FMC Committee Meeting 12.1.15- Outstanding Action Report

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FMC Committee Meeting 12.1.15- Outstanding Action Report







Officers to write job descriptions in time for next committee meeting.



Sent to Dave for uploading onto website. Darren will check they have been uploaded. Further action – Darren will talk to Dave at the next social.

Documents to be uploaded onto website






Chris stated that five year electrical testing has been done. He is waiting for risk assessment information from Andy and for PAT testing to be done.

Andy / Chris

Darren has procured the necessary HSE guidance document relating to portable electrical appliance testing. The next step is to discuss this with the hut custodians. Guidance relating to the frequency of installation tasting is still required.

  • We do not have fire escape plans at present
  • We have fire risk assessment for Langdaleat present, we need one for Stair.Actions to be extracted from document and implemented. Rob has a copy of the Langdale Fire Risk assessment.
  • Review periods of inspection / regular regime for electrical equipment Darren stated  that we could pay someone to do this. Chris said that it needs to be moved on.


Action to contact Andy D  to ask where he is up to with the fire risk assessment for Stair and what actions can be identified as a result of the assessment.

Complete for Langdale



Ongoing for Stair Risk assessment for Langdale sent on to Andy D





Ask Dave Ball if he can move articles on the website to a public area

Darren to get in touch with Dave Ball to ensure that Dave is happy with the assistance Simon will give.

Simon Fenna has offered to assist. E-mail Simon and ask him to get involved. Dave H to get Simon and and Dave together.

Darren has spoken to Simon







Find out what is happening with regard to the wildfowlers’ projector.

Darren will speak to Alan at the club dinner.

Contact Alan Bell and inform Kev of progress. Martin will arrange collection from Alan Bell







Following previous work with questionnaire and analysis Dave W to introduce and guide proposals for change though committee / sub-committee. Dave to examine which specific improvements need to be made, then look at rule changes to support these improvements.


Rule changes are needed. Dave and John will work on these.


Changes need to be in format. John thinks that we need the V.C. thinking of him/herself as potential chair. The changes need proposing separate motions. Darren stated that we need the final version to be in a format acceptable for the AGM.

Suggested we leave V.C. as it is but for one year only afer being Chair. The Chair will serve for a maximum of five sequential years. Committee members should be elected on a 2+2 basis so only two are elected in any one year.


Dave has sent final version to committee. To be introduced at AGM.


John thought that rule 4 could cause confusion. After some discussion it was agreed that John would make some amendments and introduce the changes at the  AGM as Dave would not be present. Darren acknowledged the huge amount of work that Dave has done on this.

Dave W

John Wiseman









Look at the feasibility of installing a wood burning stove at Little Langdale.



Dave H has a handout for pros / cons and also for maintenance / running costs. These will be available at the AGM.

Darren felt that we have carried out the action asked for at the last AGM and that we were now in a position where we could take the facts to the AGM.

Action for Rob to ensure that this becomes an agenda item at the AGM

Chris mentioned that the electric heater had not yet been ordered. John stated that clearances needed to be checked at the working weekend.










Look at schemes to generate money for the club


Some schemes have been generated and sent to Caroline to go out with AGM material






Assemble costings for new Stair roof


Andy reported that from the survey the existing roof is not leaking. The proposal is to leave the existing roof insulation in place having stripped off the mossy outer layer  and then to build a new roof on top. To exceed building regulations with a deluxe replacement would cost £15840. Darren thanked Andy for his efforts in obtaining the information. Tony and Andy are to look at prices to see if we can obtain a better deal.


Andy has spoken to John Mather the rep. and will get three pricings. Chris also has a pricing at about £13600


Darren felt that we needed to decide on priorities. There was some discussion about what we could do ourselves and if this was at all feasible. Andy had obtained two further quotations which were more expensivethan the original. Andy was going to suummarise imformation by e-mail.

Mike informed the meeting that some costs could be absorbed but that otherwise we could obtain interest free loans from club members.







Feasibility of electronic locks and keys. Andy is working on obtaining a lock with a keypad with time limited access.

Andy is to send out an e-mail with more information.








Consider priorities for spending money on the huts; we need medium and long term plans.

Review as a committee the list that Chris has assembled. Chris has list of priorities. Action for Mike to consider costs for each successive year. Mike will assemble jobs list.

Hut Wardens and the Committee











Action to look for new newsletter editor

The committee

John will put in What’s On





Write to Diane and Dave Westby








Format tenure rules for AGM

The Committee





014 / 7 1

Investigate social as opposed to active membership







Write to membership giving justifications for the increase in fees



Before the AGM


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