Committee Meeting Minutes 11.7.2011

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Present: , Chris Bell, Clive Bell, Martin Dale, Kevan Ebbrell, Andy Hird, Rob Lewis, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman

Apologies: Andy Dunhill, Mike Howe, Alan Lovett, Caroline Webb


Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held 9.5.2011 & matters arising

Minutes were agreed. There were no matters arising.













Secretary’s Report


Rob restated information that had already been communicated to the committee by e-mail.


The Lodge Hotel, Newtonmore  is willing to provide discounts for parties of climbers / walkers, but the committee felt that the prices were still too high to be attractive to members.


Campcraft of Bolton are willing to offer club members10% discount on production of a club card, and can be added to the list of those suppliers offering discount. had contacted the club with a view to placing an advertisement for their special introductory 20% discount offer for club members in our newsletter. Following her suggestion, Rob put Caroline directly in touch with Steepedge so that she could include the information in the August newsletter.


Cotswold had been contacted with regard to the size of discount offered, but had declined to increase discount from15%.


Rob restated that the BMC had postponed the Houghton Cleanup intended for 26 June. Martin added that this cleanup has now taken place.













Place information in newsletter.
























Social Secretary’s Report



Tim is to provide a report on the fire assessments carried out on each hut for the hut custodians.


Martin stated that  Dave Birkett has not been contacted  for the Autumn social, but that he would do this soon.







Provide fire risk assessment.




















Booking Secretary’s Report


Andy reported that we are booked up for next year, that turnover is increasing as are enquiries. He is encouraging extending weekends to include extra nights to maximize usage. There has been good feedback about the huts.


















Treasurer’s Report


Information from Mike stated that the balance, as of 11.7.2011, was £3958.















Membership Secretary’s Report


Martin had nothing to report


The application form for members needs to be updated with correct information.


Discussion took place about the effectiveness of the membership link from the website. Mikala volunteered to test this.










Test e-mail enquiries link from website


















By next meeting

Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Rights of access.

Following discussion between Kev. and Chris, something new is now proposed.

The delay has been to do with abolishing existing rights and replacing them with appropriate covenants. A draft covenant has been sent to Kev. by Dave Smith but Kev. still needs to provide some of the detail. Dave Smith is to visit the hut the following weekend with Chris to form a document to be presented to the committee and other interested parties.










Provide detail


Visit hut with Dave Smith and form document
















Weekend beginning 16.7.11

Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


There is a discrepancy between hot water temperatures in kitchen and toilets. Andy H has investigated and will speak to the plumber.




Andy H is still trying to obtain a (free?) toilet cubicle.


Clive stated that there have been requests for Ladies and Gents labels on the toilet doors. It was agreed that this should be implemented. Andy D has now done this.



Similarly, there is no fire sign in the hut; one needs to be made and displayed. Andy D has done this.



Following considerable discussion it was decided that the old blankets and pillows in Stair need to be thrown out. Actions have been carried out by Andy. Mike is obtaining new hygienic pillows.



Speak to plumber re water temperatures


Obtain cubicle


Obtain and fit labels to toilet doors


Obtain sign



Discard pillows and blankets



Andy H





Andy H


Andy D



Andy D



Andy D


















What’s On Editor’s Report


What’s On is out

The next edition is due out at the end of August.




















Newsletter Editor’s Report


Caroline is calling for any further articles as the newsletter is due out.
















Andy H has a speaker for the social evenings, Luke Farrington who is a paddler with trips to Vietnam etc.


The membership form is to be updated to establish how new members found out about the club.


John reported back on the dinner questionnaire. 23% of members replied. Most respondents would prefer the dinner to be in the Lake District. John has sent a detailed analysis of the survey results to committee members.


Discussion then took place about the time of year when the dinner should be, how formal it needs to be and whether a speaker is appropriate. Some different venues were discussed, the opinion was that the venue needed to be within reasonable distance of one of the huts. A Grisedale camping meet on Bakesteads farm was also considered. Chris undertook to check whether the Three Shires was a suitable venue, but reported back by e-mail that it was not.


John is to send out a second questionnaire to find out member opinion in greater detail. This action has now been carried out.


A request has been received for two copies of the syllabus to be sent to joint members, rather than one.






Contact speaker
















Send out questionnaire







































































Date of Next Meeting: 5 September





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