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Present: Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale,  Kevan Ebbrell, Darren Hartley, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, John Wiseman, Dave Wood


Andy Dunhill,  Dave Earle, Mikala Tolley, Caroline Webb



Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held on 19.1. 2012 &matters arising

Minutes were agreed.














Secretary’s Report


Rob wished to put on record that the committee as a whole owes thanks to Dave for pursuing the non-payer to a successful conclusion.

Rob stated that he was particularly pleased with last Wednesday’s social.  Feedback from Martin was that he thought it was a great show by GG and there were favorable comments from a number of members on the night. Rob was particularly pleased to see a packed room and Martin says that he has had a number of membership applications on the night. This clearly is a template for what we need to try to repeat in future. Dave congratulated  Rob for organizing a successful event.

Rob noted that a number of committee members have indicated that they wish to stand down. Dave Earle wishes to leave the committee – and our thanks should go to Dave for his contributions this year. Martin and John have indicated that they no longer wish to continue in post as Membership Sec. and What’s On editor, although John is prepared to continue should a successor not be found. Many thanks to both of them for their considerable contributions. Rob hoped that they would continue as committee members next year and that we should ensure that we continue to make use of their knowledge and expertise.


















































Social Secretary’s Report:


The room in the Town Hall May not be available at the end of February / beginning of March. (Checked with the Town Hall in February – no problems at present.)


Darren stated that the club is now in a more comfortable financial situation so that some funds can be ‘ring fenced’   in order to attract decent speakers to socials. He felt that this should be one of the remits of the new Social Secretary.





















Booking Secretary’s Report


Andy stated that an outside booking has requested Stair the week of the club dinner – therefore could we move the club dinner?


2014 booking are going well with Stair being more popular- we are currently 45% of the way though the bookings for the year. Family and Ladies’ meets are using the profile provided by Alan Lovett. The other hut is always made available when Family meets are on but not for Ladies’ meets.


Last year a series of dates were kept free to allow members to go climbing but the huts were not used. The climbers in the meeting noted that the weather was responsible and Martin stated that we needed to try leaving the dates free for another year. Dave felt that we needed to provide facilities for the members, Mike noted that we could let the huts out every weekend, but that would not be the point of having a mountaineering club and John thought that huts could be let go on weekends when Welsh meets were on.


Martin wanted to know if we had been in touch with the Vags. Andy replied that the matter had been sorted. John noted hut availability on 16 February, the weekend of the Oread swap.


Darren thought that we should review when the hut is left free. He felt that May is the best month for climbing and that July and August are frequently washouts.


Dave Wood had heard from Dave Ball about the advertising of the huts. Dave Ball  stated that we  need to maintain the calendar and that pages needed photos. The right descriptions were needed to place the huts higher in the search. Wording needs to be careful as we don’t want stag dos. Some commercial booking systems will plug straight in to the system we are using. He felt that we had to market the huts correctly.


Andy thought that keeping the calendar up to date was a problem.


John wanted to let other clubs know that we can accept small groups mid-week.
















Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the balance is £12669. BMC affiliation was slightly lower than 2012 (due to reduced member numbers) the rates were the same as last year. The BMC affiliation fee of £1938 (same as last year) has been paid. Andy Dunhill has been paid for his expenses last year. The accounts are done and with the auditor. There was a net surplus of £4200 last year; there were no major expenses, whereas the previous year there had been major plumbing work at Stair. Things are ticking along nicely and we are accumulating sufficient funds to cover any problems which may occur with the Stair roof or similar. The worst low in recent years was a surplus of about £3000. There are still some expenses to come for mattresses and doors at Stair. BMC affiliation was slightly lower than 2012 (due to reduced member numbers) the rates were the same as last year.




























Membership Secretary’s Report



Martin proposed applications for full membership.


Mr. and Mrs. Humes from Bamber Bridge have been to family meets, geocashing,  glamping and Summer walking.


Karen Purves has been to a number of wall meets and to Wilton – her meet attendance  has been hampered by the weather.


All were approved by the committee.


























Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


  No more on Smart Meters. The heater in the drying room is fixed.

Recycling bins have all been sorted out with all waste to go in the same bin – Liz will place a sign. The new arrangements should be sufficient to deal with our waste. Thanks to Mike for sorting the new arrangements out.

Chris informed the meeting that somebody has stolen the toilet rolls and the toilet duck.

Langdale Transfer Deed

Kev had spoken to Stella about a week ago and agreed everything with Stella and Christine. In Kev’s words:

‘I believe we now have everything agreed between ourselves and No3. The last sticking points were over contributions to maintaining various areas of land. I spoke with Stella the other week and as a result we agreed that the Orange land would become Purple thus giving them the same rights as the larger Purple area, it makes next to no difference to us. They, having been opposed to jointly contributing to the maintenance of the land at the front of the cottages have proposed the same arrangement as we have with the septic tank etc quarter/half/quarter, which I think is a good result and have agreed to. They also wanted the LCCS right to appear in the transfer deed. I agreed that we will request such from the solicitor even though I don’t believe it needs to be. ‘


At this point Stella and Christine were attempting to get Ben Dickey in No 1 engaged with the process.  Since then he has at made a detailed response to the Transfer Deed and the subsequent agreements made between No3 and ourselves. This is currently under discussion by the committee.






































Stair Hut Custodian’s Report

John stated that the stopcock at Stair leaks when it is switched on. He has tightened the nut behind it, but thinks that visitors  / members open the stopcock too far. John stated that an adjustable spanner needs to be made available.

With regard to the door / frame renewal, a meeting at Stair resulted in Tony Hulme presenting prices for both doors and for the windows. It was agreed that the use of a pushpad would be sufficient for safety.

















What’s On Editor’s Report

What’s On is due out at the end of February / beginning of March. Mike will take over as John is on holiday.






















Newsletter Editor’s Report


Caroline would like articles, pictures etc. as soon as possible. The next edition of the Newsletter will go to the printers on 4 February.


















Dave Wood informed the meeting that the photos for Stair are done but not yet framed.



































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