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Present:   Chris Bell,  Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth, Pete Stridgeon, John Wiseman,  Dave Wood


 Clive Bell,  Andy Hird, Andy Dunhill, Tony Hulme, Caroline Webb







Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren thought that everyone was making good use of the excellent Summer weather. He thanked Dave for a first class intro meet.




Minutes of the last meeting held on 3.3.2014 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



FMC Calendar Review

The AGM minutes were distributed.

Reminder – review outside booking fees.

The Winter social programme is ongoing and nearly complete.

Mike is to order new membership cards

Subscriptions are due in September


Outstanding Actions


Andy H is to review outside booking fees (014/2/1) to be moved in line with inflation.



Secretary’s Report


Rob has written to the member who was behaving badly on meets. There has been no response. 


A quarterly membership update has come from the BMC and been passed on to Mike.




Social Secretary’s Report


There was some discussion of the offer from the BMC regarding a visit from Kenton Cool. The logistics of staging a major event such as this were discussed with Ribby Hall being a possible venue. Dave Wood thought that such an event would be helpful for the profile of the club as well as being a worthwhile charity event in aid if Nepalese children. Steve thought that we could have audio – visual material promoting the club running as the audience was coming in. Darren thought that such an event would be an opportunity for fundraising, Dave Hicks thought that there would be a reward for the risk and John stated that we had managed to get good audiences in the past. The application was to be written by Steve with assistance by Rob. The cub’s intentions to expand activities for new members if the bid were to be successful are stated in appendix 1.




Booking Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the bank balance is £12817.  Hut fees are coming in regularly. Little Langdale legal processes are near completion with money received from Ben Dickey. Darren is to ask Kevan for a summary of latest procedures and he will report back to the committee.  


Membership Secretary’s Report


Joanne Leadbetter of Fleetwood was accepted as an introductory member.


Matt Reed who has completed a number of meets was accepted for full membership.


Ryan McNamara was given introductory membership.






Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


There was discussion about the possible installation of a Nu-Aire to inhibit mould growth in the dorms. It was agreed that ventilation needed to be improved and Dave Hicks noted that we needed to treat mould on the wall. Peter Stridgeon stated that he had successfully used paint treatment to get rid of mould in the past. It was felt that the window should be kept clear of obstructions. Darren felt that a Nu -Aire might be a suitable enhancement to the property.


Stair Hut Custodian’s Report



Andy reports that the ladies’ shower  is not working very well so he’s asked the plumber to replace it & have a look at a couple of other things.

The paint on the floor of the Porch is not wearing well. He would like a tile surface but there is the problem of levels with the main room. Dave H. suggested a laminate floor from B. Clarke The front door  is also showing signs of wear. Andy asks whether we should consider getting a new UPVC one put in.

One of the kitchen double glazed units has shown evidence of condensation indicating it’s failed for a while. Now one of the top window units in the extension to the gents is the same. He suggests we ask Tony Hulme to have a look.

Andy would like to build a fenced area accessible from the road to put the rubbish bin in. This would keep it safer & might stop others using it (i.e. the Carlisle Club). This could be a job for the next Working Weekend.Andy bought a new wheelie bin to use for glass & took it the cottage, only to discover that Allerdale have now decided to collect recycling & have put 3 big new containers in the car park of the Village Hall. He needs to change the notices in the cottage. He’s not sure whether to keep providing bins outside or to simply say to take recycling to the village hall. What is the Committee view? The new wheelie bin may be surplus before being used so could Chris use it at LL?

One tree fell down a couple of months ago & we do need to cut the remainder of it down. This is a job for the next Working WeekendThe night store heater in the gents dorm – this does look old & decrepit should we get a newone? Andy has noticed that  a small pot hole is starting to form between the tarmac & our land. He asks if this would this be the County’s responsibility or ours?


The outside walls  may be due for a new coat of paint which is a  job for the next Working Weekend





What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Ondue to go out before the end of August. Socials for October need to be sent in.


Newsletter Editor’s Report


With Caroline indicating that she does not wish to continue in the Newsletter Editor’s post next year, there was some discussion about how she could be replaced. It was suggested that someone else could do the printing and distribution. Darren noted that Caroline has a particular skill set and does a lot of work behind the scenes, therefore a replacement will need specific skills including knowledge of advanced desktop techniques. Dave H. thought we needed to look at what we currently pay for printing and Rob thought that full commercial rates might be more expensive. The post will be advertised in What’sOn.






Thers was discussion about what was to be done with the old projector.


Date of Next Meeting:  15 September, 2014


Appendix 1


We have recently commenced a programme of subsidised self rescue courses in conjunction with Plas y Brenin aimed mainly at existing active members particularly those involved in leading club meets. Should we be selected to host an event we would expect to gain an improved profile within the region and would do our utmost to see an increase in our new member introductions.


Any additional funds would primarily be used to increase the range of subsidised courses available and aimed specifically at new members to include first aid, navigation and assisting new members to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing. We would also plan free taster weekends at club events along with subsidised taster meets. Some basic equipment would be purchased to enable us to offer a try before you buy opportunity. We believe that these measures would lead to a more proactive mountaineering club, able to utilise the skills and knowledge of existing members to provide opportunities for new members to develop their mountaineering skills in a friendly and helpful environment.




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