the refurbishment of the septic tank awaits Stella, owner of No 3 who is organising matters. 

Ø      As mentioned in the Secretary’s Report the Registration with the L.R. is not yet complete.

Ø      Volunteers for the working weekend on 15/16th of Nov were required. It was noted that the Smoke Alarm needed attention.

Ø      The Electrician has been asked to check the Circuit Breakers on the showers as they frequently tripped out, and to do a safety check on the electrical system and provide a certificate of such.  

Ø      The question of whether the blankets that had been disposed of should be replaced was discussed. The committee resolved that they will not be replaced.

 Stair Hut Custodian’s Report.

There was no report from Andy.

Ø      Andy Hird reported that the extension was well on its way to completion and that Helvellyn Construction will have completed their work in the next couple of weeks.

Ø      Andy H reported that there had been problems with the storage heaters probably caused by people drying clothing etc. on them when the drying room was out of action. Andy had called in the electrician who had got them working again but he warned that the heater in the large dormitory would probably need replacing in the not to distant future, however the electrician deemed it safe to use.

A discussion took place on the Drying Room facilities and heating for the new porch. The committee resolved that Helvellyn be requested to source and install in the Drying Room a dehumidifier and drainage similar to that at Little Langdale, also to source and install a storage heater in the Porch. Chris Bell said he would instruct the contractor.

 News Letter Editor Report.

John advised of his intention to publish the next News Letter in late December/early January and requested that members send him any articles that they would like to be published. Efforts were also being made to acquire the obituary to Jack Jowett that had been lost when Tony’s computer had been stolen. Whilst its some time since Jack passed away it was considered important and a mark of respect that his obituary be published. Clive reported that he had explained to Jack’s family why the obituary had not been published and offered our apologies.

 What’s On Editor’s Report. John reported that the November/December edition of What’s On had been published in the last week of October as promised.  Social Secretary’s Report. Sue (who wants it clearly understood that she is not the Social Secretary) was not present but everyone agreed that she had done a great job in making the bookings and that the turn out for Henry Iddon in October was very good. Martin volunteered to send out an email reminding members to turn out to see Kevin Thaw on 12th of November.  Any Other Business. 

Ø      Jennie reported that she had quotes from three slate suppliers regarding a plaque for the Stair porch extension and that she had selected what she considered to be the best. The next step would be a request in the next edition of What’s On for individual members to make a donation towards the cost of the plaque. Jennie stated that she would make up any short fall in monies donated or hand over any surplus to the Treasurer.

Ø      Jennie informed the meeting that Joan Allison wanted to do a framed picture in memory of Mike and wanted to know if it would be OK to hang it up at Little Langdale. The committee agreed that it would be OK.

Ø      A question was asked about the Memorial Bench for Jack. Kev advised that the acquisition was dragging on due to repeated promises not being kept by Kirkham Prison. The latest being it will be available this month.

Ø      Since the last meeting Mike had sent the committee members a Financial Plan containing forecasts based on several options relating to Hut fees. Following lengthy discussions the committee agreed that the following proposal submitted by Mike would be put to the next A.G.M.

1. Outside bookings fees will be subject to an annual review commencing    2009. The aim being that fees keep pace with annual inflation.

2. Fees for Juniors remains at £1, fees for Members rises to £3, fees for Guests rises to £6. (All fees relate to per night)

3. No rise in annual subscription. 

Ø      Mike put a proposal to the committee that to improve punctuality in members paying subscriptions we should tighten up the rule so that subscriptions due on the 1st of October shall be paid no later than 31st of October, anyone in arrears after that date would incur an additional charge of £5 on their subscription and anyone in arrears after the 31st of December would be expelled from the club. The committee agreed with this proposal and it will be put to the next A.G.M.

Ø      Clive reported that the article submitted to the Climbing Magazine had been published and hoped that it would generate some interest from people wishing to join the club.

Ø      Adam reported that he had created a poster for the Meet The FMC event. Martin thanked Adam and confirmed that he had received it but commented that it required a slight amendment.

Ø      Clive questioned where we were going with Junior membership as at present we don’t have any even after all the talk and actions re-CRB’s etc. It was agreed that the matter would be discussed at the next meeting when it was hoped that Sue would be present.

Ø      Darren queried the decision to turn down Dave Westby’s request re-donations to a Bolt Fund. Martin responded that we always look favourably on requests direct from Fund’s and have made several donations in the past direct to said funds.

Ø      Darren enquired if there was an up to date members email address list available. Mike responded that there was and that it would be made available in the near future. Mike also wished it to be known that with Martin’s agreement he would in future maintain the address list.

Ø      John expressed concern about the way the club members email addresses were being used and warned that we may be in breach of the Data Protection Act. It was suggested that when club officials send out emails to all on the address list the mail should be addressed to self and all other addresses in the Bcc (Blind Copy) box. There was little agreement with John on the breach of act issue and it was left to individuals as to how they sent emails.

Ø      BMC Hut Seminar – Andy Dunhill attended the BMC Hut Seminar held on 18th of October, a summary of which he had sent to committee members. The following matters from the summary were discussed as follows:-

         Club Rules are often inadequate to cover legal issues including Trustees, Safety in and around our properties and Child Protection. The FMC is no exception and to rectify this the Secretary with assistance from other officials will draft a revised Rule Book that will include a number of BMC suggested standard rules. The draft may not be ready in time for the next A.G.M. and if not presented to such an E.G.M. will be called to deal with it.   

         Fire Safety requires risk assessment to be carried out on the properties and the results documented. It was suggested that the Fire Brigade via their Technical Fire Safety Dept should be able to offer us free and impartial advice on this matter. Andy Hird volunteered to contact Cumbria Fire Brigade and ask them if they would be prepared to visit both properties.

         One obvious shortfall with regard to fire safety in our properties was the lack of mains wired Smoke & Heat Detectors with battery back up.

         There were other matters relating to fire safety such as age of electrical wiring, testing of electrical circuits and appliances, painted surfaces and furnishings/upholstery etc. Andy H volunteered to look at Lancashire County Councils Property Managers Requirements document and provide an edited version of it for the committee to consider in relation to our properties. Andy warned that this may take some time on his behalf. Once everyone on the committee had had time to digest the information that Andy will provide the committee will then consider the next steps it takes on these matters.

         There is a question over our insurance cover with regard to people who could be considered as employees whilst on the club properties, members on working parties, guests etc. Kev to discuss with Andy Dunhill and contact the BMC for clarification.

There was no more time to continue discussions on these matters, they will continue at the next committee meeting.    

   Next Meeting.  Monday 5th of January 2009, 20.00 hours at the Conservative                          Club, Kirkham. 

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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