Committee Meeting Minutes 1st of September 2009

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 1st of September 2009Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Martin Dale, John Wiseman, Chris Bell, Mick Dugdale, Mike Howe, Darren Hartley, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies. Andy Dunhill, Caroline Webb, Chris Thistlethwaite, Dave Earle, Chris Packman, Adam Dunderdale, Andy Hird.

 Matters arising from and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting.

Clive pointed out that a correction was required to the first item of AOB in the minutes of the last meeting i.e. a review for 2012 booking fees would be carried out mid 2010 and not 2011 as stated. With that the minutes of the meeting held on 20/07/09 were accepted.

 Secretary’s Report. 

Kev reported the following:-

Ø      The solicitor has advised that following the changes requested by ourselves the Deeds of Easement that will form part of the registration of Little Langdale and No3 Newhouses with the Land Registry have now been sent to the other party for comment. Chris Bell advised that he had spoken to Stella some weeks ago on the matter who had not mentioned any issues.

Ø      There will be a BMC Clubs Forum at their HQ on Saturday 28th of November. Clive and Kev will attend on behalf of the club.

Ø      Following an appeal from the BMC for nominations for area representatives on the soon to be formed BMC Clubs Committee, Kev on behalf of the club has nominated Martin as representative for the Lake District area. The decision to go for the Lakes was arrived at after a suggestion by Martin and discussion with the BMC.

Ø      The second draft of the Rule Book revision is almost complete and will be sent to the sub-committee members for comment within the next couple of days.


Booking Secretary’s Report.

There was no report from Chris.


Treasurer’s Report.

Mike reported the following:-

Ø      The clubs bank balance stood at £4773 net.

Ø      Items of significant spend since the last meeting are £250 for the connection of the Electric Hob in the kitchen at Stair. £165 for the checking/servicing of Fire Extinguishers in the huts and £100 donation to the Wilton fund.

Ø      Subscription renewal forms had been sent out with the latest edition of “What’s On” by post and email.

Ø      New membership cards similar to the last ones were being procured. However this was taking longer than it should as the supplier keeps cocking it up.


Membership Secretary’s Report.

Martin presented an application for Introductory membership from Stephen Longworth. The committee accepted the application.

A brief discussion took place on why it was that a fair percentage of Inroductory members joined but little if anything was ever seen of them again. There was no consensus on this.


Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report.

Chris reported the following matters: –

Ø      With regard to the unsatisfactory work on the staircase, Chris has tried to contact the contractor without success so to bring the sorry saga to an end Chris advised that the work would be completed at the next working meet.

Ø      The registration with the Land Registry is ongoing along with the Deeds of Easement (See Secretary’s Report).

Ø      The car park sign has at long last materialised, thanks to John Denmark. Chris will see to its installation.

Ø      The commencement of the refurbishment of the septic tank still awaits Stella, owner of No3 who is organising matters.

Ø      The recent Working meet was well attended and the hut was given a thorough cleaning along with some painting. Chris thanked those who attended.

 Stair Hut Custodian’s Report.

Andy reported the following by email.

  • The hot water system continues to give problems and we await advice from Andy Hird who is looking into the best solution to replace the old system. Andy has obtained some information and has asked one of his work colleagues to advise on the matter.
  • The shed situation is on going.
  • A problem has been identified with the mains electricity cable attachment to the building. Mike Howe is advising United Utilities of the situation.

 News Letter Editor Report.

Caroline reported the following by email.

The latest edition of the News Letter had been published and she appealed for contributions for the next edition to be sent to her a.s.a.p. rather than being left to the last minute or forgot about altogether. There was a possibility that the next edition could be all colour with the distribution being carried out by the printers, all at very little extra cost.

 What’s On Editor’s Report.

John advised that the latest edition of What’s On had been published the week before and that the next edition would go out in two months time.

 Social Secretary’s Report.

Dave was not present but had reported that the Winter Social Programme and venue had been arranged. The details have been given to John for inclusion in What’s On. As in previous years email reminders will be sent out closer to the event dates.

 Any Other Business. 

Ø      Darren advised that he was still on with the UK Climbing website listing and would be liasing with Dave Ball on the matter.

Ø      Chris advised that Adam had sent the new poster to Andy Hird for printing and laminating. Martin advised that it was getting close to the Wall season and that the posters needed to put up by then to have any impact.

Ø      Clive advised that he was going to procure a timer for the dehumidifier at Stair as at present it did not have one and it could be left running for too long.

Ø      Clive advised that having discussed the matter with Tony Mitchell he proposed to order two 9gal barrels of beer for the 40th celebration at Stair. Clive also advised that he was going to contact Chris Thistlethwaite regarding bangers & burgers.

Ø      Clive advised that he had enquired about the cost of buses to get people to and from the 60th Anniversary event next year and it worked out at something like £170 per bus for a simple return run from Preston to Blackpool, no decision was taken on this. Clive is also to contact Dave Earle regarding the possible use of Norcross Social Club as the venue.

Ø      John reminded Clive that the suggested one off hut swap with the VAG’s needed arranging as they tended to sort out their syllabus some months in advance of ours. Clive will contact Chris Thistlethwaite for suitable dates before contacting the VAG’s.

Ø      Chris advised that we need to be booking the Cairngorm Meet venue for the next syllabus and asked for suggestions. After some debate it was agreed that the Laird’s Bothy, Kingussie would again be used due to its central location and good local facilities. Fifteen places will be booked.


The next committee meeting will be held at Kirkham Conservative Club, 20.00 hours on Monday 2nd of November.



Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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