Minutes of the 59th Annual General Meeting, 25 February 2009

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The following members signed in


Les Ward, Chris Moylan, Mike Howe, Phil Caley, Tim Worral, Chris Bell, Mick Dugdale, Darren Hartley, Adam Dunderdale, Dave Earle, Cherry Earle, Barrie Crook, Alan Lovett, Angela Lovett, Steve Wrigley, Martin Dale, Andy Hird, Derrick Smith,  Clive Bell, John Wiseman, June Wiseman, Alan Bell, John Hickman, Mike Parkinson, Karen Barker, Peter Roscoe, Geoff Bellingham, Phil Kendrick, Kevan Ebbrell.


Apologies for absence


David Ward, Nick Harrison, George James, Caroline Webb, John Denmark, Sue Denmark, Carole Penn, Mike Penn, Pam Ruthven, Jennie Tolley, Dave Westby, Liz Hird, Rosie Lovett, Andy Dunhill, Christine Barbier, ChrisThistlethwaite, Don Nichol, George Parker, Frank Lord, Henry Iddon, Kevin Stephenson, Chris Packman, Dorothy Jowett, John Stockton, Del Stockton, Claire Addy, Rachel Bell, Stuart Sykes.


Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2008 AGM


There where no matters arising and the Minutes were accepted. Proposer: Mike Howe, Seconder: Andy Hird.


Chairman’s Address

Meets and other events had generally been well attended with food meets continuing to attract more than the average attendance. The porch at Stair had at long last been completed and was already proving its worth, the News Letter had made a welcome reappearance and had been well received by everyone. Clive thanked the committee and everyone else for their efforts on the clubs behalf throughout the past year. Chairman’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Dave Earle, Seconder: Angela Lovett.  Secretary’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Andy Hird, Seconder: Cherry Earle. 

Treasurer’s Report & Balance Sheet was accepted, Proposer: Barrie Crook, Seconder: Alan Lovett.


Booking Secretary’s Report was accepted, Proposer: John Wiseman, Seconder: Andy Hird.


Membership Secretary’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Dave Earle, Seconder: Geoff Bellingham.


Stair Custodian’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Chris Bell, Seconder: John Wiseman.

Little Langdale Custodian’s Report was accepted, Proposer: Andy Hird, Seconder: Alan Lovett.


Social Secretary’s Report  No report submitted, vacant position.


Newsletter Editor’s Report  No report submitted.


Motions which require a vote –  The following motions were accepted by the meeting.

1. Amendment to Rule 4 Subscriptions (Para a). Rule to read -There shall be an entrance fee of £5. The annual subscription is due on 1st October and shall be paid no later than 31st October. Anyone in arrears after that date will incur an additional charge of  £10. Members in arrears after 31st of December will have their membership revoked without further notice and would have to re-apply for membership and pay the entrance fee.


Originally proposed by Mike Howe and seconded by Kevan Ebbrell, with amendments at the meeting proposed by John Wiseman and John Hickman, seconded by Dave Earle.


2. Revised members hut fees (Rule 17). Overnight hut fees rise immediately to £3 for members, £6 for guests (day and junior rates remain unchanged).


Proposed by Mike Howe and seconded by Kevan Ebbrell.


3. Amendment to Rule 5 Officials and Committee. The ‘What’s On’ Editor be elevated to that of club official.


Proposed by Kevan Ebbrell and seconded by Geoff Bellingham.


The following Officers were elected

 Position                          Applicant                  Proposer            Seconder

Chairman                          Clive Bell                  John Hickman     Chris Bell        

Vice Chairman                Darren Hartley          Mike Howe         John Wiseman

Secretary                         Kevan Ebbrell           John Wiseman     Chris Bell

Treasurer                         Mike Howe               Kevan Ebbrell     Andy Hird

Booking Secretary          Chris Thistlethwaite  Martin Dale         Mike Howe

Membership Secretary    Martin Dale               Andy Hird           John Wiseman

Stair Custodian(s)           Andy Dunhill            Chris Bell            John Wiseman

                                        Christine Barbier               “                         “     

Little Langdale Ctdn       Chris Bell                   Kevan Ebbrell    Darren Hartley

Social Secretary              Dave Earle                  Mike Howe        John Wiseman

Newsletter Editor            Caroline Webb           Darren Hartley   John Hickman

What’s On Editor       John Wiseman            Barrie Crook      Darren Hartley 


Also elected


Webmaster                     Dave Ball                   Martin Dale        Kevan Ebbrell

Honorary Auditor          John Hickman            Kevan Ebbrell    John Wiseman

The following Committee Members were elected

 Applicant                 Proposer           Seconder

Adam Dunderdale    Mike Howe        Clive Bell

Andy Hird                Alan Lovett        Darren Hartley

Chris Packman         Dave Earle         Geoff Bellingham

Mick Dugdale          Darren Hartley   Martin Dale


Future Club Policy


  1. At the 2008 AGM there had been a discussion on the subject of a pitched roof and associated costs for the Stair hut, this resulted in a resolution that the committee give consideration to the various options and come up with more accurate costing. The committee considered this matter at the committee meeting held on 29th of April 2008 at which Chris Bell and Andy Hird agreed to compile a report to be presented to the 2009 AGM. The report, a copy of which is appended to these minutes, was made available to those attending the AGM and a discussion on its content ensued. The discussion very much centred around the need to have versus the nice to have and concluded with a show of hands on what was thought to be the best option for the future, a flat roof or a pitched roof. The result was unanimously for the flat roof.

