Minutes of the 60th Annual General Meeting, 24 February 2010

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The following members signed in

Les Ward, Christine Moylan, Mike Howe, Phil Caley, Tim Worral, Chris Bell, Mick Dugdale, Darren Hartley, Adam Dunderdale, Dave Earle, Cherry Earle, Barrie Crook, Alan Lovett, Angela Lovett, Jennie Tolley, Martin Dale, Andy Hird, Derrick Smith,  Clive Bell, John Wiseman, June Wiseman, Alan Bell, John Hickman, Nick Harrison, Geoff Bellingham, Samuel Sykes, Tony Mitchell, Dorothy Jowett, Pam Ruthven, Danny Wiseman, John Treverow, Avril Whittaker, Cherry Earle, Liz Rawcliffe, Pat Bennett, Mary Aspin, Hal Rzadkiewicz, Dave Wood, James Openshaw, Tom Knowles, Ali Welsh, Kevan Ebbrell.


Apologies for absence

David Ward, Karen Barker, George James, Caroline Webb, John Denmark, Sue Denmark, Carole Penn, Mike Penn, Liz Hird, Andy Dunhill, Christine Barbier, Chris Thistlethwaite, Don Nichol, Claire Addy, Stuart Sykes, Peter Llewellyn, Gillian Llewellyn, Chris Campbell, Simon Fenna, Francis Watkins, Christine Bell, Stephen Longworth.


Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2009 AGM

There where no matters arising and the Minutes were accepted. Proposer: John Wiseman, Seconder: Dave Earle.


Officers Reports

Chairman’s Address/Report

Once again let me thank the committee for the work they have put in over the last year. Lots of work has been done which never sees the light of day but is essential to the running of the club. We are currently looking at updating the club rules to be more in line with the BMC guidelines. This is nothing earth shattering but is necessary and will be put before the membership for approval.As usual the popular meets were the cold ice, hot rock, Pyrenees and anything connected with food and the working meets at Stair. We could, however do with more hands at the Little Langdale working meets. The big highlight of the year of course was the 40th anniversary of our hut at Stair although the weather could have smiled upon us a little bit more. The annual dinner at Middle Ruddings was a success with an excellent meal although numbers for this event keep falling year on year.The new porch is proving more useful than anticipated, keeping mucky, soggy boots and general clutter out of the main building.We have welcomed several new members this year, it’s nice to see some young keen faces around as well as the sad old regular ones.Next year’s Syllabus is being arranged, if anyone has any bright ideas or would like to lead a meet then please let the committee know.This year sees the 60th anniversary of the club. Celebrations of this momentous occasion are being planned and we will let you know all about them soon.   Secretary’s Report The Secretary adding to his written report commented on attendance at the 2009 AGM with the observation that attendance (29) exceeded those sending apologise (28) by one and hoped that this was not going to be a continuing trend as a good attendance at the AGM was important for the well being of the Club. Also it was pleasing to see Pam Ruthven (who lives in Wiltshire) and Dorothy Jowett at the meeting. The Secretary requested everyone to spare a thought for a member who could not attend as she was in hospital and send their good wishes for Karen Barker to make a speedy recovery from illness.     Treasurer’s Report & Expenditure Report, Booking Secretary’s Report, Membership Secretary’s Report, Stair Custodian’s Report, Little Langdale Custodian’s Report, Social Secretary’s Report, Newsletter Editor’s Report, What’s On Editor’s Report.The Officers Reports were accepted enblock. Proposer: Tony Mitchell, Seconder: June Wiseman. 

Motions which require a vote –  None submitted.


The following Officers were elected

 Position                          Applicant                 Proposer             Seconder

Chairman                          Clive Bell                  Pam Ruthven      Darren Hartley 

Vice Chairman                Darren Hartley          Les Ward            Tony Mitchell

Secretary                         Kevan Ebbrell           Jennie Tolley      Darren Hartley

Treasurer                         Mike Howe               Darren Hartley    Barrie Crook

Booking Secretary(s)      Andy & Liz Hird       Kevan Ebbrell     Martin Dale        

Membership Secretary    Martin Dale               Tony Mitchell     Mick Dugdale  

Stair Custodian(s)           Andy Dunhill             Martin Dale        Christine Moylan

                                        Christine Barbier               “                         “     

Little Langdale Ctdn       Chris Bell                  Les Ward            Pat Bennett

Social Secretary              Christine Moylan       Jennie Tolley      Martin Dale

Newsletter Editor            Caroline Webb          Chris Bell           Liz Rawcliffe

What’s On Editor       John Wiseman           Kevan Ebbrell    Angela Lovett  


The following Committee Members were elected

Applicant                     Proposer           Seconder

Tony Mitchell               Jennie Tolley     Chris Bell

Alan Lovett                   Jennie Tolley     Liz Rawcliffe

Tom Knowles               Tony Mitchell    Martin Dale       

Mick Dugdale               Darren Hartley   Les Ward

Also elected


Dave Ball                      Martin Dale        Dave Earle

Honorary Auditor      

John Hickman               Kevan Ebbrell    Angela Lovett


Future Club Policy

  1. Dave Earle asked if the membership were happy that the winter evening socials continue with the same format as in the past i.e. talks, slide shows and photo competition and the venue. Several members responded saying that it was getting a bit stale having the same old things on and suggested inviting someone from the BMC, and different topics i.e. Ice Climbing and Potholing, as there were active groups in the club. There was general agreement that the photo competition remains and we continue to use the same venue.

