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Present:  Clive Bell, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth, John Wiseman,  Dave Wood


 Chris Bell, Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird, Mikala Tolley, Caroline Webb





Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren wished to recognize Steve and Dave’s efforts with regard to the Simon Yates’ social and the Annual Dinner. He felt that Steve had an unassuming manner but had organised some excellent events and always achieved results on behalf of the club. Darren’s view was that Steve is the best Social Secretary that we have had for some time and that all the events were working well with good publicity, for example, climbing evenings at venues other than West View. Darren encouraged Steve to keep up the good work!


Darren continued with the ‘Dinner’ theme and noted that Alan Bell Had been unable to attend due to illness.  This would have been his 51st or 52nd dinner and it was felt generally by the committee how much of a pity that it was that he had been forced to miss the event. It was noted by that he had been missed on the evening.  It was agreed that Rob would write to Alan to voice the feelings of the committee.


Les Ward is still having problems with his back and Darren informed the meeting that this has affected his outlook. Darren, Chris Campbell and Kevan Ebbrell have visited Les and Clive stated that he is now at home. Clive thinks that the problem may be a trapped nerve.


Mikala now wishes to stand down from the committee. Darren felt that we should recognise the efforts made by Mikala on behalf of the club, and this view was endorsed by the committee. Rob is to write to Mikala to express the committee’s appreciation of what she has done.




Minutes of the last meeting held on 21.10.2013 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



FMC Calendar Review

The review of membership has been carried out by the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary. Only a few members are still to be considered.

The BMC had been advised of members‘names and details and the subscription has been paid.

The Annual Dinner has been provisionally booked for the 22 November 2014. 

January actions are the hut insurance renewal, The Treasurer’s Financial Review, Reports from officers and the compilation of the AGM agenda by the secretary.

Outstanding Actions

Actions are tracked using the Action Report.

As a conclusion to the first part of his investigation on Voting and Tenure, Dave Wood offered some conclusions in a report. He found that a quarter of the membership had responded to his questionnaire and that club members did not, on the whole, feel disenfranchised by the current voting system. Two thirds of respondents had voted to maintain the status quo.

There was some enthusiasm for the suggestion that nominations for posts could take place in advance of the AGM and some members would be happy to use an electronic voting procedure. Mike suggested that members could apply to the secretary for job descriptions when the AGM papers were sent out.

John thought that nominations in advance could be introduced straight away and Dave Hicks thought that this was a good idea in order to prevent the perception that membership of the committee was a closed shop.

Dave Wood felt that to combat the problem that we might not achieve a quorum at the AGM then electronic voting could be held in reserve. Darren felt that committee members should encourage members to attend the AGM, and that a non-quorate AGM would be a disaster. He felt that sufficient ‘banging of the drum’ would bring success with numbers. Steve noted that there were fifteen officers and committee members and that we should make it our aim not to fail to be quorate. Rob felt that members needed to be at the meeting to hear the arguments being expressed and John agreed that there would be a problem with regard to any motion or change to the club rules. Mike felt that decisions would have to be deferred until the next AGM. Mike also suggested offering a potato pie at the meeting as part incentive for attendance! Mike and Dave also agreed that making the meeting later in the evening might encourage more members to attend.  Darren stated that if we had electronic voting as a back-up method we would have to look at changing the rules.

Dave stated that there was a strong feeling that there might be a problem recruiting members to the committee if limits were imposed on tenure. Darren felt that only the post of Chair should be time-limited, and the Vice-Chair should shadow the role for one year before taking over.

It was felt that all officers and committee members should serve a minimum of two years in order to familiarise themselves with their jobs and that the Chair should serve for up to five years.




Secretary’s Report


Rob requested reports from officers by 15 January, 2014.  He also paid tribute to the contribution made by Mikala who often offered very different and illuminating perspectives on issues. Rob felt that it was important for the balance of the committee that we maintain female / younger persons’ views on issues, and asked committee members to think seriously about which members could be encouraged to make similar contributions.




Social Secretary’s Report


Steve noted that all but one of the committee had turned out for the Annual Dinner and about 19% of the members. Next year’s dinner will be in the Lakes but Steve will canvass about a future dinner on the Fylde.


Booking Secretary’s Report


Action to review outside booking hut fees. Andy and Liz have revised the fees and there is a 3% increase. Figures have also been produced for next year.


Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the balance was £15303 and that funds were at their peak with subs and booking fees in. The BMC have not yet received the 2014 affiliation list – there are a couple of very late payers which Dave is trying to sort out. Mike should be sending the list next week, so that’s when the affiliation fee will be paid. This means that £2000 will be outgoing to the BMC in January but there is no other significant expenditure. The hut insurance and the new doors at Stair have been paid for. There is a need to look at data re the use of the huts. John stated that we could book the other hut out on the same weekend as a family meet. Darren thought that there had to be a balance – what is the club there for? Dave Wood and Rob thought that the weather was a big variable and bad weather could lead to empty huts.


Membership Secretary’s Report


Some outstanding membership payments – Dave will contact Al Peel and Martin will talk to Andy Blaylock. Donald Connolly and Craig Hargreaves have paid. Liz Cain has not renewed.

An application from Richard Duerden of 29 Derby Road, Ansdell was approved.


There was some discussion about the application from Peter Scholefield. Darren asked if we had given him an expectation that he could be ‘fast-tracked’ towards full membership. Dave cited the stringent FRCC rules ( via Ron Kenyon) and stated that Peter should follow the introductory process as any other new member would have to do. John felt that if we made an exception for Peter then there would be much friction from other people. Peter is much liked within the club but it was felt that procedures need to be followed.





Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Chris reported that there was nothing major regarding Langdale. Minor electrical works were done & awaiting an electrical test certificate to come through.

The working weekend went well. Guttering & dry stone walling are complete.

Chris is awaiting format for Fire Risk Assessment from Andy Hird.







Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy has asked the plumber to look at the leaking stopcock below the sink. The electrician has done the appliance check, the bill is awaited.



What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Onis due out at the end of the month, John wants Steve’s social events and AGM related news in particular.




Newsletter Editor’s Report


Articles and photos would be appreciated for the next edition.





Simon Fenna wants to know if the club will subsidise training in rock climbing rescue techniques. Rob suggested we also consider first aid. Darren responded by stating that we have no data, we need a proposal for discussion but in principal we support this. John thought that St. John’s Ambulance would provide cost effective courses and that the Mountain Rescue run courses on what to do whilst waiting for help.


Dave wanted the projector problem addressed and suggested £7-800 would buy a decent model. Steve is to look at options up to £1000.


Kevan Ebbrell has asked what has happened to the films from Canada and what has happened to the wildfowlers’ projector. Dave stated that Alan Bell was dealing with the films and had the projector. Darren is to find out what is happening.


The syllabus is due for distribution, Clive says the hut swaps are in place. Committee members are to come up with ideas at the next meeting.






Date of Next Meeting:  Monday 13 January, 2014 at the Conservative Club, Kirkham, 8.00p.m.


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