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Present: , Chris Bell, Clive Bell, Martin Dale, Kevan Ebbrell, Darren Hartley,  Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Tom Knowles, Rob Lewis, Alan Lovett, Mikala Tolley, Caroline Webb, Tim Worrall

Apologies: Andy Dunhill


Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held 5.9.2011 & matters arising

Minutes were agreed.















Secretary’s Report



Kev. Informed the meeting that due to Dave Smith’s personal circumstances, his wife being seriously ill, that action on all legal matters regarding Little Langdale has been temporarily suspended.  The owners of the adjoining cottages have been informed of the situation. Kev. Will e-mail committee members of developments on a need to know basis.


Rob gave a brief résumé of the letters received from Chris This and Paul Taylor about the presence of children in the club huts and of responses from committee members to the letters.  All members of the committee had been sent copies of the letters previous to the meeting. The views of the members had been collected together by Caroline. It was decided that the matter would be fully discussed under A.O.B.


Rob informed the meeting that the annual BMC subscription form had been received and passed to Mike on 3.10.2011


A template had been received from The BMC about the expulsion of club members. Rob remarked that he couldn’t remember anyone being disciplined since the 1970s.


The BMC had provided information on about First Aid and Winter mountain courses. This e-mail had been passed on to members.







Inform committee members of developments








As appropriate


Social Secretary’s Report


Tim noted that the initial evening social had been an outstanding success with about sixty members present to listen to Dave Birkett. The next event is Dave Earle with Henry Iddon in December. Members were impressed with the room and with the good selection of beers on offer.


The quiz night will now be on the 18 January. Pat Fitzgerald had been booked in February to give a talk on the interpretation of mountain weather from charts. The photo competition will be in March.


E-mails and letter had gone out about the annual dinner; there were sixteen confirmations to date, 43 attended last year. Tim wishes to change to the Skiddaw Hotel next year and time the event to coincide with the Kendal Mountain Festival (November) in order to increase chances of obtaining a guest speaker. Clive noted that the fell race could be moved.


The AGM has been booked for the Town Hall on February 22.




























Booking Secretary’s Report

Andy reported that proceedings are being taken against the man who has not paid. We have text messages and a photo of his signature as evidence.


A cheque had been returned from the bank for the Landhoppers Climbing Club.

















Treasurer’s Report


Mike reported we are £9517 in credit as of this morning. Most of the subs were now in. Mike’s review of the financial position is a predicted £8600 by the end of December – about £1500 better off than expected as a result of fewer outgoings. This year about £13700 in hut takings can be set against about £13000 last year.


Current hut valuations are £150K for building costs. Mike asked for Stair to be revalued by Andy and Chris as we need an new insurance quotation from the BMC for Stair – currently this is £277 for Stair and £690 for both huts.


Mike stated that the BMC fees for next year have gone down; they are now £235 for the first 20 members and then £11.75 subsequently.


There will be fewer members next year and so outgoing will be only approximately £2000 in January. Nine members have not renewed and so we could be down to the mid 160s for membership.
















Membership Secretary’s Report


Liz Cain from Lancaster has now paid.


Donald Connolly from Preston was approved for introductory membership – he has been on a meet and to the wall.


Miriam Grassart from Ashton-on-Ribble has regularly attended at the wall and was approved for introductory membership.


Danny Wiseman  and Simon Duffy were both approved for full membership having been on a number of meets. Simon is a West View instructor.


























Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


A new light had been placed in the kitchen.


Guttering is to be replaced next working weekend.


Chris stated that he could dry-line the damp wall at the back of the toilets but that repainting was probably the best course of action.



























Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


The water problem apparently has been resolved by the plumber removing the mixer valve. Andy will speak to the plumber to find out what has been done.


Andy H. has obtained a solid laminate toilet cubicle with all fixtures and fittings for £125. Chris will check dimensions at the weekend.


Two rings have failed on the cooker and are to be fixed this week at a total cost of approximately £80.


Caroline reports two dead trees which need to be removed.








































What’s On Editor’s Report


 What’s On’  is out.




















Newsletter Editor’s Report


The next newsletter is due out at the end of January in time to include any AGM material. Photos are needed for the cover.


















Clive asked who to get keys from and what it costs. Andy suggested we charged an extra £5 with full membership and supplied keys to members then but Martin stated that not everyone wanted them. Andy asked why deposits are not properly recorded in the accounts and Mike stated that they were recorded as income. Kev. Suggested reading the rule book and the fact sheet.


A number of committee members responded to the issues raised by Chris Thistlethwaite and Paul Taylor. These views were drawn together by Caroline in order that they could be succinctly presented to the meeting. Clive’s view was that we needed to respond to the issue in written form; the general committee view was that children should not be discouraged although many members did not want a lot of children and that they could be a nuisance at times. Chris agreed that the committee needed to respond with written guidelines.


It was proposed that the number of family meets could be increased with the proviso that the other hut was available for non-family  members. Caroline pointed out that families had every right to attend meets and Kev. thought that the meet coordinator should not be able to decide who could come on a meet. Mikala thought that most parents would use their common sense with regard to which meets the children were taken to. It was felt that it should not be up to one or two individuals to say who could attend meets, and Mikala accepted that some members didn’t want to be around children but that a balance needed to be struck. The committee felt that it was pure chance who you had with you on a meet and that some adults’ behaviour was less than acceptable. Clive remarked that you couldn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep.


Darren wanted to know where the debate was taking us. He pointed out that we had managed for 60 years as we were. Chris pointed out that there were some families who regularly take children to the huts. Rob mentioned that a specific issue brought up by Chris Thistlethwaite was CRB clearance and the dangers implicit in having mixed age ranges sleeping in close proximity, with possible accusations of harassment or worse being possible. Mikala responded to this by citing the YHA model – she felt that it was robust enough for us to use as an example. Mike felt that the issue kept bubbling up and wanted to know if we felt that we should establish guidelines based on what Caroline had collated.  Rob suggested that we should discuss the points and decide if they were to form the basis of a set of guidelines. Clive then read each point in turn, discussion took place and a set of guidelines was formed with little disagreement.


It was agreed that Rob would contact Chris Thistlethwaite and Paul Taylor explaining what had taken place at the meeting and informing them that the guidelines would be available soon.


Mike concluded AOB with a reference to those members who had suffered recently and who, perhaps, needed the club to give them a bit of care and attention. He mentioned the example of Dave Westby, an active climber and walker for many years who has suffered with two strokes. Suggestions were made that the general membership  should be informed about such members who would like to be contacted or taken out; perhaps a piece in the newsletter might be appropriate, and also that as a committee we should have a watch list of members who we should spend some time with if possible.













































Contact Chris This and Paul Taylor



























































































Date of Next Meeting:  16 January, 2012





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