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Present: , Chris Bell, Clive Bell, Martin Dale, Dave Earle,  Darren Hartley, Mike Howe,  Rob Lewis, John Wiseman, Dave Wood, Tim Worrall


Andy Dunhill,

Kevan Ebbrell,

Mikala Tolley, Andy Hird, Caroline Webb  



Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held 16.1.2012 &matters arising

Minutes were agreed.

Clive welcomed Dave and Dave to the meeting.














Secretary’s Report


Rob asked that committee members give feedback when minutes are published.

Darren suggested that if no feedback is received in a week, then the minutes should be published to the website.














Social Secretary’s Report


Tim reported that a cheque had been sent to the Skiddaw hotel for the dinner on the 24 November.  

The final social was the photo competition on the 14 March and Tim asked that committee members persuade as many members as possible to send photos.


Tim intends to put something on on 18 August where there is a syllabus gap.


The date for the committee dinner was agreed as the 20March.










































Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report.















Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that funds stood at £7721 as of this morning,  that the big bills are paid and that booking fees are still to come in.


Mike also reported that during the audit John Hickman had some questions about hut valuations; we will need to push insurance limits up for both huts.


The deadline is the end of March for the Sport England bid.








Increase insurance limits


















Membership Secretary’s Report


One introductory member was introduced and agreed by the meeting; Alan Bousfield from Thornton Clevelys. He was previously a member between 1969 and 1973.

























Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


  Chris reported that the heater has been sorted out by Keith Gaskell.


EON have sent information about a smart meter but Chris is to get in touch with them to explain that there is no ‘phone line and no mobile coverage in the hut, so there can’t be automatic readings.


The septic tank needs to be registered; we need maintenance records for five years and disposal by an authorized person. Chris will look through the regulations and follow up appropriately.


Kevan says the solicitor is now dealing with Langdale again.






Get in touch with EON




















Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


It has been noted that there is a need to replace the exterior lamp to make the sensor stay off.




Replace lamp







Andy D.










What’s On Editor’s Report

Is due out by 3 March.


Dave Wood updated the meeting about Pembroke. He stated that Coastal Cottages would not do half weeks but that he had persuaded them to do Friday to Monday. He will continue to search out property. Dave will inform John by Wednesday of details on cottages, anyone wishing to go needs to contact Dave.


Dave said that he was considering changing the Pembroke date; Clive said he needed it on the syllabus. Dave said that we had lost walkers going to Pembroke and he would like people to considerate it as a multi-activity event.





















Newsletter Editor’s Report















Chris Thistlethwaite  had asked the committee to explore the possibility of fitting new locks to the huts. Mike stated that this had already been explored and John added that there was no foolproof system and that anything tried will fail.


The Oread’s policies on children and huts / safeguarding were brought to the meeting as a possible template which we might consider. Mike thought that it was useful to get information to see where we stand, but that we have already decided policy for this year. He concluded that we can consider changes for next year and noted that we are cheaper than the Oread for guests. John didn’t remember receiving BMC guidelines but Martin stated that they were available. Darren Suggested that everyone should come to the next committee  meeting with the FMC/BMC/ Oread guidelines so we can compare them. Dave Wood is to send BMC guidelines to Rob to distribute to everyone. DONE


There was some discussion about the number of guests members were allowed to bring to the huts. Martin stated three but Dave Earle said leave it to the booking secretary. Mike was unhappy about the introductory member who turned up with six or seven guests and paid £3 each for them. He wanted to know if Andy H. had approved of this.


There was continued unhappiness about introductory member Sam Sykes using the club mailing list for business purposes. The meeting decided that that Rob should write to Sam Sykes in strong terms to tell him to stop. DONE


Mike noted that one or two people have become full members almost by default and without doing the introductory meets due to being part of a joint membership.


John is to organize evening walks, Darren and Martin will organize the climbing.


Clive had received a letter from Geoff Brindle about his paintings at Stair. Geoff was clearly unhappy about how his paintings had been spoken of.  Chris Thistlethwaite had reported to him after the discussion at the AGM that he had to take them down.

Mike felt that the pictures at Stair had not been regularly updated and we should do this. Rob said that the view expressed at the AGM was that of a few people, not the majority view. Mike felt that we needed to speak to Andy Dunhill before taking any action. John suggested sending a letter to Geoff and Clive will ring Andy. John stated that the pictures had never been discussed by the committee and that we had not had time to discuss the issue before Geoff’s letter. He felt that we needed a policy for the future. Rob suggested that we needed to set the record straight with Geoff. Clive stated that he would ring Andy. The committee decided that the work of photo competition winners should be displayed in the hut, Dave Wood will coordinate this.















Bring guidelines to meeting








Write to S. Sykes













All Committee members





















30 April, 2012










Date of Next Meeting:  30 April, 2012







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