Committee Meeting Minutes 18th of May 2009

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 18th of May 2009Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Martin Dale, John Wiseman, Chris Bell, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Chris Packman, Mick Dugdale, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Andy Dunhill, Caroline Webb, Chris Thistlethwaite, Dave Earle, Darren Hartley, Adam Dunderdale.

 Matters arising from and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting(s).

The minutes of the meeting held on 31/03/09 were accepted. There were no matters arising.

 Secretary’s Report. 

Kev reported the following:-

Ø      The BMC have rectified their error regarding the mix up of Martin’s details with those of himself and have amended the hut descriptions on their website by removing the reference to “gas”. 

Ø      The trustee change documents for Little Langdale have been received from the solicitor and the signature of Peter Ray has been obtained on them. The documents were presented for the other signatories present leaving those of George Parker and Dave Earle to be obtained.

Ø      A letter had been received from the OREAD MC, offering the use of their hut at Heathy Lea and noting that we had not used it for some time. Martin advised the meeting that the last time it was used the conditions inside the hut were considered to be squalid. Kev to respond to the letter enquiring if there had been any improvement to the hut.


Booking Secretary’s Report.

There was no report from Chris.


Treasurer’s Report.

Mike reported the following:-

Ø      The clubs bank balance stood at £7449 net.

Ø      Mike explained that the recent financial forecast that he had sent out to the committee showed that based on known present and future spend and assumptions factored in the club was in a fairly good financial position.


Membership Secretary’s Report.

Martin presented applications for Introductory membership from Frances Watkins and Antony Pill. The committee accepted both applications.


Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

Ø      The unsatisfactory work on the staircase is in the process of being rectified by the original contractor. Completion had been promised by the end of the following week. (Post Meeting Note – The secretary visited the hut on Thursday 28th and there was no visible progress since he was last there on Sunday the 17th).

Ø       The registration with the Land Registry is delayed, as a Deed of Right of Way is required to ensure unrestricted access to the property via the side and rear of No 3.

Ø      The car park sign still hasn’t materialised (S&J D please note).

Ø      The commencement of the refurbishment of the septic tank still awaits Stella, owner of No 3 who is organising matters. 

Ø      A new dehumidifier has been delivered and installed.

Kev reported that the long awaited Jack Jowett memorial bench had been installed by Clive and himself and that Clive would be notifying Dorothy about it. It was further reported that the old dehumidifier had been left by the bins in the car park and there was a need for a replacement microwave oven. After some debate it was agreed that Kev would procure a new microwave and take it to the hut the following week and at the same time remove the old dehumidifier. (Post Meeting Note – New microwave delivered and old dehumidifier removed).   

Andy reported that he had met the new owner of No1 and first impressions were that he seemed OK. Andy had got his details and would pass them on to Chris who would contact the new owner and in a friendly manner clarify matters relating to parking etc.

 Stair Hut Custodian’s Report.

Andy reported the following by email.

  • Shortly before Easter a branch fell from one of the larger trees onto the power cables so United Utilities were called out as an emergency to remove it, which they did with grace & care.

  • There are some trees that need professional attention & a tree man has been instructed to do the necessary work in conjunction with United Utilities who will do some at their expense where the power lines may be affected.

  • Chris Campbell has renewed all of the worktops in the kitchen, this is a big improvement & was a big job. Although the new Hob is in place it still has not been wired up but hopefully this will be done soon. Chris has also built a bench in the porch & Put some coat hooks in place. He is also working up plans to provide some cupboards around the electric meters & more benching with boot storage.

  • The working weekend 9-10 May went very well and as the weather was not so good we decided to do some internal painting. Both dorms were given a coat of emulsion, the mattresses cleaned & floors re-sealed. The toilets were similarly painted & floors sealed. There were a lot of gaps around all of these rooms mainly in the wooden cladding most were filled with Decorators Caulk. Geoff Brindle planted some more flowers & fruit bushes in the grounds. We also did some initial setting out for a base for the proposed bike/storage shed. The door handles on the kitchen door was replaced with a simple handle. Some of the door handles have been damaging the breezeblock walls so we put doorstops in place on six of the doors to different rooms.
 News Letter Editor Report.

There was no report from Caroline.

 What’s On Editor’s Report.

John reported that the May/June What’s On and the AGM Minutes were published on time and that more members had signed up to receive it by email. The next edition will be compiled and published by Mike Howe as John will be away for most of June. Mike asked that anyone with anything to input should let him have it in good time.

John advised that there would be two one day walks announced in the next edition, one each in July and August, also that Chris Thistlethwaite had advised him that he will be unable to be meet co-ordinator for the Derby Camping meet and there was a need for a volunteer to replace Chris.

 Social Secretary’s Report.

Dave Earle was not present but Clive advised the meeting of the following arrangements made by Dave for the winter socials:-

14th of Oct Audio Visual by Alan Bell. 11th of Nov Patagonia by J. Jennings. 9th of Dec Greenland by Gaz Parry. 13th of Jan Munroes by D. Bilby. 10th of Feb Lakes by Dave Earle. (24th of Feb AGM), 10th of March members Photo Competition.

 Any Other Business. 

Ø      Mike suggested that as there appeared to be a large amount of work to be done particularly at Stair and given the state of the clubs finance’s a plan should be drawn up detailing what jobs needed doing, by whom and when. By so doing jobs could be prioritised, decisions made on who is best to do it and negate any nugatory work. The suggestion was agreed upon and Mike volunteered to contact Andy Dunhill on the matter.

Ø      Clive reported that a FMC poster was needed at Preston Wall and that it would be a good idea to have a FMC poster for general advertising purposes. To this end Adam is to be asked to modify the Meet the FMC poster.

Ø      Clive reported that the Meet the FMC event at Blackpool Wall did not generate much interest and that he would be exploring the possibility of an article about the club being published in the Evening Gazette.

Ø      Kev asked what the committee thought about the recent email from the BMC advising that financial support was available to clubs to help with the cost of developing a website/newsletter (£7000), providing climbing instruction (£7500) and purchasing equipment (£8500), it should be noted that the amounts stated are the total monies available and not per club award. After much discussion the consensus was the we stood little chance of being awarded any of the limited money on offer. However it was thought that Dave Ball may have a view regarding our website, Kev to send him the details.

Ø      Martin advised that he had received a letter from Trish Brian a former member who had requested a copy of the clubs Journal. This was agreed and John volunteered to sort the matter out with Dave Earle. The letter from Trish also had enclosed several copies of front covers of some of the older Journals (which she wants back). Andy volunteered to scan the covers before they are sent back. John advised that Dorothy Jowett had some of the old Journals and that he would try to get hold of them so that they could be scanned.

Ø      John suggested that in future anyone wishing to have a Ladies Meet included in the Syllabus must submit the request to the Chairman for consideration by the committee. The committee unanimously agreed with John’s suggestion therefore it was resolved that the practice of sending dates for Ladies Meets for the Syllabus direct to the Booking Secretary and therefore bypassing the committee shall cease. Ø      It was noted that the club was formed in the Autumn of 1950 and therefore next year will see the 60th Anniversary of the club. 

The following matters will be discussed at the next meeting 


Outside Booking Fees for 2011.


60th Anniversary arrangements e.g. where, what, when and how.

 Please give these matters some thought prior to the meeting. 

The next committee meeting will be held at Kirkham Conservative Club, 20.00 hours on Monday 20th of July.



Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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