FMC Committee Meeting 23.3.15- Outstanding Action Report

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FMC Committee Meeting 23.3.15- Outstanding Action Report

013/1/4 Officers to write job descriptions Darren
Darren and Rob have copies Close
013/2/3 Fire risk assessments for Langdale and Stair Andy / Chris /Andy
Langdale – actions arising from Fire Risk Assessment:

Limiting fire spread –repair defective ceiling

Give warning in event of fire-upgrade to mains powered

Interlink alarm installation

Escape routes – Ensure rear fire exit is kept clear of weed

growth,  consider replacement of window to small dorm.

for escape purposes.

Langdaleis complete

Stair report is to be discussed in committee.

013/2/11 Ask Dave Ball if he can move articles on the website to a public area
Dave and Simon Fenna are talking about responsibilities. Dave needs specific actions Close
013/7/6 Find out what is happening with regard to the wildfowlers’ projector.
In Alan bell’s house. He will be the custodian. Close
013-4/8/1 Incorporate proposal five for rule changes within the club rules. John Wiseman
Rules to be reprinted and re-issued with What’s On. To be placed on website for reference. Close
014/1/1 Look at the feasibility of installing a wood burning stove at Little Langdale. Chris / Dave
Discussed at AGM-proposal rejected. Close
014/1/7 Look at schemes to generate money for the club Mike
Main point bequests – sent out wityh newsletter Complete
014/1/8 Assemble costings for new Stair roof Andy
Andy reported that from the survey the existing roof is not leaking. The proposal is to leave the existing roof insulation in place having stripped off the mossy outer layer  and then to build a new roof on top. To exceed building regulations with a deluxe replacement would cost £15840. Darren thanked Andy for his efforts in obtaining the information. Tony and Andy are to look at prices to see if we can obtain a better deal.

Andy has spoken to John Mather the rep. and will get three pricings. Chris also has a pricing at about £13600

Darren felt that we needed to decide on priorities. There was some discussion about what we could do ourselves and if this was at all feasible. Andy had obtained two further quotations which were more expensivethan the original. Andy was going to summarise imformation by e-mail.

Mike informed the meeting that some costs could be absorbed but that otherwise we could obtain interest free loans from club members.

Tony has suggested doing work in-house; this needs to be given further consideration.

014/1/9 Feasibility of electronic locks and keys. Andy is working on obtaining a lock with a keypad with time limited access.

Andy is to send out an e-mail with more information.

Now Dave H.
014/2/2 Consider priorities for spending money on the huts; we need medium and long term plans.

Review as a committee the list that Chris has assembled. Chris has list of priorities. Action for Mike to consider costs for each successive year. Mike will assemble jobs list.

Hut Wardens and the Committee
014/4/2 Action to look for new newsletter editor The committee
John will put in What’s On 

Roy Turner – who has editorial experience- volunteered after the AGM. He will carry out the job for 12 months. He has been put in touch with Caroline and given her job role.

014 / 7 /1 Investigate social as opposed to active membership John
Mike will consult BMC Ongoing
014/7/2 Write to membership giving justifications for the increase in fees Mike
015/1/1 Increase membership fees Mike
Update membership renewal information Ongoing
015/1/2 Increase membership fees Darren
Update factsheets ongoing
015/1/3 Increase membership fees John
Communicate fee increases to membership in What’s On Ongoing
015/1/4 Investigate group size and costs for navigation training Dave H
015/1/5 Discuss whether to continue with joint membership after this was raised by Claire Addy at the AGM. The Committee
015/1/6 Incorporate rule change within club rules and distribute via What’s On John

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