  2. The Chairman reiterated that the Rule Book revision was nearly complete and that a copy of the draft would be sent out to all members shortly for comment and consideration at an EGM.

  3. The Chairman advised that the 60th Anniversary celebrations would be held at two venues during the year the first at the October evening social at the River Wyre Hotel and the second at The Annual Dinner in December. A request was made to members for any photo’s or anything else that could be used for an anniversary display. Derek Smith suggested that a newspaper article could be used to mark the anniversary and also generate interest from past members.

  4. The Chairman advised that the 2010/11 Syllabus was in draft and requested suggestions for meets and volunteers to co-ordinate them.

  5. The Chairman & Secretary spoke briefly about the registration of Little Langdale with the Land Registry, advising that we awaited feedback from HMLR following a visit from their surveyor in January.


Any Other Business

  1. Phil Caley commented that the BMC subscription was a lot of money and queried what we got for it. The Treasurer responded by advising that we all had the benefit of the BMC insurance and that the Huts were also insured with the BMC and this was particularly good value. In addition the BMC owns a couple of climbing sites, negotiates access rights, provides advice on a wide range of topics associated with our activities and through the BMC Clubs Committee enables clubs to have more influence and get their concerns more readily viewed.

  2. Les Ward asked if the BMC insurance covered a child if one was hurt in one of the Clubs Huts, siting the last Fell Race/Curry Meet at Stair as an example of when a young child could have been injured as race competitors entered the Hut. The Secretary responded by saying that if a claim was made against a member who had injured a child the said member would be covered by the BMC insurance. Andy Hird pointed out that a race should not start or finish inside the Hut on health and safety grounds adding that a Risk Assessment had not been carried out and should an incident occur we could be on shaky ground with the Insurers.

  3. The Chairman read out a letter of resignation from Chris Thistlethwaite (reproduced below). Clive added that Chris had done a great job for the Club and that we all regretted his resignation but thanked him on behalf of all the members for his hard work and devotion as Booking Secretary.
Ladies and Gentlemen,I have asked our Chairman to read out the following statement as to why I am standing down as Booking Secretary. Basically it is to do with the issue of young children in attendance at the huts at, what I consider inappropriate times.I have been teaching youngsters for over 35 years, given up many extra hours taking children on outdoor activities and raised 2 children of my own. Thus, you will appreciate that there are times when I do not want to be in the presence of young children. Hence I have always, and will continue to avoid using the huts if young children are in residence. This is because I feel that they not only alter the ambience of the environment but they inhibit the way we conduct ourselves. Remember, these are easily influenced children who should not be party to the ‘adult crack’ that we have all come to value at our huts.Until recently this has not been much of a problem for me and I have always been a very firm believer in encouraging young people to enjoy the outdoors and use our facilities which hopefully will long continue to happen.  However, I do feel very strongly that it is inappropriate for young children to be present at ‘meets’ like the ‘Fell Race’ and ‘Sausage Meat’ for example, where the Huts are generally full of adults enjoying themselves. Unfortunately there have been occasions when I have most reluctantly excluded myself from such ‘meets’ because of the presence of young children. The minutes of the committee meeting on 11 Jan 2010 show that most committee members hold the view that youngsters should be encouraged to attend meets and that the committee would not be moved to introduce restrictions on youngsters attending meets.The position of Booking Secretary involves time being spent on behalf of the club most days of the week, even more time after a trip away. Should I continue to keep doing this if I cannot continue to keep fully involving myself in all the clubs excellent activities? I therefore, most reluctantly, stand down as Booking Secretary.

Chris Thistlethwaite  

This was followed by a lengthy and wide-ranging debate in which several other members said they had similar views to Chris, which were countered by members with opposite views. Andy Dunhill had expressed the view via email that children should not be allowed to attend Working Meets on H&S grounds. The debate took in such aspects as age of children, behaviour (both children & adults), parental supervision or lack of it, the number of occasions when members had been at meets where children were present etc, etc. This matter had already been discussed by the Committee and had decided not to take any action as only a very small number of members had expressed a wish to restrict children at certain meets. As there was no conclusion to the matter following this debate and as the views of the wider membership were not known the Chairman announced that all members would be asked via the News Letter to submit their views.

  1. The Chairman asked the Introductory Members present what they thought about the way they had been treated since joining and what we could do to improve. Samuel Sykes responded that it would be better for the younger members if there was a larger group of younger members as young people generally preferred to be with people of a similar age, Danny Wiseman said he had been treated well but agreed with Samuel. The Chairman thanked them for their comment and added that the older members also wished to see more young people joining and taking on the responsibilities of running the Club.
The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 21.30  

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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