Committee Meeting Minutes 26th of April 2010

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 26th of April 2010Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham 

Present. Clive Bell, Martin Dale, John Wiseman, Chris Bell, Andy Hird, Alan Lovett, Darren Hartley, Tom Knowles, Kevan Ebbrell.


Apologies. Christine Moylen, Mick Dugdale, Caroline Webb, Tony Mitchell, Mike Howe, Andy Dunhill.

 Matters arising from and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting.

There were no matters arising and the minutes of the meeting held on 08/03/10 were accepted.

 Secretary’s Report. 

Kev reported the following:-

Ø      The notice for the EGM on 26th of May has been sent out along with a copy of the draft rulebook and AGM Minutes.

Ø      A letter from HM Land Registry via our solicitor had been received which stated that they had after further consideration decided that they were in full agreement with the plan that we had submitted for registration and that the old privies (Stick Houses) and triangular area were now included as per our plan. The owners of No3 had been informed and they had been given until 28th of April to convince the LR otherwise. Kev had sent a briefing note to all the committee members on the matter along with a letter from Stella Collard requesting the Committee and Trustees give further consideration to transferring a Stick House and the triangular area to them should the registration in accordance with our submitted plan be confirmed by the LR (See AOB for more on this matter).

Ø      The BMC had recently sent out information on this years financial support for BMC affiliated clubs, money being available for three categories i.e. Website and News Letter development, Purchase of Mountaineering Equipment and Instruction Support. The details had been forwarded by email to all committee members to consider and a request for someone to make a case for funding. In the event no one on the Committee volunteered for the task.

Ø      The BMC had recently sent out information on a Child Protection Course, free to BMC members and to be run on the 20th of June at Preston. The details had been sent to all club members on email.  Ø      A Committee Calendar has been compiled and sent to all Committee members. The Calendar contains all the routine things that the Committee has to do year on year.Ø      The 2010/11 Syllabus, Outdoor Evening Climbing and Walking Programmes, along with a note about children at the huts during meets had been sent out by post by the Chairman. Clive was to be thanked for the hard work that he had put into the task. Booking Secretary’s Report.

Andy reported the following:-

Ø      Discussions had commenced with Dave Ball about including a Hut Booking Calendar on the club website. This would enable members to see at a glance hut availability.

Ø      The revised version of the Outside Booking Remittance Form was proving very useful in particular the comments section, which was giving good feedback about the huts etc.

Ø      The Hut Rules that we send out with bookings had been revised in consultation with Chris Bell. Andy advised that he would be sending out a copy to all Committee members for comment.


Treasurer’s Report.

Mike was not present but reported the following by email:-

Ø      The clubs bank balance stood at £3370 net.

Ø      Since the last report £1880 had been spent as our share of the refurbishment of the septic tank and rebuild of the soak-away at Little Langdale.

Ø      Mike had contacted the BMC regarding insurance cover for new members prior to them being registered with the BMC. The BMC had responded by advising that providing the new member was included on our membership list they were covered by the insurance so long as we ensured that they were included in the next quarterly membership update to the BMC.  

 Membership Secretary’s Report.

Martin presented applications for Introductory membership from Hilary Nixon and Rose De Carteret. The committee accepted both applications.

 Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report.

Chris reported the following matters:-

Ø      The septic tank refurbishment and new soak-away work is complete and our portion of the bill paid to Stella.

Ø      Tasks for the working meet this coming weekend were – finish the stairs, cleaning and painting, check out and provide information on the strange valve that had been installed on the water supply to the sink and heater adjacent to the toilets. Also investigate why the course of the spring at the westerly end of the terracing had changed as it now ran through the terrace and discharged at the front of the Stick Houses instead of the adjacent field.

Ø      A new electric fire had been acquired by Chris at no cost and was now installed providing much improved performance (and looks)

Ø      The storage heater in the lounge area had been repaired and was now working in a satisfactory manner.

 Stair Hut Custodian’s Report.

Andy was not present but reported the following by email:-

  • The proposals and estimated costs associated with the refurbishment of the toilets and replacement of the water heating system had been received from the plumber and copies forwarded on to Andy Hird and Mike Howe.

Andy Hird commented that he had requested one of his engineers at work to look at the water-heating proposal and that he would be giving Andy D feedback on what the plumber had submitted.

 News Letter Editor Report.

There was no report from Caroline.

 What’s On Editor’s Report.

John advised that if anyone had input for the May/June What’s On they should let him have it by Wednesday the 28th.. As John will be away Mike Howe will publish the July/August edition of What’s On therefore input for that edition should go to him.

 Social Secretary’s Report.

There was no report from Christine.

The matter of the 60th Anniversary was raised with Kev pointing out that unless someone took the responsibility of managing this matter then nothing was going to happen regarding the proposal to turn the October social into a 60th anniversary do. After further discussion the Committee decided to abandon the idea, as there was no one willing to spend the necessary time organising it. It was felt that to do it properly past members needed to be traced and invited otherwise it would simply be a
gathering of the usual members who come to socials and the dinner. The lack
of response from the membership to the request for support earlier this year also influenced the decision.


Any Other Business. 

Ø      Further to the Secretary’s report regarding the registration of No 2 Newhouses, Little Langdale, a discussion took place on what should be done about honouring the verbal agreement made in 1957 whereby the owners of No’s 1 & 3 Newhouses, each took ownership of a Privy (Stick House) in return for giving up their right of access to the Wash House (now the Drying Room of No2) in the event of the Land Registry finding in our favour and the Stick Houses being included in the registration of No2.

Three options were discussed i.e.

1.      Do nothing and retain both Stick Houses.

2.      Gift by formal conveyance one to No3 post registration and retain the other.

3.      Gift by formal conveyance one each to No’s 1&3 post registration in return for them giving up access rights to the Drying Room and thereby formally honouring the verbal agreement of 1957. 

The Committee voted in favour of option 3 (by 8 to 1) and to put a proposal to the membership at the EGM on 26th of May requesting that the Committee and Trustees of No2 be empowered to carryout the necessary actions.

Ø      Further to the Secretary’s report regarding the letter received from Stella Collard requesting that we give further consideration to transferring the triangular area in front of the extension to No3 to them in the event of the Land Registry finding in our favour and the triangular area being included in the registration of No2. The Committee gave a great deal of thought to the content of Stella’s letter and following much discussion and taking into consideration that there had never been any formal or informal agreements over this area of land it decided unanimously against giving up title to the land. 

Ø      A further discussion took place on Hut keys with various options being put forward. But as we did not fully understand the situation regarding insurance cover given that there were keys in the hands of many people some of whom are probably no longer members, it was thought best that we seek the advice of the BMC. Andy Hird will ask Mike Howe to speak to his contact on insurance matters at the BMC.

Ø      Darren advised the Committee that the dates for next years CIC Hut Meet had not yet been booked therefore the dates shown in the new Syllabus were incorrect. However, when they were booked he would let everyone know.


The next committee meeting will be held at Kirkham Conservative Club, 20.00 hours on Monday 12th of July.  


Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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