Committee meeting Minutes 10th of January 2011

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Minutes of the FMC Committee Meeting held on Monday 10th January 2011

Held at the Conservative Club, Kirkham

Present. Martin Dale, John Wiseman, Chris Bell, Andy Hird, Alan Lovett, Darren Hartley, Mike Howe, Tom Knowles, Kevan Ebbrell..

Apologies. Clive Bell, Christine Moylan, Caroline Webb, Andy Dunhill, Mick Dugdale, Tony Mitchell.

Matters arising from and acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting.

There were no matters arising and the minutes of the meeting held on 01/11/10 were accepted.

Secretary’s Report.

· Further to the previous meeting minutes that stated that Nos. 1 & 3 at Langdale have agreed to pay 50% of our legal fees, Stella Collard has advised Kev that they will now pay two thirds.

Booking Secretary’s Report.

Andy reported the following:-

· There have been lots of enquiries for 2012 bookings and Little Langdale is already booked for Christmas.

· The organisation that used the hut in May but did not return the key or pay the bill has still not responded to demands for the key and payment. A Registered letter will be sent and if there is not a satisfactory response legal action will take place via the Small Claims Court.

· Consideration is being given to requesting monies in advance of the key being provided to some organisations who have made a booking. But nothing will happen before 2012.

· The club website is being continually updated with outside booking dates etc. John will include a note about it in the next edition of What’s On.

Treasurer’s Report.

Mike reported the following:-

· The clubs bank balance was £9056.91 with £1454 to pay in and £2048 BMC Subs to come out. Overall yearend position was £10,850.28 with gain over the year of £3234 however Stair plumbing cost will be in excess of £4900.

· Details of a proposal to increase subscriptions were put to the committee for its agreement. The proposal is that the individual subscription rise from £20 to £25 and couples subscription from £30 to £40. It was explained that the last increase was seven years ago and the modest increase was designed not to frighten off those who are no longer active but still make a significant difference to our finances. Whilst a number of members thought that the increase should be higher the Committee agreed with the proposal, therefore Mike will propose it and Kev will second it. The Committee agreed that a review of subscriptions take place in two years time with the expectation that it would result another proposal to increase subscriptions.

Membership Secretary’s Report.

· Martin presented an application for full membership from Stephen Carnduff. The Committee accepted the application.

· Seven people who had not paid their subscriptions have been struck off the Membership Register.

Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report.

Chris reported the following matters:-

· The water stop tap in the Drying Room has still not been fixed this is being pursued.

· The Fire Extinguishers are due for checking.

· The next working W/E is scheduled for 22nd/23rd of January.

Stair Hut Custodian’s Report.

There was no report from Andy, however Mike Howe provided the following update on the plumbing work:-

Status at Friday 7th of January – Not sure when they started but seem to be making good progress. The two new water heaters are nearly plumbed in but not wired, new wash basins working in the gents with smart new worktop, new toilet in the ladies and thankfully the urinal and smell has gone from the gents – there is now a nice new 80mm waste pipe cemented into the floor so the assumption was correct that it was full size under the floor and they did not need to dig the full floor up. Plumbers were there on Wednesday 5th but left the place clean and tidy and in a full working state.

News Letter Editor Report.

There was no report from Caroline, however she had enquired if the Committee wished the AGM documents to be sent out with the next edition of the News Letter early February. The Committee agreed that as per last year the documents would go out with the News Letter.

What’s On Editor’s Report.

John advised that the January/February edition had been published and that the Officers Reports for the AGM had been sent out with it. John also advised that he would be away when the next two editions would be due, Mike Howe will look after matters in his absence.

Social Secretary’s Report.

There was no report from Christine.

· It was not known if the 2011 Social dates at the River Wyre had been confirmed. Post Meeting Note – Dave Earle has checked with the venue and dates confirmed.

Any Other Business.

· Andy Hird reported that Dave Wood was considering a trip to either the USA or Spain in mid August / early September.

· Mike clarified the position regarding the Committee meal following discussions with the Auditor. The meal will be subsidised for Committee members attending the meal but there will not be any payment to those not attending.

· Darren asked if Fire Risk Assessments had been carried out at the huts and if so what was the frequency. Chris responded by saying that they should really be done annually but had not been carried out for some time. This is an action for both Hut Custodians.

· Darren advised that he had updated the clubs entry on the UK Climbing website.

· It was agreed that work on compiling the 2011/12 Syllabus should commence a.s.a.p. therefore the Committee will meet again for this purpose in two weeks time.

The next committee meeting will be held at Kirkham Conservative Club, 20.00 hours on Monday 24th of January 2011.

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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