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Present: , Chris Bell, Clive Bell, Martin Dale, Kevan Ebbrell, Darren Hartley, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Tom Knowles, Rob Lewis, Alan Lovett, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman, Tim Worrall

Apologies: Andy Dunhill, Caroline Webb,


Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held 28.2.2011 & matters arising

Minutes were agreed

Mikala raised the issue of the Family Meet at Stair still being on 25 June. It was agreed that this would be moved to 9 July. Mike will send an amendment to What’s On






Send an amendment to What’s On








Secretary’s Report


Rob stated that Kevan was still dealing with matters arising from the privies at Little Langdale. Kevan brought the meeting up to date with developments. The main point is that the new solicitor is wishing to establish ‘what should sensibly be provided for within the transfers which are now proposed to be effected, so as to cater for and regulate future joint use and occupation, for the mutual benefit of the three owners’.


Rob received an E-mail from Caroline re a new fact sheet for the huts on 1 March, where she suggested he should draft a copy of a new design. A draft of a sample was sent to her by return on 1 March. This was shown to the meeting where more specific wording about children was suggested.

Rob was given editing rights for the club website on 8.3.2011. He wished to thank Kev for helping with access.  Martin Kocsis was e-mailed at the BMC about change of secretary and Rob received an immediate reply on 1 March.  Two BMC newsletters are since distributed.

Martin prompted enquiries about whereabouts of BMC survey on 21 March.

The survey hadn’t arrived so Rob e-mailed Martin Kocsis at the BMC who was out of the office until the 28 March- the survey deadline. He then E-mailed the BMC office. Lynda Buckley (Membership Services Manager) said Nick Colton or Martin Kocsis would reply directly. However MK only got back on the 28th, the survey deadline, and agreed an extension until Friday of that week. Rob then tried to contact Mike, Martin and Clive; in the end Clive and Rob did it.






Social Secretary’s Report


Tim reported the results of the fire risk assessment which he had carried out at both huts. He stated that fire escape is good except from the small dormitory in Little Langdale. Chris identified that if a fire were to break out the window is too narrow to exit from. Mikala suggested providing a window hammer to make the window escapable in the short term. Chris also added that there were smoke alarms in each of the dorms, on the staircases and in the lounge and the kitchen. Kevan suggested putting a new window in. Darren stated that we need to do something about the problem now it has been identified through the assessment. Tim asked about checking of the fire extinguishers and Chris had the reports from Westmorland to hand. Tim also suggested that guest organizations should take responsibility for their fire safety and appoint their own fire safety officers during visits.


Tim confirmed that nine rooms are booked at Middle Ruddings  for 3 December with an option for the whole 14. He intends to collect the menu on the third week in September when he is in the Lakes.


John will advise members about the dinner in the next What’s On


Tim wishes to be contacted directly via ‘phone or e-mail regarding views about the proposed Fylde Coast venue.


Tim reports that The Town Hall can be available for the same price as The River Wyre for socials and AGM, given the difficulties we have had with the landlord of The River Wyre.


Tim asked Martin to contact Dave Birkett, as previously discussed, in order to book him for an Autumn social.






























Booking Secretary’s Report


Andy reported that there are only 12 free weekends in 2012, 4 in Stair and 8 in Langdale. One cheque is currently unsigned. Mid – week bookings have picked up with the good weather, and comments on the return slips have been positive.


Andy also informed the meeting that the platform for the website had been changed for greater flexibility, and that the balance of enquiries was 350 e-mails and approx. 25 ‘phone calls.


The individual who has not paid is to be pursued in the small claims court. Evidence of his signature has been obtained from the hut book.


After discussion, it was agreed that a motion will be put forward at the next AGM to reduce the hut cost to half price (£3) for children of non-members.


The issue of new keys was raised – Mike suggested that this would be too expensive this year.

John wondered if the hut insurance was compromised by do many keys being in circulation. Clive thought that the problem could still occur immediately after you have changed keys and that they could still be copied. He suggested that the cost of 200+ keys would be high. Mike thought that we needed to control keys better and get them back from former members and so on. Mikala suggested the next change should be to a dynamic keypad, but Andy thought that this would be expensive and could be potentially problematic. The meeting concluded that the issue should be reconsidered in six years.

















Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the balance, as of 9.5.2011 was £2961.40, and that this financial position was quite favorable. He is currently unclear as to whether we should be expecting another bill for work done at Stair; the plumber has been paid but there may be an electrician’s bill. A small amount for the printing of syllabuses is still to be taken from the total.


