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Present: Clive Bell, Martin Dale,  Kevan Ebbrell, Darren Hartley, Mike Howe,  Rob Lewis, Mikala Tolley,  John Wiseman, Dave Wood, Tim Worrall


Chris Bell,

Andy Dunhill,

Andy Hird, Caroline Webb  



Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held 27.2.2012 &matters arising

Minutes were agreed.














Secretary’s Report

Rob referred to matters concerning Sam Sykes’ e-mails and the letter to Geoff Brindle, both of which would be discussed under A.O.B.


Rob had information e-mailed by Chris and Andy which would be dealt with under Hut Custodian’s Reports.














Social Secretary’s Report


Tim will arrange three alternative dates for the committee meal.






















Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report.















Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that funds stood at £10234.


The Sport England bid was submitted at the beginning of April asking for £50000 to replace the flat roof with Westmoreland slate and solar panels but nothing has been heard yet. Mike has detailed costings. The club will need to find up to £10000 as their contribution.


Darren thought the sub-committee had done the job well and Rob thanked the sub-committee. Woody thought that we should be more ambitious and raise money to replace the walls as well. Clive stated that this was off-track. Rob supported Woody’s initiative but felt that we needed to get the current project underway first.






























Membership Secretary’s Report




Mike stated that Dave and Rebecca Hicks didn’t renew but have now e-mailed requesting that they rejoin. Similarly, Stuart Gascoigne has requested that he renew late. It was noted that he has done this before. The meeting gave its approval for renewal.


























Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


  Chris reported actions since the last meeting by e-mail:

1. EON Smart Meter – Chris emailed EON about the lack of phone signal at Langdale & they have replied that it is therefore unlikely that a Smartmeter can be used. They only require a minimal signal so have suggested doing a site survey including a signal test.

2. Septic tank Registration – Chris  has spoken to Stella Collard who has already gone through the exercise for her house in Wales. Regs haven’t come into effect yet (due 2013) but she is happy to arrange when/if they come in. She holds maintenance records, capacity & discharge details etc & at worst we will have to submit form & pay fee. 

Anticipated fee is £125.00, which would only need to be paid once & it is  suggested that we pay 50%, on the basis that we currently pay 50% of all costs for maintenance, emptying of the tank etc. 

We may be able to get an exemption, however this is usually for domestic properties so we may struggle.

We agreed that this isn’t urgent & Stella & Chris will review later in the year, when we have a clear date for the regs. being introduced.

Chris now has draft from Kev about Little Langdale. Kev has sent sub-committee’s comments off to Dave Smith; they will meet in May and will report back to the committee.

Mike thinks the trustees should have copies of proof of ownership as well as the secretary and that, retrospectively, we should do the same for Stair. An official copy can be obtained from the Land Registry.

























Review arrangements re new regs.


















































Later this year



Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy reported via e-mail that he outside light over the car park needed fixing and the 5 year check of the electrical appliances needs to take place. He will contact the electrician shortly to make arrangements for both

The window in the small dorm part of the gents dorm does not shut very easily and may need a new bracket.

Paul Taylor stayed and said there are some blue tits nesting in the roof or the porch.

Chris Campbell has done some staining.



Contact electrician





Andy D.










What’s On Editor’s Report

What’s On is out. Clive is now leading the introductory meet.






















Newsletter Editor’s Report















Clive asked Tim to cancel the provisional booking of Middle Ruddings for the club dinner.


The committee were asked to support Mark Lambert and to write to Blackpool council about the condition of and access to the climbing walls. Martin stated that access was poor. Darren felt that we would be wasting our time. It was decided that Rob would write to the council asking whether they had plans to improve access and facilities.


Andy and Liz requested we discuss increase in fees.  They went up by £10 for a weekend at each hut this year – £5 for a mid week night.  We should, therefore, have another small increase for 2013. Mike stated that we did agree to renew fees annually.  Dave said feedback was that the huts were good value. The meeting agreed increases of £10 and £5 from 1 January, 2013. The factsheet will need to be updated.

Mike is to write a proposal about meets and how we pay for them in future. Dave had incurred temporary personal liabilities of up to £500 prior to the Pembroke meet. Dave stated that we will break even for Pembroke if some members stay for a few extra days. Clive noted that the problem arises from It was agreed that people giving back word.

A number of issues were discussed regarding the photo competition. The poor quality of the projection of some of the images at the recent competition was remarked upon, and it was suggested that someone competent should be given responsibility for setting the projector up correctly. Dave wanted to know if we were going to allow people to photoshop their images; Rob noted that it would be difficult to prevent them from doing so. John suggested a maximum size for each image.

Darren noted that some committee members were not aware of the BMC guidelines when we assembled our own with regard to safeguarding. Dave noted that the Oread’s guidelines were based on those of the BMC and Mikala stated that our guidelines were not dissimilar. Mike said that we encourage family groups but don’t take responsibility for children. Mikala noted that we only a child protection policy if working with children as part of the FMC. The guidelines are to be discussed again at the next meeting.

John didn’t like the idea of putting up photos by the winners of the photo competition as the best representations of club members and activities were not always represented by the winners. He cited The example of the original photos being selected by Henry Iddon viewing matters from a club perspective. Martin stated that photos needed to be replaced when they were no longer relevant. Dave volunteered to ensure that pictures would be put up. Dave also remarked that Geoff Brindle had not been told the whole story about his art work being taken down. A form of words was agreed for a letter to Geoff explaining the committee’s position which Rob is to send. Dave said that he needed the proofs of the photos before the next meeting. John suggested that the collages at the hut should be changed frequently to reflect club activities.

Rob raised the issue of complaints from members about e-mails from Sam Sykes. It was agreed that all future club mailings should be done using BCC to avoid the problem reoccurring. Mike suggested that he be given the membership list so that deletions from his system can take place. Mike is to send the list to Rob, who will write to Sam Sykes.

The matter of the non-payer was raised and it was agreed that Rob should write to him giving him a last chance for payment before legal action was taken.

John asked if anyone knew of the whereabouts of the second Chester Hut key as it appears to have gone missing. Committee members will attempt to track the key before the next meeting.







Write to Blackpool Council







































Send letter to Geoff Brindle




Send e-mail list to Rob


Send letter to Sam Sykes



Write to non-payer


Track Key
































































Committee members































































By 2 July

Date of Next Meeting:  , Monday 2 July, 2012







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