Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 5.9.2011

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Present: , Chris Bell, Clive Bell, Martin Dale, Kevan Ebbrell, Darren Hartley,  Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Tom Knowles, Rob Lewis, Alan Lovett, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman, Tim Worrall

Apologies: Andy Dunhill, Caroline Webb


Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held 9.7.2011 & matters arising

Minutes were agreed.

Andy D. will dispose of old pillows and blankets on the next working weekend. This has now been done.

Mike has obtained new pillows.













Secretary’s Report


A number of views were put forward regarding the use of the huts by the BMC for weekend courses. Kev. thought that the normal outside booking fee should be charged, Caroline felt that the BMC would need exclusive hut use and should be charged a fee to suit, Mike felt that twelve times the guest fee per night would be appropriate and Mikala supported charging the full weekend fee. The meeting supported charging the full weekend fee of £240. Rob is to confirm this with the BMC. 


Following information supplied to Rob regarding Sport England grants, Caroline suggested roof replacement for Stair. Andy and Chris were mentioned by several members as likely candidates for a roof sub-committee and both were happy to volunteer. The view of the meeting was that we should make the application. Andy cited the evidence of a canoeing club which he is acquainted with which did well out of a grant. Mike had done the initial registration and paperwork with Sport England and it was suggested that he should join the sub-committee. Kev. was also co-opted. Discussion considered whether we could include solar panels and water capture as well as a pitched roof.


Rob informed the meeting that he had asked the Lake District National Park Authority to stop contacting the club to advertise their Striding Edge hostel in Glenridding.









e-mail BMC re hut fees.



























Social Secretary’s Report



Tim will visit Middle Ruddings on the weekend 16/17 September to collect the Annual Dinner menu. Clive asked if we require an after dinner speaker, Tony Greenbank was suggested. Tim and Martin are to make enquiries.

Martin’s latest e-mail is that he is not sure if the club still wants a speaker but he will attempt to obtain one if required. He thought that Tony Greenbank might be too old and out of touch.

First evening social is Dave Birkett on12 October. Other socials will feature Dave Earle and Steve Wrigley, the Christmas quiz and the Photo competition. Kendal Mountaineering Festival was not prepared to offer any events.


John has had some more replies to the Dinner questionnaire but has not reissued it; no more members prefer the Fylde – most want the Lakes. Quite a poor response with some members citing works diners clashing with that of the club. Tim suggested that every weekend would have objections; Martin thought the end of November might be cheaper and Mikala agreed. Clive suggested the end of October.








Find after-dinner speaker.









Tim & Martin













Booking Secretary’s Report

Andy reported that the website is up to date. Many of the enquiries are by e-mail.

The man who had not paid is likely to in the immediate future. Martin added that the BMC clubs committee meeting had an agenda item about non-payers.


















Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the position was quite healthy with £5000 in the bank and subs only just starting to come in. This is clearly the result of higher hut fees and healthy bookings. The subs renewals letter has gone out.


Andy stated that he had been using ‘artistic license’ and encouraging people to take extra nights whenever possible. He is projecting £10000 in outside booking fees for the year.


Mike stated that membership cards cost £93.63 for 200 which is about half the cost of last year’s cards. They have an extended expiry date which is the end of October.


Mikala noted that Outdoor Action in Blackburn gave 10% discount for BMC members.


















Membership Secretary’s Report


Liz Cain from Lancaster was approved for membership by the committee but an e-mail from Martin states that she hasn’t paid and is therefore not a member. Karen and Brian Harris from Bamber Bridge, who are walkers introduced by Mikala, were approved as introductory members.


Dave Ball is to be contacted so that the new membership fees can be placed on the website – £25 single, £40 double.









