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Present: Clive Bell, Martin Dale,   Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth, Pete Stridgeon,  Mikala Tolley,  John Wiseman, Dave Wood


Chris Bell, Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Caroline Webb





Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren thanked Steve for organising the committee meal and noted that he had put a lot of effort into it. He also thanked Rob for putting the agenda and documentation together.

Minutes of the last meeting held on 11.3. 2013 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



Outstanding Actions

(013/1/1) There was concluding discussion regarding obtaining a Forestry Commission key for the Allt a Mhuillin car Park (Ben Nevis). Rob felt that we needed to try using a key for a trial period to see how effective it would be and Martin commented that if we could afford it then we should go for it. Darren confirmed that the trial period would be one year and that he would log usage and that we needed to keep it under review. Clive felt that the key would be used quite a lot in the first year and Dave Wood stated that people must not be allowed to hang on to it. Mikala thought that we needed a booking system and that we should consider a charge and John felt that priority must be given to meet coordinators. The meeting approved obtaining a key for a trial period, Darren to monitor its use.

(013/1/3) Dave Wood has produced a guide to further discussion with regard to the policy for electing officers. Dave is to e-mail this to everyone (013/2/1)

(013/1/4) In response to the request for job descriptions, Andy D and Martin have produced descriptions of the roles of Hut Warden and Membership Secretary. Clive questioned the purpose of these but was assured by Dave Wood and Rob that they would be useful tools to advise potential new officers about job requirements and as guidelines for the future. This action is ongoing and all officers are expected to produce a job description as soon as possible.

(013/1/9) Recruitment of members. Darren invited Dave Wood to speak on this topic. We were asked to consider what the membership might resemble if we wanted to change it; we might never get to an ideal balance. How might six months of active membership compare to thirty years of inactivity? John noted that the age profile had changed but he felt that it would be better if the meets were well attended. He felt that if might be an option to invite prospective members to attend meets as a taster rather than give free introductory membership which would involve rule changes. Mikala thought it was a good idea to allow people to experience what we do and to see if they are comfortable with staying in the huts. Darren felt that we needed to develop a list of questions to ensure membership success. (013/2/2) Rob felt that we were an ageing club and needed to change the profile and Clive thought that we needed to consider how to advertise ourselves. Martin stated that from evidence from the BMC clubs committee this was a major issue for the whole country. Many people just went to the climbing wall. Mikala thought that we could advertise the club from the perspective that you can get a variety of experiences for not a lot of money. Darren felt that we should pick out the things that we can make a difference on.

(013/1/11) Mikala reported that the tap is now working.

(013/1/13)  Andy D had measured for mattresses and has been in touch with Teasdales twice. He is still awaiting a reply and will chase this up.

FMC  Calendar Review

The hut wardens are to be contacted to check if fire escape plans, electrical safety checks and five yearly electrical risk assessments have been done. (013/2/3)Contact hut wardens to check if assessments have been carried out –Rob.

Trustees and their addresses have remained the same.

Darren had renewed the fact sheet and has produced a version to be displayed in the huts. Laminated copies are to be placed in the huts.

The evening walking and climbing syllabus has been completed and will go out with the new syllabus.

Rob is to send the AGM minutes to John so that they can go out with What’s On. (013/2/4)




Secretary’s Report


Rob mentioned that the latest BMC membership returns had come.  These had been sent to Mike but copied to the rest of the committee.


The latest BMC grant information had been re-sent, but this was for equipment and the club was not making an application.


Rob asked the whole committee if they approved Stuart Sykes’ appeal to the club for administrative assistance. The committee’s view was that this should be passed on to the membership. (013/2/5)Rob to e-mail the membership with details.





Social Secretary’s Report


Steve wondered if in future we would be looking for a similar venue for the committee meal. Darren thought that a middle of the road venue would suit everyone.

The annual dinner has been rebooked but confirmation needs to be obtained. (013/2/6)Steve to obtain confirmation for annual dinner. Steve wondered if we were looking for a speaker and Darren thought that we could develop ideas about the dinner in future. John stated that we should continue with good socials and noted that we had had different and successful socials this year. The Winter socials will continue on the second Wednesday in the month with three club dates (including the photo competition) and three celebrity speakers. Simon Yates, Jane Yates and Adele Pennington were suggested as potential speakers. Martin has a number of contacts. Steve is to book the Town Hall for the appropriate dates (013/2/7)and also book The Town Hall for The AGM. (013/2/8)


Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report – all is fine.



Treasurer’s Report


  Bank balance today £14,121.42.

Mike listed future expenditure as doors at Stair, replacement mattresses Stair and  replacement window at Langdale to permit escape. 

 Mike thought it might be worth asking Tony Hulme to look at the escape window from the gents’ dorm in case he could come up with a suggestion – maybe an inward opener? The rear window to the gents’ dorm is openable, but the front ones aren’t. This would be more of an issue for the ladies’ dorm. The windows aren’t designed for escape but the suggestion is they would be used.

John stated that the windows would not open enough, and Darren noted that this came under fire plans and risk assessments. Clive felt there should be an escape door, Mikala thought that a hammer to break the glass out would be sufficient. Darren reminded the meeting that this issue was included in an action.


Membership Secretary’s Report


There had been one enquiry to sample club activities. Dave asked Martin if Introductory Membership forms could be downloaded from the website, and could we e-mail them back. Darren thought that the option to e-mail forms back was better than using post; he also felt that we needed to keep the website updated in order to encourage new members and gave the example of newsletter articles being published on the website after being in the magazine. Dave thought that we needed cards at the climbing wall and martin suggested developing our Face book page. Dave Hicks also noted that we needed the website to be up to date. Darren stated that the next step would be to contact Dave Ball to publish the syllabus on the website (013/2/9)and John suggested that we needed to ask Dave Ball to put on the website that people who are not members are welcome to come along as guests. (013/2/10)Dave Wood suggested that we could offer two introductory meets free to individuals and their partners.  




Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


There was some discussion about the need to change the xpelair at Langdale.






Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy has not been much this year but he did empty the safe three weeks ago. He has asked Teasdale’s for new mattress prices twice by e-mail but has had no response so will continue to chase this up. The new fire doors have not been done and Tony Hulme is liaising with Chris regarding completion of this.





What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Onwas done by Mike in John’s absence and Mike used a different format. The opinion of the meeting was that the old format is preferable. John stated that What’s On would be out before he went to Ireland.



Newsletter Editor’s Report


The CIC meet report had been sent to Caroline. The next newsletter is due out in August.




Clive queried the addresses of Caroline and Steve Carnduff.


An action for Caroline is to forward articles from the February Newsletter to Dave Ball so that they can be placed on the website.(013/2/11)

Rob is to remind Dave Ball to update the website with the names of the members of the new committee. (013/2/12)



Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 17 June, 2013 at the Conservative Club, Kirkham, 8.00p.m.



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