The issue of the amount of discount available from Cotswold was raised, given that they are offering 20% discount to members of the Snowdonia Society as opposed to the 15% given to FMC.  Rob said he will write to them to query this.


Alan was looking at dates to see if he would be available to be a guest at the Friends Of The Lake District A.G.M.










Write to Cotswold






















Membership Secretary’s Report


Peter Stridgeon was accepted  as a full member






























Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Kev. Reported that Dave Smith, our new solicitor, was not happy about the original conveyances for the stick houses, saying they were poorly drafted. The only things that we have clearly documented are party walls, and nothing about the upkeep of the septic tank and so on. There is mention of the cesspit which used to be there. He is looking at what we think we should have covered legally, and is to ensure everything is covered in the new conveyance. We are not tolerating instruction on our access. He is approaching the situation from the point of view of what needs to be covered for our mutual benefit. The situation is ongoing.


Chris has E-mailed the census people telling them that the huts are not households, and so we are not expected to complete a census. Furthermore, Kev. has corresponded with them and had both buildings de-activated for census purposes.


























Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


There is an issue about the water temperature from two heating units – Andy will take this up with the plumber. He is in discussions about a toilet cubicle and trying to get one  free.


Clive wanted to know if we are to replace the bike shed which blew away. The consensus was that a demand would need to arise before this was considered.






What’s On Editor’s Report

John thanked Mike for the two editions of What’s On sent out whilst he was away.

The next edition is due out at the end of June.

Mike suggested that more information about meets was needed.



















Newsletter Editor’s Report


Articles have been forwarded for the next edition






















Mike raised the question of future meets losing money, and whether there should be a change in policy with regard to them. There were a number of responses sent to Mike by E-mail. Darren stated that on occasion, not enough members book and not enough then turn up. Kev thought that repeating the same trips each year was not a good idea. Clive stated that Roy Bridge Last February was over subscribed. Darren noted that Lagangarbh attendance was variable but was subsidized by the club last time. Chris thought that there was a confirmed loyal following for this hut. Andy was concerned that it was the club that was being asked to take the financial risk with bookings. Darren stated that 2012 meets are already booked, therefore any changes will not come into effect until 2013. Clive noted that the Whitby meet coincided with the Folk Festival and that venues may want paying in advance. Darren thought that then CIC meet was always successful and stipulated that those intending to go should pay a deposit up front. However, this year only three people attended out of eight booked. John thought that all the money should be asked for in advance and that this would then be less work for the meet leader. Clive was concerned that there was still the issue of how many places to book. John said that places should be cancelled if if people have not committed. Darren thought that member’s attitudes were governed by how good the weather and conditions were. Mike thought that there needed to be an exception for the Scottish winter venues, otherwise we need to exert more control. Darren has promised to monitor CIC more closely this year and Lagangarbh is still popular enough to keep it on the syllabus. Chris thought that we needed to keep things in perspective; additional meet costs only represented 2% of the club’s budget. John thought that the exception was the individual who doesn’t pay and doesn’t turn up. Darren said that this was not generally happening. Rob suggested payment up front for all meets, which was later echoed by John. Mikala suggested that people wishing to go to meets such as Whitby could be contacted closer to the time for deposits. The eventual general consensus was that the final decision about gathering payments should be left up to the meet leader.


Andy stated that hut bookings will require deposits up front from January 2012.


After questions at the last AGM about the benefits of belonging to the BMC, Mike will look into this.


Mike suggested that new and outgoing committee members should be subsidized for the committee meal, but that those not attending should not receive any benefit.


There was a suggestion that the overnight hut fee for members be increased; Rob stated that active  members should not be penalized and that annual fees should be increased in preference. Darren greed that active members should not be penalized. Chris suggested that hut bookings brought in necessary funds and Andy agreed.


Jenny Tolley has been in touch about Frank Lord who is  hospitalized with a blood clot and would welcome visitors. John will send E-mail to members about this. 


There was a discussion about the updating of the membership form in order to establish who applies and how they found out about the club. Andy stated that enquiries came from people using the huts. Darren noted that the feedback from the hut bookings was useful, particularly if we find out how people got to know about us.


Clive wondered if  introductory members knew they could go on all meets; Darren stated that they could not expect to be taken out on meets where experienced climbers had other agendas.


Tim is to contact the Gazette with regard to the running of a local interest story featuring the club. Clive wanted everyone who might read the story to be aware that the bias is not just towards climbing.


Mike noted that the discounts advertised on the membership card are no longer accurate, and that the Alpine Centre is no longer in business.











































Look at benefits of BMC membership











































































Date of Next Meeting: 11 July





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