Contact Dave Ball




















Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Kev. stated that Dave Smith has been to the hut and has all the information he needs. Kev. doesn’t have the draft deed that will replace all existing agreements and covenants yet. We will need to see the draft deed before it is presented to the other two parties. There is nothing about forecourt maintenance and septic tank upkeep. Both parties have access ‘for recreational purposes’ to land at the side of No. 3: they need to be tied into the maintenance and upkeep of this land. They will also need to be tied into the maintenance cost of water running from the back.


Chris. has had to buy a new Hoover after the failure of the old one, also the kitchen lights failed and an electrician was needed to replace the fitting.


New guttering is needed along the back of the cottage – to be done next working weekend.


Mike wanted clarification about the fire escape at Little Langdale, Andy suggested that the escape window is not relevant. Tim is to provide a fire risk assessment report to each hut custodian.























Provide fire risk assessment report to each hut custodian.





































Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


All actions suggested at the last meeting are in hand or have been carried out.


John reported that the water was now reaching a very good temperature. Andy H. stated that the plumber had changed the mixing valve. Andy D. had ‘phoned and was concerned that the water was now too hot; Mike asked how difficult it was to alter. Martin thought that the plumber had told Andy D. how to adjust the temperature. Andy H. was concerned about the potential for children to burn themselves with very hot water. Andy H. will contact Andy D. about the temperature.

An e-mail from Caroline has explained that the problem has been resolved by the plumber removing the temperature control valve.



Andy H. cannot get free solid laminate toilet cubicle, but can get one at a good price. Prices will be e-mailed round when he gets them. The latest e-mail from Andy D. states that he hasn’t heard anything about the cubicle from Andy H. as yet.



John asked if the pillows obtained for Stair are the same as those at Langdale. It was suggested that a footnote be added to the booking form advising people to bring their own pillowcases.













Contact Andy. D. about water temperature




E-mail cubicle prices to committee


Advise people to bring own pillowcases on booking form.



















Andy. H.





















What’s On Editor’s Report


John stated that ‘What’s On’ was out and thanked everyone for providing their inputs.




















Newsletter Editor’s Report


The newsletter has been sent out.

Martin felt that the cover picture should feature club members.

















As Mike can’t lead the next Intro. Meet John is doing it.


Clive broached the subject of attracting new members to the club but Martin stated that membership had always remained constant at around the same number. John felt that we needed a group of young people joining at the same time, Andy thought that it didn’t matter how old people were as long as we attracted new members. Rob suggested we wear a club T-shirt to the climbing wall to advertise our presence. Clive thought that we are perceived as a climbing club but Chris didn’t think this was an issue. Martin had received an e-mail from John Bubbins at Blackpool Sports who was trying to steer people towards us but so far with no success. Andy felt that people needed to be in their thirties before they were in the sort of stable life situation which would enable them to become permanent members.


Mikala recounted events that had taken place over the bank holiday weekend when she and others had booked the huts but the presence of children was objected to by Chris Thistlethwaite. His comments and attitude were discussed.

Since the meeting Rob has received letters from Chris Thistlethwaite and Paul Taylor about this subject. The letters have been e-mailed to the committee. There has been considerable comment about the subject from committee members and Caroline has produced draft guidelines about children and the use of the huts which have been distributed to the committee for consideration and discussion at the next meeting. Andy D. has also had some input to the guidelines.


Rob asked the meeting to consider positive support for Dave Westby who has had two strokes and would welcome ‘phone calls / visitors / trips to the pub / climbing wall visits. It was suggested that an e-mail be sent to members encouraging them to get in touch with Dave.


Andy is to talk to Tim to arrange a talk by Luke Farrington for the evening socials


A message from Mike Penn via Kev. Requested the cancellation of Carole’s membership of the club as she is experiencing walking difficulties.


It was decided that John Cooper can no longer be kept as an Hon. Club Member as he is in New Zealand and not contactable. He may be reinstated should he reappear.
























Send e-mail to members about Dave Westby


Discuss social with Tim

Cancel membership




























































Date of Next Meeting: 7 November





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