Minutes of the 61st Annual General Meeting, 23 February 2011

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The following members signed in

Les Ward, Christine Moylan, Mike Howe, Tim Worrall, Chris Bell, Darren Hartley, Dave Earle, Cherry Earle, Barrie Crook, Alan Lovett, Angela Lovett, Jennie Tolley, Martin Dale, Derrick Smith, Clive Bell, John Hickman, Claire Addy, Geoff Bellingham, Tony Mitchell, Karen Barker, Pam Ruthven, Pat Bennett, Mary Aspin, Dave Wood, Tom Knowles, M Wilson, Stuart Sykes, Rob Lewis, Dave Westby, Stephen Longworth, Dan Tolley, Mikala Tolley, Nick Hepburn, Liam Gaston, Caroline Webb, Don Nichol, Kevan Ebbrell.

Apologies for absence

David Ward, Mick Dugdale, George James, John Denmark, Sue Denmark, Carole Penn, Mike Penn, John Wiseman, June Wiseman, Andy Hird, Liz Hird, Andy Dunhill, Christine Barbier, Chris Thistlethwaite, Peter Llewellyn, Gillian Llewellyn, Steph Hope, Pete Hope, Liz Rawcliffe, Rosie Lovett, Chris Campbell, Dave Cundy, Chris Packman, Rachel Bell, Sam Sykes, Steve Wrigley.

Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2010 AGM and EGM

There were no matters arising and the Minutes were accepted. Proposer: B Crook, Seconder: Dave Earle.

Officers Reports

Chairman’s Address/Report

Here we are again another year gone by but this was a special year, a diamond year, the 60th year of the club.

This was a year in which we did all our usual adventures at home and abroad, but behind the scenes a year in which there was much blood sweat and tears to formalize, with the Land Registry, what we owned at Little Langdale and the handing over of the ‘Privies’ to Nos. 1 & 3 New Houses. At an EGM held in May the club Rule Book was changed so that it was more in line with the recommendations put forward by the BMC. Thanks go to Kevan for the enormous amount of work he has put in to see these through.

Thanks also to the committee and all the people who have worked to make the club the success it has become. Once again I appeal for new ideas not only for the Syllabus but also for socials and evening meets etc. This is your club not just the committee’s. Help to keep this the Fabulous Mountaineering Club.

Secretary’s Report, accepted Proposer: Dave Earle, Seconder: Barrie Crook, Treasurer’s Report & Expenditure Report, accepted Proposer: Rob Lewis, Seconder: Darren Hartley, Booking Secretary’s Report, accepted Proposer: Tim Worrall, Seconder: Angela Lovett, Membership Secretary’s Report, accepted Proposer: Les Ward, Seconder: Dave Earle, Stair Custodian’s Report, accepted Proposer: Caroline Webb, Seconder: Tim Worrall, Little Langdale Custodian’s Report, accepted Proposer: Tony Mitchell, Seconder: Jennie Tolley, Newsletter Editor’s Report, accepted Proposer: Tony Mitchell, Seconder: Rob Lewis, What’s On Editor’s Report, accepted Proposer: Barrie Crook, Seconder: Christine Moylen, Social Secretary Report, Not Submitted, however a full programme of events had been held.

Motions which require a vote

The annual membership fee be increased to £25 single and £40 joint with immediate effect.

Proposed by Mike Howe, Seconded by Kevan Ebbrell (On behalf of the Committee).

The motion was accepted and will take immediate effect.

The following Officers were elected

Position Applicant Proposer Seconder

Chairman Clive Bell Darren Hartley Rob Lewis

Vice Chairman Darren Hartley Kevan Ebbrell Dave Westby

Secretary Rob Lewis Dave Westby Martin Dale

Treasurer Mike Howe Kevan Ebbrell Les Ward

Booking Secretary(s) Andy & Liz Hird Tony Mitchell Alan Lovett

Membership Secretary Martin Dale Caroline Webb Tom Knowles

Stair Custodian(s) Andy Dunhill Nick Hepburn Geoff Bellingham

Christine Barbier

Little Langdale Ctdn Chris Bell Darren Hartley Nick Hepburn

Social Secretary Tim Worrall Dave Westby Darren Hartley

Newsletter Editor Caroline Webb Kevan Ebbrell Mike Howe

What’s On Editor John Wiseman Barrie Crook Dave Earle

The following Committee Members were elected

Applicant Proposer Seconder

Alan Lovett Dave Earle Dave Wood

Tom Knowles Martin Dale Cherry Earle

Mikala Tolley Chris Bell Jennie Tolley

Kevan Ebbrell Tony Mitchell Chris Bell

Also elected


Dave Ball Martin Dale Tony Mitchell

Honorary Auditor

John Hickman Kevan Ebbrell Darren Hartley

Future Club Policy

  1. Following on from discussions about the amount of each member’s subscription paid to the BMC during the debate on the proposal to increase member’s subscription. Dave Earle requested that the Committee look into the pros and cons of BMC affiliation and report its findings to the membership. Dave expressed his view that we should explore disengagement from the BMC.
  2. Dave Wood requested that both Huts be made available for members during the month of June as this was the peak time for climbing and that in recent years due to outside bookings, Family/Ladies meets etc. availability for members short notice bookings had been limited. Martin Dale agreed with Dave and requested that when there is either a Family or Ladies meet the other Hut should always be made available for members.

Any Other Business

  1. Barrie Crook proposed that the membership express its appreciation to Mark Harding and Judith Swift for organising the Annual Dinner these past dozen years, Mark had advised that they would no longer be the organisers after the 2010 Dinner. In response a vote of thanks was given and the Committee will consider an appropriate gift.
  2. Dave Wood suggested that consideration be given to a different location for the Annual Dinner as holding it in a Fylde venue may attract more attendees. The Chairman responded saying that the Committee would give the matter consideration.
  3. Dave Westby proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Committee members for their work on behalf of the club, the vote was accepted.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 21.35

Minutes compiled by Kevan Ebbrell.

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