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Present: Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale,  Dave Earle,  Kevan Ebbrell, Darren Hartley, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman


Andy Dunhill, Caroline Webb, Dave Wood



Main points of discussion


By Whom

By when

Minutes of the last meeting held on 2.7.2012 &matters arising

Minutes were agreed.














Secretary’s Report


Rob referred to the e-mails which he had sent out to committee members asking for comment.


The FMC committee update which Darren and others had suggested as a mid-year report on what the committee had been doing on behalf of the members was with Caroline for publishing in the September newsletter.


Rob had send out a draft letter to committee members to be sent to the non-payer but had had no comments / responses. Darren made some amendments to the text of the letter during the meeting and a final form was agreed ready to be sent. Clive urged committee members to respond to e-mails sent out for comment. Dave Earle suggested that we use a club member who is a solicitor to take proceedings against this individual if we should need to. Rob will now send the letter.


Rob had received a communication from Ian Walker who is exploring the history of Crescent Pot near Ingleton which was explored by the FMC in 1956. He requested any records we might have. The suggestion from the committee was that he be put in touch with Gordon Heywood and Pete Llewellyn.


Rob has written to John Bubbins at Blackpool Council and has received a response asking us to elaborate on our original e-mail.  Martin suggested that we respond declaring that we are keen to be involved in the upkeep of the wall and to attract new members from there. If there were to be a wall committee or forum we would be keen to send a representative. We also feel that the bouldering wall needs resetting and that the Blackpool wall is not open on Thursday nights which is our club climbing night. The Towers need new routes and new holds and the floodlights are not working. Rob will relay this information to John Bubbins.

E-mail received from John Bubbins on 10.10.2010 stated ‘


Thanks for getting back to me with the feedback. Sorry for the late reply but I have been on leave for the past 2 weeks.

 The bouldering wall is currently being re-set and following this a plan will be in place for this to be re-set on a regular basis. Prior to this some time had lapsed since the bouldering area had been done.

In regard to the Sports Centre lead walls, these have been kept up to date with new routes every 3 months. Unfortunately for a number of years we have been restricted for use of the climbing wall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the winter (typically the busiest period) due to the fact that the hall is used for indoor athletics, particularly pole vault as the pole vault bed sits within the climbing wall area. As initial funding to build that whole hall came through and originally for athletics usage, it has not been possible to change the timetable that allows pole vault the use of that area on a Tuesday and a Thursday evening. This has been a frustrating but unavoidable situation.


On a positive note though, I have recently been informed that pole vault will not require the hall on a Thursday evening this year, leaving us free to open the walls on a Thursday. I will need to reaffirm that this is the case throughout the winter but currently the wall is open on Thursdays. If the FMC would like to arrange visits on a regular basis to Blackpool on Thursday evenings I would be happy to arrange a reduced rate similar to the rate I previously arranged at the climbing towers. Please let me know beforehand as I would need to set this up on the reception system.


The climbing towers will undergo a large amount of route setting ready for re-opening after the winter. Unfortunately I am aware that little route setting was done at the towers this summer season. In regard to the floodlights, there is an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved. Please be aware that this has been addressed and EON have been contacted by us and have visited on a number of occasions to rectify the problem. We are still in discussions with the senior engineer at EON to resolve the issue with the lights.

Once again, thanks for the feedback. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line anytime and if you would like to arrange something for Thursday’s at the sports centre please let me know.’

Rob replied to this e-mail on 15.10.2012 thanking John Bubbins for the information and reiterating our interest in a wall committee or forum.



Rob has received a new key from Chester M.C. John has checked with all those who have used the old key and cannot trace it. The new key has been given to Andy H.   who will tab it and organize a formal booking system, as suggested by Darren. It was suggested a note in ‘What’s On’ would explain the new booking out system. Rob will write to the Chester secretary explaining the measures that have been taken to find the old key and to safeguard the new one.
















