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Present: Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale,   Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth, Pete Stridgeon, Dave Wood


Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird, Mikala Tolley, Caroline Webb, John Wiseman





Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren welcomed the new committee, particularly the new members Dave, Pete and Steve. He assured them that duties would not be too onerous.


Minutes of the last meeting held on 14.1. 2013 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



Outstanding Actions

The feasibility of obtaining a Forestry Commission key for the Allt a Mhuillin car Park (Ben Nevis) is to be explored (013/1/1). Darren’s view is that the key can be used on numerous occasions. Rob thought that there was more likelihood of meets taking place if we had the key and Dave Hicks thought that more people were likely to go. Dave Wood noted that we needed to ensure that the key would be available to all. Chris noted that it would be a set amount per year, Rob thought that it could be a small on cost to each meet and Mike suggested a set amount for each member who used it.

Darren raised the issue of the appeal for administrative assistance made by Stuart Sykes at the AGM. He noted that we did agree to communicate Stuart Sykes’ appeal to the wider membership but that he needed to come up with a form of words. Rob would write to him to obtain this. (013/1/2) Dave Wood thought that Stuart Sykes needed to encourage his clients to become club members.

Dave Wood’s proposals are to be examined in a subsequent meeting. The committee needs to further consider the outline proposals presented at the recent AGM which include tenure, voting procedure and possible exemptions (013/1/3). Dave Hicks suggested that we also need job descriptions for officers. Rob added that we should produce a draft of this in time for the next meeting (013/1/4). Darren noted that a twelve month rule is in force – committee members have to stand down. Custom and practice is not to stand down unless you want to. Steve suggested that there may be more candidates if vacancies are broadcast in advance and Darren added that the job role description would also help.

After John Hickman’s remarks as auditor, Darren noted that the committee can subsidize the committee meal but nothing else. Mike stated that John was doing his job. Darren asked Steve to consider dates for the committee meal and Mike suggested e-mailing a range of possibilities to committee members and to establish a venue. (013/1/5) It was also suggested that John Hickman and Dave Ball should be invited to the meal (013/1/6).

Dave Ball and John Hickman need to be informed of their appointments as webmaster and Auditor respectively (013/1/7)

Dave Ball needs to be informed about who is on the new committee (013/1/8).





Secretary’s Report


The BMC membership returns have been passed to Mike.


Rob referred to an e-mail from Caroline which suggested that we offer free membership for an introductory period in order to attract new members. He suggested that we also publicize the range of activities that we participate in, particularly trad. climbing as many young climbers only have experience of sport climbing. Darren felt that we could offer free membership for an introductory period whilst Martin noted that people can currently attend a few meets as a ‘taster’ without paying. Dave Hicks stated that people wanted to know that they could sample activities before committing themselves. Dave Wood mentioned that John Wiseman feels that this is a big issue; Dave therefore requested that we take this subject as a full agenda item at a future meeting (013/1/9).


Steve noted that the website was out of date (last articles published in 2010) and that making this current would make us more attractive as a club. He felt that the newsletter was sent out at a phenomenal cost and that articles could appear on the website. Darren thought that all this needed to be considered and that we might be damaging our interests if we didn’t keep the website up to date. Steve felt more administrators were needed and Dave Wood thought that he and Steve might be able to fulfil that function, assisting Dave Ball. Rob suggested meet leaders should be expected to write meet reports (however brief). Dave Hicks thought that a monthly update was needed.


Rob introduced the latest BMC survey which was completed by the whole committee at the end of the meeting. This completed survey was then to be sent to the BMC (013/1/10).




Social Secretary’s Report


There was nothing specific to report; however Steve was informed that John Wiseman would organize the evening walks. Darren suggested a total budget of between £500 and £600 for the evening socials. He felt that we are now in a better financial position and could afford better speakers. He cited the success we had had with guests such as Andy Kirkpatrick, Tim Emmett and Gary Gibson. He suggested five speakers in total, some of whom would be club members, and the photo competition. Martin had a couple of names for potential speakers for next Winter.


The photo competition had been moved to The Cube due to refurbishments being carried out during March 2013 in The Town Hall.


Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report.



Treasurer’s Report


Balance is £14,437. One significant item is coming up –the new doors and windows for Stair. The septic tank is due to be emptied. Mike is to look into the fact that we don’t have any money in savings accounts. We can’t get a decent commercial interest rate.


Membership Secretary’s Report


Martin had two introductory membership applications from his period as membership secretary. Matthew Reid living in Leyland and Sarah Stridgeon who will be 18 in November were approved by the committee. Dave Wood stated that he would pick up information from Martin. There has been an expression of interest from Anne Pickup who is moving to the area from Swansea. Martin informed the committee that the first meets available to her would probably be The Towers, otherwise it would be the climbing wall.


Dave Wood suggested that club posters needed to be rotated – each focusing on a different aspect of the club in order to appeal to different interest groups. He also suggested that we need cards containing our details available at climbing walls with the posters. He will get A3 posters and cards made and consider which venues to display them at.


Martin stated that the BMC Clubs Committee was trying to link universities to clubs. A regional representative will, at some stage, attend one of our committee meetings.


Clive wondered if we were considering reapplying for a Sport England grant, Mike stated that they wanted to know what we were doing in our local community. Dave Wood wondered how we would target specific age groups, and which age groups we should target. He thought that we needed to pitch our advertising at those who would be spending a few years in the locality. Darren thought that we might want to target thirty to forty year olds.




Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Chris stated that the recycling bins seemed to be working well. He wasn’t sure what was happening with the bins from Stella’s cottage. The stolen toilet duck and paper has been replaced.


Chris will link with Kev and report back to the committee on the latest developments in responses from Ben and Stella and Christine.

Jenny Tolley has reported that the cold water doesn’t work on some of the washbasins. Mike is to go and have a look (013/1/11).






Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Rob will contact Andy (013/1/12). Done 12.3.2013. Andy will measure up for mattresses (013/1/13).




What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s On was done by Mike in John’s absence. Mike states that meet leaders need to supply the What’s On Editor with more information.





Newsletter Editor’s Report



Nothing to report.




Discussion items for the syllabus:


Chris thought that another geo-cashing meet was required

Two caving meets needed to be included

Names of volunteers to lead meets were needed.



Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 22 April, 2013 at the Conservative Club, Kirkham, 8.00p.m.



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