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Present: Chris Bell,  Clive Bell, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks,  Andy  Hird, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth,  Pete Stridgeon, Mikala Tolley, John Wiseman,  Dave Wood


 Martin Dale, Andy Dunhill, Caroline Webb





Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


It was with great sadness that Darren reported that Karen Barker had passed away. He wished to recognize Karen’s involvement with the club and her contribution to it. Martin would attend the funeral on Thursday on behalf of himself and the club. (At Karen’s funeral Martin made a contribution of £30 on behalf of the club).


Darren noted that Kevan was due thanks once again for his contribution to the second draft of the minutes of the extraordinary meeting to finalise the Little Langdale Transfer Deeds.


Darren opened a discussion about the FMC face book group and the concerns members have about who can take part and what is posted. Mikala noted that as it is an open group anyone can post on it. Darren thought that what had been posted to date was appropriate. (Since the meeting, Caroline has established a link for FMC members only, so that meet details and any personal information can be restricted to club members. This is working well.)


Minutes of the last meeting held on 17.6. 2013 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



FMC Calendar Review

Mike informed the meeting that membership cards had been ordered. Members were to be notified that subscriptions were due on 1 October. Payment could be made by S/O, BACS or cheque and John would include membership renewal information in What’s On at the end of August. Mike would e-mail all members who could be contacted in this way and John would send information to the others.

Outstanding Actions

Actions are tracked using the Action Report.



Secretary’s Report


Rob had received correspondence from Jennie Tolley who had found it frustrating that a list of members’ addresses and contact details was currently unavailable. Dave agreed that it was frustrating to have to use old lists. Mike noted that all committee members have access to the full database and we had decided not to release lists but that it was time to discuss the issue. Mikala was opposed to her personal details being made generally available. Dave Hicks suggested that members should be asked whether they wished to have their details published or not. Andy H felt that people wanted telephone numbers and Mikala commented that telephone numbers and e-mail addresses were all that you would need. Darren felt that we were seeing a balanced range of views across the committee. Mike is to ask members if they want their details published when he sends out the membership renewal reminders (013/5/1). Darren is to update the Calendar on a twelve monthly basis (013/5/2).




Social Secretary’s Report


Steve had nothing to report. John suggested a new format for the photo competition where the pictures can be looked at in advance and judged before the meeting and the audience asked to give their top three. John is to put forward new proposals for the photo competition (013/5/3).


Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report. All fees are up to date, one or two weekends are free for next year. Andy gave notice that he and Liz were finding the level of commitment challenging, particularly when there were peaks in the workload. He stated that they were considering whether they would be able to carry on after the next AGM.



Treasurer’s Report


  Mike stated the bank balance as of today is £12143. Funds are at their lowest at this time of year but Andy has some cheques to pay in. Fee renewals are coming up and there are now quite a few bank transfers which helps. Mike stated that people with outstanding debts would not be allowed to renew until they had cleared their debts.

Membership Secretary’s Report


Mark Lambert applied for full membership and provided a list of meets attended. Darren noted that he had organised special rates for FMC members at the towers and the Blackpool wall. Mark was accepted as a full member.


Anne-Marie Pickup was accepted as an introductory member.


Stephen Powell and Iggy Moore have not completed the necessary paperwork. Dave is to chase Iggy up to complete his membership (013/5/4).


Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Electrical updates have taken place as mentioned above. W/We coming up when guttering at the back will be fixed. Chris welcomes any attendees.





Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


New mattresses are in place.


Dave H noted that new cleaning equipment was needed –brush and mops and that the old ones had been thrown out. He had e-mailed Andy about obtaining new cleaning equipment.

Mike noted that a lot of cleaning products had been stolen from Stair.




What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Onwill be out at the end of August.



Newsletter Editor’s Report


The next newsletter is due out in September.




Darren informed the committee that Karen’s funeral would be on Thursday and that Martin would be attending. Dave H. asked if the club were sending flowers. Darren stated that he had sent a card of condolence from the club to Tony and that we would make a donation or send flowers, whichever Tony thought appropriate. Mike would contact him.


There was some discussion about a reward for Kevan from the club after his hard work and tenacity over the last three years. Mike noted that he had done much work behind the scenes and brought a great deal of expertise to the role and John also recognized the amount of time Kevan had dedicated to the task. It was decided that Darren –as Chair-should draft a letter of appreciation to Kevan from the club and another to Chris Campbell to recognise the hard work that he had put in. The committee agreed that Kevan should receive a gift worth £100 and Chris Campbell a gift worth £50.  Clive should try to find out what Kevan would like as a gift.




Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 21 October, 2013 at the Conservative Club, Kirkham, 8.00p.m.



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