Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting, 22 February 2012

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Fylde Mountaineering Club

Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting

22 February, 2012

Held at The Town Hall, Poulton

The following members signed in:

Rob Lewis, Dave Westby, Tim Worrall, Clive Bell, Darren Hartley, Tom Knowles, Chris Thistlethwaite, Mike Howe, Mark Lambert, Pat Bennett, Liz Rawcliffe, Les Ward, Derrick Smith, Alan Bell, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman, June Wiseman, Dave Earle, Dave Walker, Jennie Tolley, Angela Lovett, Alan Lovett, Sue Denmark, John Denmark, Pam Ruthven, Cherry Earle, Mary Aspin, Bob Killen, Martin Dale, Hal Rzadkitwicz, David Wood, Nick Hepburn, Andrew Hird, Don Nichol, Henry Iddon.

Apologies for absence:

Michael Penn, Derek Wells, Paul Taylor, Barbara Senior, Robin Andrews, Andy Dunhill, David Ward, Steve Wrigley, Barrie Crook, Chris Bell, John Stockton, Delphine Stockton, Ian Evans, Kevan Ebbrell, Steve Longworth, Chris Campbell, Peter Llewellyn, Gillian Llewellyn, Peter Stridgeon, Pete Hope, Steph Hope, Rosie Lovett.

Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2011 AGM

There were no matters arising and the Minutes were accepted.

Officer’s Reports

Chairman’s Report

Yet another year has passed with the club following its varied activities as usual. Although this year has seen, for whatever reason, several meets being poorly supported including the annual dinner.

The huts have been well patronized by outside groups, helping to keep the clubs financial head above the waves.

Stair has undergone a refurbishment of the hot water system and a refurbishment of the toilets. An entirely new loo has been installed in the gents thus reducing the length of the impatient morning queue.

Guidelines pertaining to small children on club meets has been issued for action this year.

The Chairman’s Reportwas accepted, Proposer – Dave Earle, Seconder -Chris Thistlethwaite

All the Officers’ reports were accepted, proposers and seconders were as follows:

Report Proposer Seconder
Secretary’s Report Tim Worrall Dave Westby
Treasurer’s Report Chris Thistlethwaite Les Ward
Booking Secretary’s Report Jennie Tolley Angela Lovett
Membership Secretary’s Report John Wiseman Tim Worrall
Hut Custodian (Stair) * John Wiseman Martin Dale
Hut Custodian (Langdale) Mikala Tolley Les Ward
Social Secretary’s Report ** Dave Earle Cherry Earle
Newsletter Editor’s Report *** Angela Lovett Chris Thistlethwaite
What’s On Editor’s Report **** Mikala Tolley Les Ward

*A query from Liz Rawcliffe about the size of the water heaters at Stair was responded   to by Dave Earle and Mike Howe; expert advice had been obtained from professionals about the correct size of heater.

** A reply to a query from Les Ward about the Club Dinner was deferred until AOB by The Social Secretary.

*** The Newsletter was commended By Darren Hartley and by the meeting as a whole.

**** What’s On was commended by Dave Earle and by the meeting as a whole.

Motions Which Require a Vote:

The overnight fees paid by children of guests should be £3 rather than £6.

Proposer:Mikala Tolley         Seconder: Rob Lewis

Chris Thistlethwaite thought that the club might want to maximize its revenue, David Wood wondered if the reduction in fees for children could be applied to family meets only. Sue Denmark remarked that she couldn’t think of any organization where children were charged the same rate as adults. Mikala Tolley suggested that the intention would be to use the huts when they were empty – during weekdays in the school holidays. Costs would be prohibitive for guests as the rules stand and people would be put off from attending, whereas extra revenue would be obtained through a reduction in fees and increased attendance. She also could not think of any organizations where children were charged the same as adults. David Wood stated that the school holidays would be best as it doesn’t take a lot to fill Little Langdale up. Sue Denmark thought that guests would still be paying quite a lot and that looking through the hut registers, most of the time the huts were empty; she couldn’t see guests taking up places and excluding members. David Wood thought that May and June were times of heavy use of huts by members but Mikala stated that families camp at this time. David Wood accepted this. Andy Hird suggested that the booking secretaries could be left to manage situations which might arise. Alan Lovett thought that we should accept the principle of charging children less. Liz Rawcliffe thought that we should encourage the younger generation. Chris Thistlethwaite  thought we should make money out of guests but Mike Howe stated that revenues were mainly from outside bookings. Rob Lewis stated that he had seconded the motion as it was unfair to charge children the same rate as adults. Sue Denmark suggested that Andy Hird should monitor the situation.