      Chris and Andy were thanked for the report and the work they had done on the

      Stair porch project.


It was suggested that the committee ensure that sufficient funds are available       for when a new roof is required.


Any Other Business


  1. Dave Earle requested confirmation that we will continue to use the River Wyre Hotel for our Winter socials and that we stick to the usual dates etc. Dave also asked if we still wanted a Photo Competition. The answer to both was yes but it was thought that the photo competition be restricted to digital pictures only, no prints.

  1. At Dave Earle’s request a brief discussion took place on whether we needed to upgrade to a better digital projector. Given that the projector had only run for approx 24 hours since new and that most people thought it good enough for our needs it was considered that we do not need a new projector.

  1. Steve Wrigley advised the meeting that there was a new bunkhouse at Clapham and his desire to use it for a Caving meet.

  1. Steve Wrigley suggested that popular meets where there is limited availability should be subject to a lottery as to who could attend and a deposit being required as often there were people who ended up dropping out at the last minute leaving others who could go being disappointed. The consensus was that it was up to the meet co-ordinator to manage the bookings, however the committee should give consideration to the requirement for a deposit when booking for meets at other than club premises.

  1. Dave Earle requested confirmation of the date for the 2010 AGM. This was confirmed as being Wednesday the 24th of February.

  1. Martin Dale made a request for volunteers to attend the “Meet The FMC” event to be held at Blackpool Climbing Wall, Stanley Park on the evening of Wednesday 22nd of April. Ideally we want representatives of a variety of pursuits e.g. Climbing, Walking, Biking, Canoeing etc.

  1. Barry Crook asked if there were any plans to celebrate the clubs 60th which was nearly upon us, to which the chairman replied that the committee would give the matter consideration. It was also noted that Stair was 40 years old this year and that the committee would give consideration to how this should be celebrated.

  1. Clive Bell requested suggestions/volunteers for meets for the 2009/10 Syllabus and that anyone wishing to contribute should contact him or any committee member.

  1. Peter Roscoe expressed his concern that at the last annual dinner there were honorary life members present who were not in possession of either a presentation goblet or tankard to mark their status. The chairman replied that it was not clear when or how such a custom had originated as not all of the honorary life members were aware of it let alone the rest of the club membership. However this matter would be given consideration by the committee.
  The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 22.00     

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

                  (Appendix 1 – Stair Roof Report)    Fylde Mountaineering Club, Stair Hut, Stair, Keswick Option Appraisal ~ Renewal of existing flat roof 

Prepared:  February 2009 by Chris Bell and Andy Hird.


Following the AGM of 2008 the committee have been asked to investigate the options available for re-roofing the Stair Hut.


This summary is based on a technical appraisal and does not consider aspects of finance and risk associated with any of the proposed options.

 Existing Roof 

The existing construction appears to be of timber softwood joists, chipboard decking with a built up felt flat roof covering with bonded limestone chippings.  The current insulation material is not known however if any is provided it is considered to be minimal.


The life span of the roof cannot be clearly ascertained however it is envisaged that full replacement may be needed within the next 5 to 10 years.  It must be acknowledged that the roof does not currently display any significant defects.

 Technical options Option 1 ~ Flat Roof 

Replacement of existing felt roof covering to meet current building regulation standards and thermal performance requirements.


Typically this would comprise an elastomeric felt built-up roof system; comprising three layers of polyester based felt and polyisocyanurate insulation board.


Alternatively, a single layer roofing membrane may be provided in lieu of elastomeric felt.

 Budget Cost            £9,000 plus VAT


Alternatively the roof lends itself to a standing seam roof system however planning restrictions in the Lake District National Park may preclude this.

 Budget Cost            £14,500 plus VAT    Option 2 ~ Green Flat Roof

To achieve a more environmental solution consideration may be given to the provision of a green sedum-type roof finish, achieving similar performance to option one with a more sympathetic appearance.

 Budget Cost            £17,000 plus VAT


Option 3 ~ Pitched Roof 

The provision of a new pitched roof structure presents three main alternatives:


a)    Simple pitched roof conversion with no potential for future development or utilisation of 1st floor accommodation. 

b)     Provision of pitched roof structure with potential for future 1st floor accommodation.

c)    Pitched roof conversion with significant alterations to ground floor level and development of first floor accommodation.


If additional accommodation is required in the future, to increase the amount and quality of interior space, the costs involved in alternative ‘A’ render this the least economic in the long term.


Alternatives ‘B’ and ‘C’ provide the best long term economic solution if additional space and improved accommodation is required.

 Budget Cost, alternative A ~ £35,000 plus VAT Budget Cost, alternative B ~ £56,000 plus VAT Budget Cost, alternative C ~ £90,000 plus VAT (subject to final design and specification) 

NOTE: All option 3 scenarios would attract additional costs for professional and statutory fees.


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