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Present:  Clive Bell, Chris Bell,  Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Andy Hird, Tony Hulme, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth, Pete Stridgeon, John Wiseman,  Dave Wood


 Andy Dunhill, Mike Howe, Caroline Webb







Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren had nothing specific to remark on and thanked everyone for their attendance.




Minutes of the last meeting held on 3.3.2014 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



FMC Calendar Review

The annual committee factsheet had been updated and the hut factsheets sent out.

The evening walk and climbing syllabus has been done.

Committee dinner arrangements are complete.

The meet syllabus is complete

AGM minutes have been distributed via What’s On

Outstanding Actions

For June /July

Andy H is to review outside booking fees(014/2/1) to be moved in line with inflation.

The Winter social programme and dates is to be compiled in July.



Secretary’s Report


Rob has e-mailed Simon Fenna asking if he needs support with caving registration with the CNCC. He has had no response to date.


Quarterly membership returns have come from the BMC and been passed on to Mike. We currently have 161 members.



Social Secretary’s Report


The dinner menu is acceptable to the committee.


Names for future socials include  James McHaffie, Steve Stout and Adele Pennington.


Andy H stated that the photo competition winners have gone to Caroline for the newsletter.



Booking Secretary’s Report


Andy said that new keys need to be cut. Enquiries for 2015 are coming in –two thirds of next year is booked already.


We are accruing funds. Action for hut custodians; consider priorities for spending money on the huts; we need medium and long term plans. (014/2/2)

Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the bank balance is £12322 as of last Friday. Mike suggested a prioritised list of planning expenditure with significant input from hut custodians. Mike has only received one piece of feedback about the distribution of e-mail addresses.  


Membership Secretary’s Report


Leanne Sutton, a friend of Dave Hicks has become a member.


Patrick Hailey, the partner of John Bailey’s daughter wishes to join.






Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Chris discussed the difficulties of fitting a log burner at Little Langdale, including fitting a flue and extending the hearth.

We need to get a new toaster.

Keith Gaskell is waiting for an assessor to do PAT testing. We need grease traps  as Christine and Stella have been having trouble with fat in the drains.


Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy thinks we need a new shower in the ladies as well as a more modern tap in the gents. The kitchen sink is still rather wobbly so the plumber could look at that as well.


He thinks we need a new light unit for one of the lights in the kitchen so a job for the next working weekend

 Also, it would be useful to build a secure area for the bin by the entrance.

Andy noted that floor of the porch is not very good. The floor paint we use keeps peeling off. It would be better to tile it but that would result in the level being slightly higher than the main room – comments welcome?

He thinks we may need to get a new cooker at some point as the existing one shorts out if we wash the rings thoroughly.




What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Ondue to go out tomorrow.


Newsletter Editor’s Report


A message from Caroline about material for the newsletter is to be included in What’s On.






There was some discussion as to whether or not we should renew the Allt A Mhuillin forestry key.


The committee discussed the behaviour of a member at recent meets. Rob is to write to him regarding the committee’s view of his behaviour. (014/2/3)


Date of Next Meeting:  14 July, 2014 


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