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Present:  Clive Bell, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth,  Pete Stridgeon,  Dave Wood


 Chris Bell, Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird, Mikala Tolley, Caroline Webb







Main points of discussion


Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren wished to recognise the efforts of committee members who have organised meets – many of them abroad-this Summer.


Letter of recognition have been sent to Kevan Ebbrell and Chris Campbell in recognition of their sterling efforts over the Little Langdale Transfer Deed. Cotswold Outdoor vouchers for £ 100 and £50 respectively have been awarded in recognition of their efforts. Kevan has replied with thanks to the committee, Chris is also pleased with the recognition of the work he has done.


Minutes of the last meeting held on 05.8. 2013 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



FMC Calendar Review

Andy to update outside booking hut fees in time for the next meeting. (013/6/1)

Steve has completed the new social programme .

Membership cards have been ordered and members notified that subs are due.

The annual dinner booking form and notification have been sent.


Outstanding Actions

Actions are tracked using the Action Report.



Secretary’s Report


 Rob had received an e-mail from Dave McClean referring to former and current  members of the FMC  and sadly informing the club that one of these former members, Alice Shread, had passed away. The letter also mentions some other members who are now no longer with us and wonders if we can uphold the tradition  of raising a glass to them at the annual dinner. As the letter refers to Allan Bell, the committee felt that it would be appropriate if he gave the toast atthe dinner.



Social Secretary’s Report


Steve reported that the refurbishment of the Town Hall was not brilliant for the club. There are now two pillars in the room which obstruct the view and bench seating round the sides. We need to try it for the time being and could make use of the large TV for slides.


Darren liked the idea of visiting the Mountain Rescue base at Garstang and felt that we could make a family event of it. Dave H felt that it shouldn’t be a trip made under sufferance.


It was noted that the Town hall put on sandwiches at cost for other organisations – Darren thought that this was a good idea and would bring members and guests in.


Steve was concerned by the low number of bookings for the annual dinner – only 35 so far.


Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report.


Treasurer’s Report


  Mike stated the bank balance as of today is £14188. The doors at Stair and the electrical testing have been paid for.  Valuations have been pushed up by 5% on the last insurance renewals – £194000 for Stair and £173000 for Langdale.

Membership Secretary’s Report


Darren Robinson of Freckleton, introduced by Michael Dugdale was accepted as an introductory member


Ben Cunningham, introduced by Clive Bell, having been on five meets was accepted as a full member.


 Iggy Moore was accepted as a full member having been on numerous meets as were Andy Cronshaw  and Stephen Powell. Proposed by Dave Wood.




Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


 Kev.  has been in touch to say that the deeds have been signed by Stella and Christine and are now with Ben Dickey. They will be passed on to the solicitor when they are returned. Mike will speak to Kev about solicitor’s fees.


There was a complaint by Ben Dickey about the behaviour of a guest group from Impact at Little Langdale.  This group will need to be offered Stair in future – this needs to be raised with the booking Secretary.


Minor electrical works have been done and Chris is awaiting the electrical test certificate. The guttering and dry stone walling is complete after the working weekend. Chris is awaiting the format for fire risk assessment from Andy H.





Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Working weekend is now shared with the fell race on the last weekend in November.


Andy emptied the safe recently. A new bulb has been put in the outside light by the front door. PAT testing is arranged for as requested by Andy Hird. The table and bench at the bottom of the garden has been destroyed by someone.  The new fridge is in place and the old one taken to the tip, also Tony Hulme has replaced both the fire doors and the failed double glazing unit in the kitchen area. .



What’s OnEditor’s Report


John will bring thoughts on a new format for the photo competition to the next meeting.

What’s on is due out by the end of the month so could any other committee members with announcements to make to the club send them to him by Sunday 26 October  please; also those leading meets to send reminders.          

John will take the dates that the huts are available over the Christmas period from the website unless he hears to the contrary. Liz is requested to send a piece about the Ladies’ meet.

John wants details and a plug for the two socials on Nov 13  and Dec 11 from Steve.

 Any advance notices for meets and events in the New Year would be helpful.



Newsletter Editor’s Report


Nothing to report




Clive tentatively suggested a meet on Exmoor or Dartmoor in early June next year. The club would need to find suitable bunkhouses in Cornwall.


Steve is arranging ‘away’ meets on Tuesday nights and will negotiate with different walls.


Darren is still monitoring the use of the Ben Nevis car park key. Due to work to repair access, there have been restricted opportunities for use; however, the permit period has been extended for two months as a result.


Darren had received an e-mail from Henry Iddon regarding the clash between the club dinner and the Kendal Mountaineering Festival. We perhaps need to avoid this clash in future and Steve will examine whether this weekend is more or less advantageous to us.



Appendix 1: Responses to AGM Questionnaire & Discussion


Dave has produced a breakdown of results from 35 respondents.

A maximum of 16 members would use an electronic option.

Most members do not feel disenfranchised by not being able to attend the AGM.


Darren was pleasantly surprised by the response and felt that members had had an opportunity to express their views. He thought that electronic votes might be used as a top up if we were not quorate at the AGM but Mike stated that we could not do that with the rules as they stood. Dave W thought that we could put in contingency plans for this. Mike also thought that committee members should cajole club members to attend the AGM. Clive felt that it was worrying that membership was dropping and that we were an ageing club and Mike noted that many members were now living further from the Fylde and might find attendance at the AGM difficult.


Dave W said that people with electronic votes could be held in reserve, but Rob responded stating that either there were electronic votes or there were not –you couldn’t hold members in reserve.


Dave W noted that the tenure issue had not yet been dealt with. Darren thought that if nothing was broken then there was nothing to fix. He felt that the tenure issue should really only apply to the post of Chairman. Dave W thought that there should be a minimum period and Darren added that Vice-Chairman is a progressive role.  Martin noted that there used to be a rotation of the committee members. Darren stated that what is ideal is if a post is occupied by someone who wants to do it and Mike thought that the committee needed to identify members who had the potential to take on key roles. Dave W stated that everyone needed long enough in post to get used to the job and Mike added that most post holders are feeling their way in the first year. Rob felt that there was a shortage a volunteers willing to step forward. Dave W will reintroduce the subject in future.


Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 16 December, 2013 at the Conservative Club, Kirkham, 8.00p.m.



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