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Present: Chris Bell, Martin Dale,   Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Rob Lewis, Pete Stridgeon,  Dave Wood


Clive Bell, Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird, Steve Longworth,  Mike Howe, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman,Caroline Webb





Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren wished Clive a speedy recovery as did the rest of the Committee. Dave W had tried to contact his home to find out how he was. Rob suggested that the committee send a card. (013/3/1)


Darren noted that there had been lots of successful meets such as Pembroke, Kalymnos and Chester. There were not many attendees on the evening walks but climbing meets had been well attended. Martin already had a good number for the weekend’s meet.  Dave H thought that there were a number of good active members. Martin remarked that attendances were better than last year.


Minutes of the last meeting held on 22.4. 2013 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



Outstanding Actions

(013/1/1) Obtaining a Forestry Commission key for the Allt a Mhuillin car Park (Ben Nevis). This is now complete.

(013/1/3) Dave Wood has produced a document outlining his thoughts about Tenure, Voting (in advance of the AGM) and Nominations. He suggested that voting could be postal in addition to the votes cast at the AGM. Nominations could also be made in advance of the AGM. Rob suggested that potential candidates should write a few paragraphs in support of their nomination. Darren was concerned that postal voting might discourage attendance at the AGM but Dave W noted that some years perhaps only one committee member might be up for election so that this would form a small part of the whole business of the AGM. Dave H wanted to know if anything was broken and what we were trying to fix. Dave W responded by noting the similarity between the club and trades unions where votes tended to go through on a show of hands with no real challenge. Darren thought, particularly with the post of Chair, that the period in office should be between three and five years. Rob thought that nomination of members for positions in advance of the AGM was a good idea, giving a more considered element to selection. Dave is to distribute his document to the rest of the committee in preparation for further discussion. (013/3/2)

(013/1/4) Further job descriptions have been received from Rob and Mike so that Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Hut Warden have now been completed.  This action is ongoing and all officers are expected to produce a job description as soon as possible.(013/1/9) Recruitment of members. This action is deferred.

 (013/1/11) The tap is now working. This action is complete.

(013/1/13)  Andy D has purchases eleven mattresses at a cost of £1770. This has been approved by the committee. This action is now complete.

FMC  Calendar Review

The hut wardens are to be contacted to check when fire escape plans, electrical safety checks and five yearly electrical risk assessments expire. (013/2/3)–Rob

013/2/9 The syllabus has been published on the website. This action is now complete.

013/2/12 The names of the committee have been placed on the website. This action is now complete.




Secretary’s Report


LL Transfer Deeds


Rob had received an e-mail from Kev suggesting that full committee minuted agreement to the revised draft would be in order as the deeds were now complete.  However Chris Campbell objected to some of the detail of the Transfer Deeds, and suggested that they should be taken back to the solicitor. As a result, Rob felt unable to ask the meeting to ratify the deeds at that time, and asked for the views of the committee. Darren felt that we needed to take into account Chris’ expertise and that it would be foolish not to take expert advice, particularly as Chris had formerly come to a special meeting. Chris Bell also thought that we couldn’t ignore this advice and Pete thought that taking it back to the solicitor was sound. Dave H also stated that it needed to go to solicitors. Chris B was tasked with contacting Kev and asking him to check Chris Campbell’s points with the solicitor. (013/3/3).


As a result of this action the solicitor was able to deal with all points satisfactorily, therefore and extraordinary meeting was able to be arranged to ratify the deeds.






Social Secretary’s Report


The annual dinner has been rebooked at the Skiddaw Hotel.(013/2/6)


Steve has booked the Town Hall for the appropriate Winter social dates (013/2/7) together with guest speakers, and also booked The Town Hall for The AGM. (013/2/8).


The committee meal has also been booked.


Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report .



Treasurer’s Report


  Mike stated the bank balance as of today is £14,720. He felt he really needs to find out if we can invest some of this – even 1% would be worthwhile – any suggestions from the committee would be welcome. It is difficult to find a business account paying interest.

Mike has renewed the hut electricity accounts for another 12 months and moved over to monthly direct debits – He states any meter readings are always appreciated! When he rang up he got significantly better rates that those offered by letter.


Membership Secretary’s Report


One applicant- Craig Hargreaves –by e-mail, information has been sent out to him. Alan Bousfield has not done the requisite number of meets and so his application is rejected.


Darren felt that electronic forms would be better and would probably receive a better return.  Martin stated that this was one of the methods which the club had yet to introduce.


Dave stated that the club needed a designated space at the climbing wall for poster and syllabus and noted that Cotswold have a huge space. Martin observed that posters keep disappearing from the Blackpool wall.


Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Chris said that he hadn’t done anything about the xpelair as yet but that he would chase this up. (013/3/4)





Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Dave W stated that the new pictures had been put up and were approved by the hut warden. Dave H thanked dave W for his efforts in doing this.

Andy noted that no action had been taken over the fire doors at Stair. As a result, Chris B is to look through the specifications and Darren is to get in touch with Tony in order to get things moving. (013/3/5)




What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Onwill be out at the end of June.



Newsletter Editor’s Report


The next newsletter is due out in August.




Action suggested for Mike to bring suggestions with regard to investment of funds to the meeting (013/3/6)


Dave W suggested that by funding mountain rescue in Kalymnos we could publicise the club. Darren thought that we would need to weigh the benefits against the cost and that ultimately that it could be a decision for the AGM.


Darren was concerned about the use of Face book as about 55 people had joined the FMC group but only about 30 were members. The purpose of the group as a good communication tool and for organizing and updating events was clear, but non-members should not be gaining access to members’ personal details.


Darren noted that the Allt A Mhuillin car park had been restricted for nine weeks but was now open.


Darren also noted that two members dropped out of the CIC meet and that the spaces were not filled. One member has since paid the outstanding fee of £ 37.50. Rob was asked to write to the other member to ask for payment.(013/3/7)




Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 5 August, 2013 at the Conservative Club, Kirkham, 8.00p.m.



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