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Present:  Clive Bell, Chris Bell,  Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Tony Hulme, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth, Pete Stridgeon, John Wiseman,  Dave Wood


 Andy Dunhill, Caroline Webb







Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren welcomed Tony to the committee.


He thought the AGM was a success – numbers in attendance were the highest since he could remember and he thanked Steve Longworth for his efforts in publicising the event and making it a success. Darren thought that communication with members is much improved and that there was a theme of enjoyment and joining in about everything that the club was doing. It was a valid observation that we might not be quorate at the AGM and it was the committee’s responsibility to ensure that there was good attendance.

Dave Hicks commented that 2013 was a great year for participation and Darren noted that the success of the AGM was the culmination of everything else that had been excellent.



Minutes of the last meeting held on 13.1.2014 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.

The minutes of the AGM held on 26.2. 2014 were also accepted.

With regard to Future Club Policy Chris Bell is to look at the feasibility of installing a wood burning stove at Little Langdale. (14/1/1)

With regard to Simon Fenna voicing a problem at the AGM about access to caves and stating that to do so in future, we may need to be affiliated to the Council of Northern Caving Clubs, he is to investigate what action we need to take. Rob will e-mail him to ask if he needs any support from the committee. (14/1/2)

There was discussion of the safety training issues raised previously at committee and at the AGM. The consensus was that this could include self-rescue and first aid. Dave Hicks is to look at the costs and benefits of training (14/1/3) as he believes members would like to look at the feasibility of training. Tony asked if this training was likely to be mandatory but Darren thought not. Martin noted that the BMC offered suitable courses. Dave Wood would make enquiries with Fylde Coast about first aid. Clive thought that we would need to build in refresher courses, Drew noted that a ‘phone signal was often crucial to summon help and Darren felt that we could cascade knowledge.



FMC Calendar Review

Mike has renewed the hut insurance.

Rob has published the AGM report for committee and will now distribute it to club members.

The hut factsheets to reflect the current rates. Darren is to update factsheets. (14/1/4)

Darren is also to issue updated / revised committee calendar. (14/1/5)

Martin is to issue updated evening climbing syllabus. (14/1/6)

Committee meal had been organised.

Outstanding Actions

The outstanding actions were reviewed and the Action Report has been updated to reflect this.



Secretary’s Report


Rob referred to the e-mail from Caroline referring to using a loop of climbing action as background during indoor events. Steve said he had this in hand.


Rob read the letter of thanks from Alan Bell in response to the letter from the committee about his absence from the dinner. He is looking forward to being at the next dinner!


Rob stated that BMC membership documents for this year had arrived and been passed to Mike.





Social Secretary’s Report


Steve had nothing to report. Martin suggested a few names for future socials including Martin Kocsis and James McHaffie.


Booking Secretary’s Report


Drew noted that a lot of keys had not been returned from former members and he suspected that a lot of keys were in circulation. He thought that we might research the use of a digitised entry system. Mike stated that we have discussed this in the past; the drawback is that if the electrics fail then we cannot gain entry to the huts. He did think, however, that control of the keys had been lost. Martin noted that the Vags. have an electronic system and Darren thought that the introduction of a new system would have to weigh the cost against the benefit.


Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the balance as of today was £12442. The BMC affiliation fee of £1892 had been paid and a new projector had been paid for. He hoped to get some of the second part of the legal fees back. There are plans for improving the huts and Darren feels that the lounge at Stair is due a refurbishment.

Darren noted that many effective upgrades had been carried out recently such as the replacement of mattresses and new toilet cubicles. He thought that the flooring needed attention.

Drew wanted to look at options on the Stair roof – a scheme with costs and Darren felt that we needed a five-year plan. Drew thought that once the roof started to leak it could cost a fortune in repairs.

Mike is to look at schemes whereby members can leave money to the FMC (14/1/7). He thought that we had to be careful to accumulate funds and that there were all sorts of ideas that we could come up with.

Andy is to assemble costings for a new roof (14/1/8)



Membership Secretary’s Report


Sarah Marshall signed up at the AGM. Dave has sent documents on to her.


Mark Lambert has dropped off a list of mountaineering books available for FMC members to borrow.






Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Working weekend went well. Fire risk assessment and PAT testing were on the list. More guttering was done.


Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Nothing to report.


What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Ondue to go out tomorrow. Evening climbing meets start in May.


Newsletter Editor’s Report


Nothing to report.






The family meet in January needs to be at Stair.

Lagangarbh needs to be cancelled.

Chris will lead the March meet.

Darren will lead a Scottish meet in February – venue / date TBC.


Date of Next Meeting:  28 April, 2014 


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