Minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting, 26 February 2014

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Fylde Mountaineering Club

Minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting

26 February, 2014

Held at The Town Hall, Poulton

The following members signed in:

Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Mikala Tolley, Mark Harding, Christine Fry, Sue Denmark, John Denmark, David Wood, Hal Rzadkiewicz, Dave Hicks, Rebecca Hicks, Mary Aspin, Derrick Smith, Andy Hird, Don Nichol, Tom Rainford, Alan Lovett, Angela Lovett, Martin Dale, Cherry Earle, Tom Knowles, Darren Hartley, Mick Dugdale, Peter Stridgeon, Steve Longworth, Clive Bell, Pat Bennett, Chris Bell, Alan Bell, Jennie Tolley, Peter Llewellyn, Gillian Llewellyn, Terry Robinson, Simon Fenna, Barrie Crook, Kevan Ebbrell, Richard Duerden, Tony Hulme, Christine Moylan, Mark Lambert, Chris Thistlethwaite, John Hickman, Dan Wiseman, Andy Cronshaw, Stephen Powell, Liz Rawcliffe, Nick Hepburn

Apologies for absence:

Rachel Bell, Mark Bowden, Chris Campbell, , Andy Dunhill, Dave Earle, Liz Hird, Peter Hope, Stephanie Hope, George James, Dorothy Jowett, Barbara Senior, Delphine Stockton, John Stockton, Paul Taylor, Sheila Taylor, David Ward, Frances Watkins, Caroline Webb, Dave Westby, John Wiseman, June Wiseman, Michael Penn,  Judith Swift, Les Ward,  John Parker, Jenny Parker, Geoff Brindle, Karen Purves, Claire Addy, Martin Bennett, Bob Killen, George Parker, Darren Robertson

Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2013 AGM

There were no matters arising and the Minutes were accepted.

Chairman’s Report

Darren welcomed members to the 64th AGM of the FMC and thanked everyone for making the effort to attend. He gave particular thanks to Steve Longworth for his excellent communications and for organising the pies and peas for everyone.

Darren gave thanks to Dave Wood for his work on Periods of Tenure and The Election Of Officers, and noted that as a result of ongoing efforts to ensure transparency and provide information, all the club officers had written job descriptions which were either on the website or would shortly be appearing there.

Darren stated that as a result of the questionnaire sent to members we could conclude that the majority of members felt represented through the AGM and wanted it kept as the main vehicle for deciding policy and the election of officers.

Periods of tenureare to be reported back on at the next AGM; here the balance needs to be between what is ideal and what is practical.

Darren informed the meeting that the Ben Nevis forestry car park access key obtained by the club had been unavailable during the Summer period due to forestry work and had not been used during the Winter season due to the unprecedented snowfall which took place. However, as a result, the club’s use of the key has now been extended through June and July 2014. As a club we will need to consider whether we will purchase the use of the key again, assuming that similar problems will not reoccur this year.

Darren asked Kevan Ebbrell to report back to the meeting on one of the notable successes of the year, the final sorting out of the Deeds of Covenant and Rights of Way at Little Langdale. Kevan informed the meeting about the historical decision taken in 2010 to clearly define rights of way and responsibilities with regard to the privies at Little Langdale following a verbal agreement made in 1956. Kevan stated that three years nine months later the Transfer Deeds were with the Land Registry and were going through. Kevan felt that the signing of the deeds was a credit to everyone concerned and it had been possible to reach decisions which satisfied everyone. The legal costs in total for the work done amounted to £1788 of which £1192 is to be paid by the owners of numbers one and three.

Darren wished to recognize the work done by Steve Longworth who he felt had exceeded all expectations. His communications and notices had been excellent, as exemplified by the turnout at the AGM. Perhaps the highlight of the social year had been the visit of Simon Yates.

The club dinner had been held at the Skiddaw Hotel, an excellent occasion although we were saddened that Alan Bell had been unable to attend after 52 successive attendances.

The club had been particularly active over the past twelve months with some good weather and lots of activity; Dave Wood and Dave Hicks had been exemplary in organising and leading meets, examples being the two trips to Kalymnos.

The membership is fluctuating between 160 and 180 members and the committee was supporting Dave Wood in his role as membership secretary in exploring ways to attract new members.

Darren stated that the club is in a healthy financial position with a balance of about £12500. Large amounts spent this year had been on a new projector for the social events and for new fire exit doors at Stair.

Darren thanked Clive for organising another great syllabus and for coordinating events. Finally he asked members to continue to support the club by continuing to be active and by taking part in activities.

Officers’ Reports

All the Officers’ Reports were accepted by the meeting. Opportunity was given for comment / discussion but there was none arising.

Motions Which Require a Vote:

There were no motions which required a vote.

The following Officers were elected:





Chairman Darren Hartley Martin Dale Nick Hepburn
Vice-Chairman Clive Bell Kevan Ebbrell Cherry Earle
Secretary Rob Lewis Dave Hicks Chris Bell
Treasurer Mike Howe Dave Wood Mikala Tolley
Booking Secretary Andy Hird Mikala Tolley Chris Thistlehwaite
Membership Secretary David Wood Jenny Tolley Clive Bell
Stair Hut Custodian Andy Dunhill Rob Lewis Chris Thistlethwaite
Langdale Hut Custodian Chris Bell Angela Lovett Clive Bell
Social Secretary Steve Longworth Tony Hulme Peter Stridgeon
Newsletter Editor Caroline Webb Andy Hird Dave Wood
What’s On Editor John Wiseman Jenny Tolley Rob Lewis
Webmaster Dave Ball Dave Wood Nick Hepburn
Auditor John Hickman Mark Harding Cherry Earle

The following committee members were elected:

Applicant Proposer Seconder
Martin Dale Rob Lewis Clive Bell
Tony Hulme Dave Hicks Mark Lambert
Peter Stridgeon Dave Wood Martin Dale
Dave Hicks Simon Fenna Rob Lewis

Future Club Policy:

There was some debate about whether a wood burning stove should be installed in Little Langdale. Kevan Ebbrell introduced the subject but was not in favour, Chris Bell thought that there would be a problem with taking logs to the hut. He felt that there would have to be an electric fire as an alternative. Mikala thought that a wood burner would be lovely and that the current fire will not last much longer. John Hickman thought that people wouldn’t look after the fire properly and that there were safety implications. Jenny Tolley suggested that people could bring their own wood and Chris Thistlethwaite stated that the problem would be club members, not the fire. The committee is to look at the feasibility of installing a wood burning stove.

Simon Fenna voiced a problem about access to caves and stated that to do so in future, we may need to be affiliated to the Council of Northern Caving Clubs. Peter Llewellyn noted that we were one of the founder members.

Simon also broached the subject of safety training such as what to do when a leader falls. Dave Hicks stated that the committee had discussed similar training at a recent committee meeting. Discussion took place about the types of courses such as first aid and self-rescue, and where the best courses would be found.

Mikala Tolley and Martin Dale were aware that BMC grants could be obtained for safety training. Nick Hepburn thought that money should be put aside for training of this sort and Simon Fenna suggested consulting Rob Andrew. Alan Lovett said that a percentage of subs could be put aside for a fund to increase skill levels. Darren noted that this would be similar to what we had tried to do with socials.

The idea of training some members up in specific skills was put to the meeting and agreed on unanimously.

Any Other Business

Mark Lambert made the offer that he can open the Blackpool Towers to FMC members for £2/person at any time when he is available.

Post AGM

A meeting of the new committee will take place on 3 March, 2014

Darren thanked the members for attendance and the meeting was closed.

Minutes are currently unapproved 

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