EGM Minutes 26th of May 2010

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The following members signed in

John Denmark, Sue Denmark, Don Nichol, Peter Llewellyn, Gillian Llewellyn, Mike Howe, Tim Worral, Chris Bell, Darren Hartley, Dave Earle, Barrie Crook, Alan Lovett, Angela Lovett, Jennie Tolley, Martin Dale, Andy Hird, Derrick Smith, Clive Bell, Alan Bell, John Hickman, Geoff Bellingham, Danny Wiseman, Cherry Earle, Hal Rzadkiewicz, Dave Wood, Tom Knowles, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies for absence

Les Ward, Caroline Webb, Carole Penn, Mike Penn, Liz Hird, Andy Dunhill, Christine Barbier, Chris Thistlethwaite, Claire Addy, Stuart Sykes, Chris Campbell, John Wiseman, June Wiseman, Dorothy Jowett, Frank Lord, John Cushnie, Steve Wrigley, Mari Angeles Solera, Chris Packman, Hilary Nixon, Barbara Senior.


Motions which required a vote

1. The Committee propose that the Club gift by formal conveyance one each of

the Stick Houses at New Houses, Little Langdale to No’s 1&3 New Houses in return for them giving up access rights to the Drying Room and thereby formally honouring the verbal agreement of 1957. 

Proposed by Chris Bell, Seconded by Kevan Ebbrell on behalf of the Committee.

The proposal was put to the vote and accepted by the meeting with no votes against.


2. The Committee propose that the new Rule Book be accepted. Also that it be voted on in its entirety (not rule by rule), as was the case with the current Rule Book in 2005.

Proposed by Mike Howe, Seconded by Kevan Ebbrell on behalf of the Committee.


As a result of a general debate on the new rules three amendments were proposed.

  1. Rule 3.1 – Age 16 to be amended to age 18. Proposed by Gillian Llewellyn, Seconded by John Hickman.

The votes tied with 9 for and 9 against, the remainder abstaining. The Chairman using his casting vote decided the matter in favour of 16 therefore the amendment was defeated.


  1. Rule 11.1 – Amend to include the words all Committee members shall be ex-officio members of any sub-committees.

Proposed by John Hickman, Seconded by Dave Earle.

The proposed amendment was accepted.


  1. Rule 15.1 – requisition in writing to be amended to request in writing and that the word clubs be amended to club’s.

Proposed by Peter Llewellyn, Seconded by John Hickman.

The proposed amendment was accepted.

The proposal to accept the new Rule Book with the two amendments b & c was put to the vote and accepted with no votes against.


Any Other Business

  • The Secretary thanked all those who had assisted with the registration of Little Langdale and the work to produce the new Rule Book. The Chairman responded by proposing a vote of thanks on behalf of the club to the Secretary for his work on both matters.
  • Alan Bell recalled how the acquisition of Little Langdale in 1956 had come about and that the business conducted tonight in honouring the agreement of 1957 could be seen as a closure to the events started in 1956 and that it was good for the future of the club.
  • On a sad note it was reported that Nick Harrison had been involved in an accident whilst climbing at Witches the previous evening. Nick was in Blackburn Hospital suffering from several broken ribs, a collapsed lung and numerous cuts and bruises. The meeting wished him well.


The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 21.15  

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

Post Meeting note from the Secretary – Many thanks to the members who attended the meeting, as stated in the notice calling the meeting and the last issue of What’s On we needed 25 Full members in attendance to carry out business. In the event we had 26 Full members in attendance and that was too close for comfort especially as up until 20.17 we only had 24 members present, thus delaying the start of the meeting. Should we have had to cancel the meeting on the night the efforts of those who took the trouble to attend and the work of Officials in order that the meeting could be held would have been wasted, as would the £30 room charge. 



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