The motion was carried: 20 votes in favour, 0 votes against, 11 abstentions

The following Officers were elected:





Chairman Clive Bell Tim Worrall Tom Knowles
Vice-Chairman Darren Hartley Les Ward Rob Lewis
Secretary Rob Lewis Dave Westby Alan Lovett
Treasurer Mike Howe Rob Lewis Chris Thistlethwaite
Booking Secretary Andy Hird Sue Denmark Nick Hepburn
Membership Secretary Martin Dale Tom Knowles John Wiseman
Stair Hut Custodian Andy Dunhill Dave Westby Chris Thistlethwaite
Langdale Hut Custodian Chris Bell Les Ward Andy Hird
Social Secretary Tim Worrall Dave Westby Mikala Tolley
Newsletter Editor Caroline Webb Chris Thistlethwaite Dave Westby
What’s On Editor John Wiseman Andy Hird Nick Hepburn
Webmaster Dave Ball Tim Worrall Nick Hepburn
Auditor John Hickman Cherry Earle Nick Hepburn

Many thanks for their efforts over the past year to Tom Knowles and Alan Lovett who now wish to stand down from the committee.

The following committee members were elected:

Applicant Proposer Seconder
Dave Earle Andy Hird Tim Worrall
Kevan Ebbrell John Wiseman Tom Knowles
Mikala Tolley Alan Lovett Tim Worrall
David Wood Rob Lewis Martin Dale

Future Club Policy:

Dave Earle has acquired a copy of the Oread’s hut rules and this has also been seen by Mike Howe. The document is to be discussed at the next committee meeting to see if the Oread’s rules / wording can add any value to the current FMC policies.

Discussion took place which was partly to do with children in the huts, partly to do with attracting new members. Pam Ruthven stated that there was a problem with insuring children but Sue Denmark asserted that children over 16 are not a problem and if under 16 they have to be accompanied by an adult. She also said that parents signing consent forms removes many of the problems.  David Wood stated that it was difficult to take teenagers out as they needed to be accompanied. Martin Dale said that we need to follow BMC guidelines.

Clive Bell wondered what the way forward was as it was club policy to encourage new members but Martin Dale stated that there had been no enquiries from anyone. Sue Denmark thought that we didn’t encourage juniors. John Denmark wondered what was so different about climbing as all sports have juniors; David Wood noted that climbing walls are packed with young people but that indoor climbing had become a sport on its own and that many adults never dream of going outdoors. Mikala Tolley thought that young people might be put off from going outdoors with the current climbers.

David Wood said that we are not teachers – new blood had not been attracted into what is an ageing club. Sue Denmark thought that there was little that we could do alone but we needed to take examples from other organizations who have worked with local schools. Andy Hird cited that this process took place in kayaking. Chris Thistlethwaite observed that lots of families are members and that we need to get members who are over 18 to the huts. Clive thought that we concentrate too much on climbing to the exclusion of other activities.

Any Other Business

In response to the earlier question fron Les Ward, Tim Worrall informed the meeting that he had booked the Skiddaw Hotel in Keswick for the next Club Dinner, the event to take place on November 24, 2012.

Jenny Tolley stated that the carefully chosen pictures at Stair, featuring club members and competition winners had been changed for others not selected by anyone. She wanted the original pictures to be replaced. Pam Ruthven suggested that the winning Photographs from the photo competition should go up.

Darren Hartley requested that the AGM agenda could be e-mailed to the membership as well as being sent out by post. Rob Lewis agreed to do this for the 2013 AGM.

Chris Thistlethwaite asked the committee to consider how the huts were to be locked in future and to look at the whole issue of locks and keys.  Mike Howe agreed to do this at the next committee meeting.

Dave Westby proposed a vote of thanks to the committee and the meeting was closed.

Minutes are currently unapproved 

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