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Present:   Chris Bell, Clive Bell ,  Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Andy Hird,  Mike Howe, Tony Hulme, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth, John Wiseman,  Dave Wood


 Andy Dunhill, Pete Stridgeon, Caroline Webb







Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren wished everyone a Happy New Year and thanked everyone for their efforts during 2014. He wished to formally recognise Caroline, Andy and Liz Hird and Chris Bell who are resigning from their current roles –Darren expressed his gratitude for their efforts. There is a succession plan for hut custodian and Dave Hicks will take the booking role. This leaves a vacancy for newsletter editor.



Minutes of the last meeting held on 15.12.2014 &matters arising


Minutes were agreed.



FMC Calendar Review

The hut insurance and the financial review have been done

Officers reports are in hand and being collated ready for printing

What’s Onhas presented members with AGM information

The BMC is to be paid the annual subscription and informed of member details

AGM papers are to be sent out with the newsletter

Fire risk assessments in huts carried out

Hut accounts are done

Outstanding Actions

Referred to in Action Report


Secretary’s Report


Rob informed the meeting that the committee content on the website is now up to date



Social Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report




Booking Secretary’s Report


Electronically all is up to date. The inbox is full of bookings for 2016 which will be dealt with in the next few weeks.



Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the balance as of today was £15565. £2200 was due to the BMC for affiliation fees. Mike is completing accounts for the AGM. A list of members will go out to the AGM. The BMC fee is up £1.50 / person. As income is subs plus hut fees we need to increase subs and fees to keep pace. John pointed out that out share of fees is diminishing relative to the BMC. A proposal that subs are increased to £30 for single members and £50 for couples will be taken to the AGM and proposed by Dave Hicks.

A 3% increase in hut fees was agreed  meaning that Stair would be £241 for the weekend rate then £99 and Langdale £198 and £76.

John is to investigate social as opposed to active membership. (014 /7/1)

Mike will write to membership giving justifications for the increase in fees. (014/7/2)

Membership Secretary’s Report


No new members

Blackpool and Fylde College had been helpful and will display our material

Dave has posters and cards for display / distribution

Darren felt that we should try to get our cards in outdoor shops



Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Need to look at kitchen ceiling.

Fire alarm will be done as result of risk assessment.

Darren wants recommendations of fire risk assessment followed up but this will not be done until after the AGM.

Still need to get PAT testing done.





Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Nothing to report.


What’s OnEditor’s Report


What’s On is out in March


Newsletter Editor’s Report


Newsletter is due out







 Tony is intending to lead a trip to Kalymnos in May



Date of Next Meeting:  T.B.A.



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