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Present: Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Rob Lewis, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman


Andy Dunhill, Dave Earle, Kevan Ebbrell, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Caroline Webb, Dave Wood, Tim Worrall



Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held 30.4.2012 &matters arising

Minutes were agreed.














Secretary’s Report

Rob referred to the letter to the non-payer which had been decided upon at the last committee meeting. He was concerned that nobody had volunteered to take the next steps with the small claims court. Martin thought that Woody had expressed an interest. Mikala’s view was that the letter itself was an initial means of putting pressure on the individual. Darren thought that the letter should be sent and then the next steps could be considered.


Rob had received an E-mail from the BMC stating our membership numbers are 169 which is the number we have paid for. Members have been sent a copy of Summit and a membership card.


Rob reported that he had received an E-mail from Chris Thistlethwaite on 29 May stating that he was still getting D of E E-mails from Sam Sykes. Rob e-mailed Sam Sykes immediately asking him to remove Chris from his lists. Chris was pleased with this outcome.


Rob had received a communication from Martyn Page of Beacon Fire Protection on 31 May, 2012 offering to quote for servicing our fire extinguishers. Andy D said he is happy for them to quote and was to contact Chris about the matter.


Rob had information e-mailed by Andy which would be dealt with under Hut Custodian’s Reports, and from Mike to be dealt with under Treasurer’s Report.







Send letter



Ask for volunteer






















Next meeting – 3 September




Social Secretary’s Report


Darren thought that the committee meal should be in September / October

Martin asked if anyone was lined up for the Autumn socials – he would look for suitable speakers.





















Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report.















Treasurer’s Report


Mike’s e-mail to Rob stated that funds stood at £10,032.



Nothing had been heard about the Sport England bid.

Mike’s update on  11 July, 2012:

‘In spite of all the work put in by Andy Hird, Chris Bell and myself ours was not a strong enough case. There was a great deal of competition for a significant, but limited, amount of money.

They appear to have left the door open for another try and if you read their comments you can form a view on whether we may be successful. I can see some arguments we could put forward but think we would need to be quite “creative”.
We will no doubt discuss further at the next committee meeting.’





























Membership Secretary’s Report



Rob stated that he had received an E-mail from someone called Sarah who wished to attend a walking meet and to join the club, but Martin hadn’t heard from her. Martin stated that he had had five enquiries but none had been followed up.

























Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


  EON Smart Meter –apparently this can be worked by a mobile ‘phone signal but this needs to be checked. It is suggested that a retired club member can do this and meet the electricity board’s representatives at the hut. We do not have to keep sending readings.

Darren asked if the meter could be used for both huts. Chris will talk to Andy about the possibility of a meter being installed at Stair. Chris Campbell was suggested for being present in the huts. Chris will enquire if a Saturday morning meeting is possible. John may also be available.

 Septic tank Registration is on hold until registrations come in.

Kev. Has now sent the Langdale draft Transfer Deed to the committee and has had no objections to it. He now intends to ask Dave Smith to send the deed to the other parties.

















Send draft LL deed to other parties
















































Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy has contacted the electrician about the outside light and he will block the hole where the blue tits are nesting after they have left.

John reported that Mike Howe was carrying out repairs to the window.

Andy reported that the fridge and the spin dryer needed replacing; Mikala requested that we get a fridge with and ice box. The committee agreed replacement of the fridge and spin dryer and also wanted Andy to obtain a four slice toaster.

Done. Andy reported back that he couldn’t get a small fridge with a frost free ice box and so would get and ordinary one. He had priced spin dryers. He would get two two-slice toasters as this was cheaper.

Mikala reported that we need to keep an eye out for cockroaches as some had been found near the front door.

Andy reported that the job of main concern was the fire door from the gents’ dorm where the top window frame is rotten and has spread down into the door frame. He thinks we need a completely new door unit and has a firm who specialise in that sort of work to contact.  Mike Howe & Barry intend to have a look on their way back from Cragside. The purchase of a new door and frame was authorised by the committee.

John has bought the appropriate washers to stop the taps on the sink unit moving but needs someone with the right tools to fit them.








Contact Andy to request purchase of fridge, toaster and spin dryer




















What’s On Editor’s Report

What’s On is out.






















Newsletter Editor’s Report


It was suggested that a synopsis of what the committee had been doing could be included in the newsletter. Done -in newsletter.





Write update on committee’s actions












Clive requested that his grandson rope off a small portion of the Stair garden for a science project.


The committee had been asked by some members to review the safeguarding guidelines. Caroline wrote to express her strong disapproval of further discussion as the matter has been dealt with already by the full committee. Darren felt that our guidelines had already addressed concerns and Mikala agreed. John stated that the guidelines were for our members but that parents were responsible for their children. It was unanimously decided to leave the guidelines as they are.


The ladies’ meet specially organized for 2 September is now not required due to members going to Preston Guild events. Members of the committee were unhappy that special arrangements had been made and then the hut not required.


The family meet arranged for 21 September has not been rearranged and will go ahead as planned.


Darren noted that the CIC meet is at risk- he has tried to get in touch with the custodian as the original dates are not available but has had no response.


Darren having recently joined Bowland Fellrunners is impressed with their blog and wonders whether we could establish an FMC blog. Chris noted that it would need managing and Martin stated that it would be reliant on lots of activities taking place.

Mikala wondered if our website could handle it. Mikala said she would consider looking after a blog but it would depend upon the time commitment. Rob suggested that part of a meet leader’s duties should be to write a meet report.








It was suggested that club members should be allowed to comment upon selection of photos for display via What’s On. It was decided that Dave should send what he considered appropriate photos to other members of the committee for comments and discussion at the next meeting.



John asked at the previous meeting if anyone knew of the whereabouts of the second Chester Hut key. It has not turned up. Rob is to write to the Chester Club asking for a new key. Done









































Send e-mail re Key





























































































Date of Next Meeting:  , Monday 3 September, 2012






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