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Present:   Chris Bell, Clive Bell ,  Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Andy Hird,  Mike Howe, Tony Hulme, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth,  Pete Stridgeon, John Wiseman,  Dave Wood


 Andy Dunhill, , Caroline Webb,  Dave Wood







Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren thanked the meet leaders for making all the meets successful.



Minutes of the last meeting held on 15.9.2014 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



FMC Calendar Review

Need to compile next syllabus. Hut swaps need to be considered. Andy has sent hut bookings to Clive. Time to be put aside for the syllabus at the next meeting.

Review of membership –The Treasurer and Membership Secretary are looking at who is still outstanding. There are probably a few oversights at this stage. 168 current members have paid.

The Annual Club Dinner is to be booked – Steve will comment under Social Secretary’s Report.

Darren is happy with the committee calendar.

Outstanding Actions

Referred to in Action Report


Secretary’s Report


Membership details had been received from the BMC and passed on to Mike.


An e-mail had been received from Ultimate Outdoors stating that they are happy to offer 15% discount to F.M.C. members.


Rob Had received a communication from Scott Titt the B.M.C, President who was offering his services as a speaker. The information had been passed on to the Social Secretary.



Social Secretary’s Report


Steve reported to the meeting about feedback from the BMC regarding our application to be organisers of a tour venue for two famous mountaineers / climbers. We had been informed that our application was effective but probably focused too narrowly on new members. The Preston club was able to gain access to a better venue than we were as they had the use of a university building.


Steve reported back on the annual dinner. There was a 20% increase in bookings although two couples had been lost this year, including the Secretary. Rob stated that this particular weekend had unavoidable work commitments for him. Tony suggested moving the date and a later date was adopted. Due to the intention to hold a dinner on the Fylde, Steve had investigated six potential venues and recommended The Villa in Wrea Green where meal costs were comparable with The Skiddaw. Rooms were also very reasonable and real ale was on tap. The Villa was adopted as the venue for 2015.


Steve still needs two speakers for the socials.



Booking Secretary’s Report


Andy stated that there are nine free bookings in 2015. There has been a lot of interest from families in half-term weeks.


He has found a source of cheap padded envelopes in pound shops which are suitable for keys.


Contacts are up to date.


The Brathay Trust have had a number of mid-week bookings-they have used the huts so much they now have their own key.


Andy asked everyone to use his G-mail address


Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the bank balance is £17830. 62. Subs money is mainly in. BMC costs will arise in January. There are still some cheques to be paid in.  

The projector is to go to Mike Penn for Cornwall Search and Rescue.


Membership Secretary’s Report


Dave has e-mailed a number of late payers.



Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy has fixed the toilet cistern.

Parking is an issue with those staying at number one parking on our car park. Chris will write to the owners.

Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


The new toilet in the men’s dormitory is not flushing.

The septic tank lid had fallen aside and needs replacing.

Mike will look at both jobs.



What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s Onis out.


Newsletter Editor’s Report


A plea from Caroline to get things in.










Date of Next Meeting:  15 December, 2014



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