Committee Meeting Minutes 9th of February 2009

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 9th of February 2009Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Martin Dale, John Wiseman, Chris Bell, Andy Hird, Jennie Tolley, Mike Howe, Darren Hartley, Adam Dunderdale, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Andy Dunhill, Sue Denmark, Chris Thistlethwaite, Tony Mitchell.

 Matters arising from and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 05/01/09 were accepted. There were no matters arising.

 Secretary’s Report. 

Kev reported the following:-

Ø      The AGM circular had been posted to members on the 5th of February.

Ø      A letter of resignation had still not been received from Peter Ray a trustee of Little Langdale who is not a member of the club. Kev had spoken to him on two further occasions since the last meeting asking for a letter, Peter had again promised to send one. The committee resolved that as Peter appeared to have a problem in sending a letter the secretary write to Peter advising him that the committee’s position is that it considers that Peter has resigned whether he has put it in writing or not.

Ø      The saga of procuring the memorial bench is concluded as Kirkham Prison had come up with the goods at long last. The bench cost £190 and will be installed when the weather improves.

Ø      The lack of club representation on BMC committee/working groups was raised and after some discussion it was agreed that the secretary would contact the BMC to ascertain if there was something that we could get involved with. By coincidence the BMC had recently sent a letter to Martin regarding collecting and making available information on what they are calling ‘Hot Topics’ emanating from the Huts Group which met in October last year.


Booking Secretary’s Report.

There was no report from Chris.


Treasurer’s Report.

Mike reported the following:-

Ø      The clubs bank balance stood at £9830 net.

Ø      Recent expenditure of items of note was a new Safe and Electric Hob for Stair, and Jack’s memorial bench for Little Langdale.

Ø      Mike requested that members advise him of any future possible expenditure that they are aware of.

Jennie advised that there was a surplus of £150 resulting from the appeal for donations towards the memorial plaque at Stair. The surplus money was handed over to the treasurer. Jennie also advised that she had thanked everyone who had made a donation.


Membership Secretary’s Report.

Martin presented an application for Introductory membership from Mark Bowden. The committee accepted the application.


Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

Ø      The unsatisfactory work on the staircase has still to be rectified. The contractor has been advised that if not remedied soon the club will take steps to get it rectified and a legal claim for costs will be sought via the Small Claims Court. 

Ø      The registration with the Land Registry should be completed within the next few weeks as advised by the clubs solicitor.

Ø      The car park sign still hasn’t materialised (S&J D please note).

Ø      The commencement of the refurbishment of the septic tank still awaits Stella, owner of No 3 who is organising matters. 

Ø      The heater in the Drying Room was not working and the electrician has replaced it with a new one. In addition, the de-humidifier is not working and the electrician cannot determine what the problem is. Following a lengthy discussion on attempting a repair of a fifteen year old appliance versus procuring a new one; the committee resolved that a new de-humidifier would be purchased.

Ø      A new water heater had been installed adjacent to the sink but there was a problem with a separate valve that was associated with the heater, the problem was being looked into.

 Stair Hut Custodian’s Report.

Andy reported the following by email.

Ø      The recent working weekend had resulted in the hut having a thorough clean, the drafty cracks & gaps sealed, the gas system and hobs removed and replaced with an electric hob, old safe removed and replaced by a new one, the porch extension painted internally top to bottom and the memorial plaque fitted, both shower basis repainted and new shower curtains and mats fitted, old trees pruned and new trees planted and repair to the dry stone wall.

Ø      Electrical problems persist, the Gents shower being one contributor (this has now been replaced) and a timer on the motherboard suspected of being another. Eon has been asked to take a look at the timer. The electrician has again been asked to look into the problems and also to wire up the electric hob.

Ø      A new shower has been installed in the Gents, a wooden unit installed in the Drying Room and all the rooms with tiled floors have had the floors cleaned and resealed. 

Mike advised that after speaking with officials at Allerdale Council the refuse collection issue had been resolved. It turned out the hut is considered by the council to be a commercial premises and that we were being charged for two bins when we have only ever had one. Having been advised that we had one bin the council acknowledged that we had been over charged and we would receive a credit for the amount overcharged and in future only be charged for one bin.

 News Letter Editor Report.

John thanked those who had contributed to the recently published News Letter and Andy Hird for distributing it to members. The committee expressed its thanks and the general comment was that the NL was an excellent effort. The committee considered that in future there should be two editions per annum e.g. April & Sept, however this would be given further consideration when a new NL Editor was in post.

 What’s On Editor’s Report. John advised that the next edition would go out at the end of February and requested contributions. He also suggested that a copy of the AGM Minutes be distributed with the next edition of WO. This met with general agreement, the secretary advised that if the minutes were not ready in time for the February edition then they would be available for the April edition.  Social Secretary’s Report.

The last social featuring Bill Birkett on the 14th of Jan had an excellent attendance and the same was hoped for with the next featuring Gareth Parry on the 11th of February. Kev advised that he had already sent out an email reminding members of the event.

The member’s photo competition on the 11th of March will be the last of this winters socials. It will require some pre event co-ordination regarding compilation of digital photographs onto ideally one disc. In previous years trying to load the submissions onto the Laptop on the night had proved to be too time consuming and problematic. Andy Hird volunteered to be the focal point for digital submissions to the photo competition. Mike suggested that the winning photo be used on the cover of the next News Letter. Any Other Business. 

Ø      Martin had received a letter from the president of the Vagabond MC advising that their hut at Pant-y-Fron has been rebuilt and is now in operation. The letter went on to request that we reinstate a hut swap arrangement that had existed in the past. Martin reported that he had spoken to Arthur Green, President of VMC, and advised him that the matter would be discussed at this committee meeting. Following Martins suggestion the committee resolved that before entering into discussions on swaps etc. we should book their hut for a meet to try it out.

Ø      Chris Bell advised that the Stair Roof Report that he and Andy Hird were compiling for the AGM would be available to the committee within the week.

Ø      Clive reported that he had received an email from a Nick Lucas promoting a website of his. The committee resolved not to get involved with it.

Ø      In response to Adam requiring a date for inclusion in the poster for the Meet The FMC event that he had produced it was decided that the event should take place on the evening of Wednesday 22nd of April at Blackpool Climbing Wall.

Ø      John volunteered to host the next evening Pub social on Wednesday 25th of March at the Thatched House, Poulton. 

Ø      Darren thanked Mike for the recent members contact list but enquired if there was some means of keeping it up to date. Mike and Martin said they would advise the committee of changes by email.

At this point in the meeting the Chairman wanted to make a start on the 09/10 Syllabus but was met with wholesale revolt at the thought. It was therefore decided that the next meeting of the committee would be devoted solely to the syllabus. Jennie offered to host the meeting at her house and provide light refreshment. The offer was accepted and the next committee meeting will be at Jennies house, 20.00 hours on Monday 2nd of March.



Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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