Send letter




E-mail sent to Pete Llewellyn


E-mail sent to John Bubbins at Blackpool Council



















Write to Chester M.C.


















































Sent 24.9.2012































ASAP-Done 5.9.2012


Social Secretary’s Report

Dave Earle will be temporary Social Secretary. Darren had the club projector but Tim still has the screen. John stated that Tim will hand over any remaining club equipment when Darren arranges it and Dave Earle will pick it up. Social dates are already recorded on the Town Hall’s booking form. Chris will now run the Lagangarbh meet and Clive will supervise the dinner. The dinner is booked for 24 November and the menu will be sent sometime in September. There will be pub meets on the first Wednesday of the month from October onwards. Martin and John have organized one for October. These meets will be at The Thatched, Poulton unless notice is given of an alternative venue.


Martin asked if anyone was lined up for the Autumn socials – he would look for suitable speakers. Rob said that he could possibly get Gary Gibson and would contact him. Martin would also attempt to find suitable speakers.

Martin has secured the services of Martin Kocsis / Mike Hutton  and Gary Gibson is to speak in January.










Contact Gary Gibson

Find speakers























Booking Secretary’s Report


Andy stated that all was fine but that a few keys and cheques had been lost in the post, and some had gone missing altogether. There was a no show in August – the key was returned stating not known at this address. Mikala suggested sending out pre-paid jiffy bags for keys –Andy thought the cost would be high.


There are 7 free weekends in 2013 of which two are provisionally booked by the BMC but they cannot confirm the bookings and we have lost another booking because of this. Andy will now not hold onto the huts and will allow them to be booked.


There was an influx of enquiries in January but fewer in February and there has been a downturn in enquiries. Various reasons were suggested for this downturn.


It was observed that the last family meet was well attended but that the other hut remained empty on this weekend. Andy stated that the arrangement to keep the second hut free could cost us £1500 – £2000 in lost revenue. Darren observed that the second hut may have been empty due to the crags being out of condition because of the weather. Darren felt that we needed to monitor the situation.  John felt that we could use other people’s huts for family meets and that in the past we had more of them – we now once again have many families who want to go on family meets.


Extending stays for further nights after the weekend has proved to be popular.


Andy currently has £490 outstanding from four people who haven’t returned their keys and paid but he isn’t worried by this.


New hut rates set for 2013-4


Stair –weekend -£220   midweek-£90

Langdale – weekend – £180   midweek -£70


These increases are £10 for weekends and £5 for midweek.

Andy is to add £5 to costs for prepaid Jiffy bag.
















Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that funds stood at £9557 with some cheques to pay in. One sub has been paid.  Subs renewal letters were being posted out and e-mail letters sent.  





























Membership Secretary’s Report



Martin stated that he had had a number of enquiries from people keen to go out with the club but that the weather had been poor.  Ben Cunningham from Liverpool was accepted as an introductory member. John noted that he was still a junior but Clive stated that he would be eighteen soon.


























Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


  EON Smart Meter – no progress yet, Chris will sort it out the week following this meeting.  There has been a working weekend with painting and cleaning.

Kev reports that a draft deed has been sent to the other parties and he has spoken to them briefly.  If there are issues arising Kev will discuss and attempt to find agreement before going back to the solicitors. Christine and Stella have not yet discussed the draft between themselves. Costs are escalating. The original (July 2010) estimate of £750 plus £24 disbursements from Dave Smith has now become £1300 and £80 disbursements which will include registry at the Land Registry. Dave Smith has done considerable work including visiting Langdale and it is considered that costs are reasonable based on solicitors’ charges. There is an interim bill for £750. At the end of the process everyone will be tied in to a clear legal position, and as Andy stated at the meeting, this is protecting the club’s interests.








Discuss matters arising

with other parties































Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy has nothing to report except the electrician has done the light and tested everything.
















What’s On Editor’s Report

What’s On is done.






















Newsletter Editor’s Report


The newsletter is in production and will out in mid-September.


















The dates for the C.I.C. meet for 2013 are now confirmed as 18-20 March.


Mikala asked if we could do the spreadsheets for the syllabus earlier and volunteered to input information and coordinate the process.

































Date of Next Meeting:  , Monday 19 November, 2012






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